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12th June 2018 | We are having a Flash Advertising Contest/Raffle! There are some pretty bad ass prizes and loads of carats to be won, so make sure you participate! We are also introducing something new: Infiltration. Check it out! It will be tons of fun especially for spy characters!

08th June 2018 | Caeleste now has it's own image hosting! That's right our active members can now store over 2MB of images of their characters! A gift our members deserve! Check out our discord and this link for more information!

3rd June 2018 | Of the Month voting has ended - check out our winners here! PM's for prizes will be sent out shortly!

27th May 2018 | Of the Month Voting is up - go vote for your favorites here!

26st May 2018 | Thanks to everyone for voting on Discord for our default skin! Reveries has won and enjoy your prizes. If that's not your cup of tea, don't forget that we have nine skins to choose from!

21st May 2018 | Of the Month Nominations are now up! Go spread your love with your nominations here

16th May 2018 | After serious deliberations among the staff, we would like to welcome our new moderators: Delirium, Briallu, and Cinder! Congratulations! Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned; it was one of the toughest decisions we've ever had to make! We loved reading all of your applications!

30th April 2018 | Interested in becoming a part of the moderating team of Caeleste? Staff auditions are being held here! We welcome all to apply!

30th April 2018 | With all the battles underway right now, we are in need of guest battle judges! Please take a look here if you are interested!

30th April 2018 | Of the Month Voting is up - go vote for your favourites here!

18th April 2018 | Please congratulate the our two newest admins, Kiwi & Mallory! They were promoted thanks to all their hard work and dedication! We also want to thank all our current staff as they have been working really hard to make sure Cae is running smoothly! Keep your eye out as we are going to be hosting auditions to add two new moderators to our staff team!

15th April 2018 | The staff is at it again! A wonderful new type of quest is now offered to you wonderful members of Caeleste by the name of Misc Quests. No matter what it is your character desires they can now got to their Deity and see if they are willing to make their wildest dreams come true! Check out the info and rules here!

2nd April 2018 | We have amazing news!!! Immortality is now attainable through In Character achievement! Be sure to check it out in the guidebook, under Immortality!

* 25th February 2018 | The guidebook is undergoing a well deserved revision! Many things are being clarified and a few additions are being added. When the entire guidebook is finished being revised we will inform all members with an announcement following its finishing. Until now a new change log has been added for future references. Any new additions or changes to the guidebook will be added there for everyones sake, we wish for all our members to be 'in the know' and not feel left out. For now until the entire guidebook is finished you can follow the progress here. Understand that each section that is currently dated has been revised, if it is not dated it has not been revised yet, all new rules are being enforced starting the day they have been added. Be sure to keep up with the revisions and make yourself familiar with them as we go.

22nd February 2018 | After some staff discussion we have made an announcement regarding character names and some extra clarification that is not detailed in the guidebook. Please be sure to look over this announcement here and reply if you need.

21st February 2018 | Of the Month Nominations are up this month, go and nominate your favourites here!

20th February 2018 | We have a new poll up, Leadership Battle Grace Period Poll! We are considering changing our grace period for leadership battles to offer some more down time. Go read about it an give us your vote!

18th February 2018 | Additional news for today, we now have an absent/busy page that shows all members currently absent/busy as well as the reason stated for such! This page is controlled by the away status you set for your account (by going to edit profile --> away status). We will be going through the absences board as well and adding in current absences to some members profiles. If you had an absence thread posted but are no longer absent please delete the thread. <3 Thank you!

18th February 2018 | NEW SITE INCENTIVE!!! Weekly Challenges were set up in an effort to give members a chance to do something out of the ordinary with their character while receiving a reward for doing so. Be sure to check out the thread, challenges start today if you wish to get involved.

31st January 2018 | February OTM's are now open for voting! Cast your votes whenever you get a chance.

28th January 2018 | New quick link MyCodes available! Easily link a profile, thread or specific post in a thread. To read more on how to use them please see the More Resources section of the Guidebook. They can all be found under the Miscellaneous --> Useful MyCodes area.

25th January 2018 | New way of tagging. Instead of @username it is now @[username] and you will also see nifty little reminders in both posts and profiles that you can easily copy and paste instead of having to type out names! Hoping everyone has an easier time with tags now.

23nd January 2018 | Of the month nominations for February are taking place, be sure to nominate your favourites here!

22nd January 2018 | Thanks to the wonderful isoldehn, we have new rosters for each individual herd! They can be found in the navigation menu as a drop down under "Census". The Census & Player DB as well as all rosters now update automatically! We also just updated (moved accounts inactive) and deleted accounts (that were inactive for three months or more). This is a reminder to login every thirty days to keep accounts active and every ninety days to keep accounts from being deleted!

10th January 2018 | The poll has closed and Greeshma has a new Emperor!

7th January 2018 | Greeshma leadership voting is now open! Please go and cast your vote after your own deliberation on the applications for our leaders; thank you to everyone who entered! Go vote!

1st January 2018 | Happy New Year to all of Caeleste and all the lovely people in this community! To celebrate the new year, we are holding two contests alongside each other; a Posting Contest and an Advertising Contest and both have super prizes. It is a contest against yourself and not against other players, all in the name of earning some fantastic prizes, so we hope you'll really enjoy it! Let's have another fantastic year! And have fun posting!
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29th May 2018 | After an exhilirating and very close battle, Wessex has triumphed over Nylah and secured the title for herself! Read it again here.

26th May 2018 | Congratulations to Leonidas for defending his title as Emperor of Sharad from Caoimhe! Thank you to both participants for an exciting thread!

24th May 2018 | In an unexpected change of events, Caoimhe challenged the Emperor of Sharad Leonidas for the Silver Pines! Read it all HERE to see what happens next!

23th May 2018 | Thanks to one of our wonderful members, Jabberwocky, Caeleste has a special Masquerade Ball in full swing. Don't miss out on the fun! Before you do please be sure to check out the rules and check out this latest update.

19th May 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan for defending his title as Emperor of Greeshma from Rex Igni! It was a hard-fought battle, but in the end, Hassan emerged victoriously. Thank you to both participants for an exciting battle!

15th May 2018 | Due to Milly Mae's forfeit, Antiope is the new leader of Vasanta! Check it out here!

30th April 2018 | Everyone is in the fighting spirit in Caeleste today! Three new challengers have approached to take the throne of the Vasanta, Greeshma, and Hemanta leaders! See the battle between the elegant Milly Mae and her challenger, Antiope right HERE! While you're at it, check out the fierce battle between the fiery Hassan and his challenger, Rex Igni right HERE! Finally, watch as the stately Nylah takes on his challenger, Wessex right HERE! You won't want to miss these battles, so go see what all the excitement is about!

30th April 2018 | Due to Vithmiris's forfeit, Ylva is the new leader of Shishira! Check it out here!

28th April 2018 | The stunning Ylva has challenged the powerful Vithmiris's title of emperor! Don't miss out on this enthralling battle found here

16th April 2018 | Caeleste's Seasons and Years are now organized in an easy to read table. We are currently working on a coded version but please feel free to check it out at the bottom of the page here! With that being said our Year and Season has been updated! It is now Fall in Year Three!

13th April 2018 | It's Friday the 13th and Leonidas is out for blood! Come join the Sharads as they confront the Shishira demanding answers about the death of their Emperor's child! It's sure to be an enthralling thread! Check it out here!

2nd April 2018 | We have amazing news!!! Immortality is now attainable through In Character achievement! Be sure to check it out in the guidebook, under Immortality!

28th February 2018 | After a long battle, Vithmiris has been declared winner and keeps his reign as the Shishira Emperor! Thank you to our guest judges and staff who judged the riveting battle. You can check out the results here!

3rd February 2018 | The Emperor of Sharad, Leonidas, is calling an Emergency Herd Meeting! His first and only daughter has been murdered in cold blood! He needs your help, don't miss out. This is the beginning of something big! Check it out here and paticipate in this thrilling plot!

1st February 2018 | A newcomer by the name of Destroyah has challenged Vithmiris for leadership of Shishira. What will come of this? We do not know but you may follow the battle here!

10th January 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan on winning the place as Emperor of Greeshma!
Year III | Winter
The once auburn leaves and crimson colors are now gone, swept away by the strong winds leaving bare trees in its wake. The clouds also seemed to have swept in fast, plummeting the ground with snowflakes. All of Caeleste is quickly blanketed in snow and not just a thin layer of it either. The snow already reaches up to the knees of the more taller equines in most areas. Even the temperatures feel a lot colder than what they normally would be for winter. Snow storms tend to be hitting every other week or so, making all the habitants dreading what it will be like further into the winter. The rumours of a harsh winter are proving to be correct. Even the ice coating lakes are difficult to break through. Word is beginning to spread that this will be one long tough cold winter.
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  • Member of the Month
    A relatively new face to Caeleste's scene, Res has found a home among all of us. One doesn't have to look far to find her or her characters! Always active either in the cBox or in-character, Res has already added her own flare to Caeleste. We look forward to seeing more of her and her characters in the future!
  • Thread of the Month
    Telling the tale of a tense battle between the current and former leader of Greeshma, this thread isn’t one you’ll want to miss. Watch as Hassan and Rex Igni duke it out for the leader of Greeshma!
  • Couple of the Month
    Ylva & Mercedes
    We’ve loved getting to know these two characters better over the past few months, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for them! We’re excited to see pair grow by two once Ylva has her bloodthirsty progeny. Congratulations to you both!
  • Character of the Month
    Antiope had an exciting month! After challenging for the Vasanta throne and receiving no response, she became the leader of the land by forfeit. Those in her land were less than pleased, but with her strong personality, she has risen above the negativity. Congratulations!
  • Quote of the Month
    "I am the sword and shield of this realm and I will do everything in my power to ensure the safety of all of you."

    Found in the thread for the realm, Antiope greets the horses of Vasanta as their new herd leader. When met with negativity, Antiope rises to the occasion and pledges her life to ensuring their safety.
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Caeleste Time: 06-18-2018, 07:20 PM



Gender Mare
Age 4 years old
Height 15.2hh
Breed Arabian x Waterhorse
Sexuality Heterosexual
Player Ellessy
43 Posts | 17,974€ Carats | Tracker | Message Me | Tag Me: @Ilk


Ilk Reference Sheet || 3/4 Arabian X 1/4 Waterhorse

Her coat is a creamy white base colour. Her legs are a deep shade of purple, which is very vibrant. Her barrel has a strong pink tree like marking on both sides. The markings connect underneath her barrel, where the colour shifts to a darker purple, to match her legs. Her coat has a generally sparkly texture, almost as if drops of water are clinging to her coat, even if she's out of the water and all dry.

Her nose is a very soft pinkish colour, her hooves are a metallic dark steel colour, which sometimes looks silvery depending on the light. Ilk's eyes are a deep, rich pink colour. Her mane is resemblant of a seahorse's, this is due to her waterhorse heritage. It is deep purple to pink in colour. Her tail also runs from light pink (almost white), over a bright pink to a rich purple. Due to her waterhorse heritage she can breathe underwater, gills will appear just behind her cheekbone when she is completely submerged.


Ilk just follows life the way it flows. There is not much point fighting the current, as she well knows. Generally Ilk is kind to new beings she meets, although her fear and natural shyness often get in the way. She tries to treat them like she'd like to be treated, but all Ilk has really known from others (apart from her mother and grandmother) is derision and rejection. She gets the feeling she doesn't quite fit in anywhere. Not quite normal horse, not quite a Waterhorse, and many herds haven't let her forget it when she looked for a home.

Ilk feels lonely easily and is anxious about how others perceive her; which is not surprising considering the level of hostility she's faced during her lifetime. She’s a bit of a wallflower, preferring to hang back. This is mainly to avoid being made the object of a joke or a raging rant. However, once you get to know her she’s loving and glad to have a friend (not just glad, usually thrilled though she tries to hide that; it IS weird to start cheering when you make a friend after all). However often she feels she doesn't have the right to be called someone's friend, even if they say otherwise. She feels like an imposition, like she's expecting too much or being too presumptuous taking up their time.

Generally Ilk is a mellow sort of happy, maybe happy isn't the right term. Perhaps... at peace with her lot and used to always being alone and outcast? She's not prone to sadness, depression or anger. It is however, very hard for Ilk to let go of her anxiety and fear. Watching her mother being murdered by the herd, after her grandmother (who had protected them) died, and then having to run for her life has given Ilk PTSD like symptoms when she thinks back to it. Besides this her mind will constantly be filled with what-if's: What if they don't like me? I'm just a sin of nature after all... a half-breed... Why are they being friendly? Are they setting me up? Part of this anxiety and all the rejection she's faced is distrust at kindness. She doesn't quite believe anyone would like her or be nice to her. Ilk also has no clue how to handle someone being kind to her, as she's never really experienced it from others, save her mother and her grandmother in part. And even that was often not enough to shield her from all of the herds' ill-natured attacks.

When you first meet her you may have to be patient, as her nerves will likely get the better of her. She'll be stammering and stuttering, tripping over her words and generally scared out of her wits. If she does make a friend she's loyal to a fault and more than glad to assist them in any way they might need, even if it does push her out of her comfort zone.


Ilk was birthed by a half-breed mother, which led to ostracization in her herd. Her mother was the result of a tryst between a Waterhorse stallion and a pure blooded Arabian mare. The herd accepted the half-blood foal, though only grudgingly, because the dam held a high position (being Ilk's grandmother).

When this half-blood foal fell pregnant, the herd was suspicious. The lead stallion had never showed any interest in the odd mare, so who was the father of the foal? Was it a competitor? Ilk's mother refused to tell, much to the chagrin of the rest of the herd. Eventually it was found out the foal's father was in fact the lead stallion. This calmed emotions for a while. Though it was mainly Ilk's grandmother's influence that kept her daughter and unborn grandchild safe. She would step in and prevent the worst of the abuse, though not all of it. Ilk's mother wasn't very strong natured, and though she loved her child, could not do much to protect her.

When Ilk was born she looked more Arabian than Waterhorse, which led the herd to the conclusion that at the very least she was more "normal" than her mother. She still carried some odd splotches of colour and her eyes were "downright unnatural". After the death of her grandmother, when she was just three years old, Ilk's mother was murdered in front of her eyes. Without the stout old lady standing up for the two of them, the herd had had enough. Ilk ran for her life, her mothers blood dripping from her coat and by some miracle managed to escape the same fate. Ilk visited the Waterhorses that lived nearby, swimming to their underwater home in hopes of finding a place to stay. However they weren't any more receptive than her original herd and so she was cast out, left to roam the world alone.

She tried to join herds as she went along, but every single one of them would chase her away. Eventually she stopped trying and just hoped for safe passages along their lands as she travelled. Even that wasn't often gifted to her and she has the bite marks on her rump to prove it; though they've healed well and aren't easily visible.


Profile Image & Pixel: HauntedGlitch
Coding, Avatar & Manip: Ellessy
Ilk Underwater: Necro-Badger

Ilk Credits
Profile Image & Pixel: HauntedGlitch
Avatar & Manip: Ellessy
Ilk Underwater: Necro-Badger
coding: Ellessy || Ilk is designed, owned and played by Ellessy
46 posts • 21,034€ TrackerMessage MeTag Me: @Ilk

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