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3rd March 2018 | The original Caeleste skin is back in business but we have a few questions that we want our members to decide upon. Please take a moment to look over this poll and give your vote!

1st March 2018 | There is a tie breaker vote for Character of the Month and Quote of the Month. Go and vote here

* 25th February 2018 | The guidebook is undergoing a well deserved revision! Many things are being clarified and a few additions are being added. When the entire guidebook is finished being revised we will inform all members with an announcement following its finishing. Until now a new change log has been added for future references. Any new additions or changes to the guidebook will be added there for everyones sake, we wish for all our members to be 'in the know' and not feel left out. For now until the entire guidebook is finished you can follow the progress here. Understand that each section that is currently dated has been revised, if it is not dated it has not been revised yet, all new rules are being enforced starting the day they have been added. Be sure to keep up with the revisions and make yourself familiar with them as we go.

22nd February 2018 | After some staff discussion we have made an announcement regarding character names and some extra clarification that is not detailed in the guidebook. Please be sure to look over this announcement here and reply if you need.

21st February 2018 | Of the Month Nominations are up this month, go and nominate your favourites here!

20th February 2018 | We have a new poll up, Leadership Battle Grace Period Poll! We are considering changing our grace period for leadership battles to offer some more down time. Go read about it an give us your vote!

18th February 2018 | Additional news for today, we now have an absent/busy page that shows all members currently absent/busy as well as the reason stated for such! This page is controlled by the away status you set for your account (by going to edit profile --> away status). We will be going through the absences board as well and adding in current absences to some members profiles. If you had an absence thread posted but are no longer absent please delete the thread. <3 Thank you!

18th February 2018 | NEW SITE INCENTIVE!!! Weekly Challenges were set up in an effort to give members a chance to do something out of the ordinary with their character while receiving a reward for doing so. Be sure to check out the thread, challenges start today if you wish to get involved.

31st January 2018 | February OTM's are now open for voting! Cast your votes whenever you get a chance.

28th January 2018 | New quick link MyCodes available! Easily link a profile, thread or specific post in a thread. To read more on how to use them please see the More Resources section of the Guidebook. They can all be found under the Miscellaneous --> Useful MyCodes area.

25th January 2018 | New way of tagging. Instead of @username it is now @[username] and you will also see nifty little reminders in both posts and profiles that you can easily copy and paste instead of having to type out names! Hoping everyone has an easier time with tags now.

23nd January 2018 | Of the month nominations for February are taking place, be sure to nominate your favourites here!

22nd January 2018 | Thanks to the wonderful isoldehn, we have new rosters for each individual herd! They can be found in the navigation menu as a drop down under "Census". The Census & Player DB as well as all rosters now update automatically! We also just updated (moved accounts inactive) and deleted accounts (that were inactive for three months or more). This is a reminder to login every thirty days to keep accounts active and every ninety days to keep accounts from being deleted!

10th January 2018 | The poll has closed and Greeshma has a new Emperor!

7th January 2018 | Greeshma leadership voting is now open! Please go and cast your vote after your own deliberation on the applications for our leaders; thank you to everyone who entered! Go vote!

1st January 2018 | Happy New Year to all of Caeleste and all the lovely people in this community! To celebrate the new year, we are holding two contests alongside each other; a Posting Contest and an Advertising Contest and both have super prizes. It is a contest against yourself and not against other players, all in the name of earning some fantastic prizes, so we hope you'll really enjoy it! Let's have another fantastic year! And have fun posting!
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28th February 2018 | After a long battle, Vithmiris has been declared winner and keeps his reign as the Shishira Emperor! Thank you to our guest judges and staff who judged the riveting battle. You can check out the results here!

3rd February 2018 | The Emperor of Sharad, Leonidas, is calling an Emergency Herd Meeting! His first and only daughter has been murdered in cold blood! He needs your help, don't miss out. This is the beginning of something big! Check it out here and paticipate in this thrilling plot!

1st February 2018 | A newcomer by the name of Destroyah has challenged Vithmiris for leadership of Shishira. What will come of this? We do not know but you may follow the battle here!

10th January 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan on winning the place as Emperor of Greeshma!
YR TWO | Early Summer
The cool air of spring has come and gone what remains is the warmth of early summer. Many may notice it his hotter than it has been in previous years especially for the early months of summer. Animals are crowding where water is still to be found, but small ponds are beginning to trickle down to half their sizes. Trees are beginning to wilt and fade their colors no longer the once vibrant greens. Even many of the flora are fading and rather quickly. What will this mean for the whole of Caeleste?
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  • Member of the Month
    Our fearless leader Carhartt is well deserving of this month’s member of the month. Despite going through hell lately she has found the time to re-write important sections of the guidebook and continue the day-to-day running of Caeleste. Always welcoming in the Cbox and up for anyting, her dedication to the site knows no bounds and we are incredibly thankful to have her.
  • Thread of the Month
    Battle | Drag me down
    The fight between Vithmiris and Destroyah for the throne of Shishira was an intense one. Both fearsome fighters, their battle made for an involving read, the whole thread written was very well. Vithmiris' dialogue with his confidant, Baskerville is certainly amusing and the two horses juxtapose each other quite nicely with Vithmiris' sharp tongue and Destroyah's calm determination.
  • Couple of the Month
    Thanantos & Nyx
    The whirlwind romance between Thanantos and Nyx appears to have come to a climactic end with the two splitting up after Thanantos told Nyx of his son with Vivian and Nyx decided to leave with her brother Erebus. We will all certainly be interested to see what happens next as they meet in the Lucent Sanctuary, surely this is not the end of their beautiful love?
  • Character of the Month
    The fearsome Emperor of Shishira, his snarky and outspoken nature make Vithmiris a fun and interesting character. Despite being the King of evil we all cannot help but like him for his sarcastic comments and general badassness. He is certainly at the forefront of our minds with his recent victory against Destroyah and we all can't wait to see what unfolds for Vithmiris and his kingdom in the future.
  • Quote of the Month
    "I’ll just toy with you over and over, no matter how many times you try. You will never get the fight you’re hoping for from me. Now, if you will excuse me, I do believe that I left the fireplace going."
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Caeleste Time: 03-24-2018, 02:15 PM

Necromancy (Primary Sorcery)
Gender Stallion
Age 13 year old
Height 17.2 hh
Breed Dutch Warmblood x Percheron
Sexuality Heterosexual
Battles 0 wins / 1 losses
Player Ciaran
A sturdy thick body is what holds Rothik up. He towers at a good height of 17.2hh, on top of three black toes instead of one whole hoof. His legs shimmer between a white creamy color mixed with hints of brown through out, getting significantly darker as it nears his elbows. The base of his body is a dark deep green, something that would remind you of a swamp deep within a forest. It's tainted with dapples, oozing out around his face. More so around his eyes and cheek area traveling into the middle of his face. While the other dapples dance down his neck, across his withers to his barrel. Some more making home on his rump The color that is on his legs can be seen on his withers and lower parts of his barrel, changing the color of the dapples. He appears to have a creamy looking blaze of sorts, shifted off to the left side of his face. It looks as if someone took paint and just squiggled it down over his golden eyes. Horns protrude out from his skull, giving him a bit more of a rougher tough look. His mane has hints of black and green through out it, as well as his medium length tail.
Rothik carries himself with a sort of regal pride. One that has a tough layer built around to protect himself but others as well. Once you have his hand in friendship, you have his hand in battle as well. He is the type of guy to wage war upon his enemies and show no mercy. Not knowing when to stop is one of his weaknesses which he views as a strength. Sometimes Rothik can make hasty decisions, but thats simply because he tends to follow his heart and what he feels is right. Hes a bartering type of man, refusing to give information if he gains nothing from it. All together some of these traits make him seem like an asshole, which he can be. Especially if you take a look at the quick fiery temper he can have. Hes stubborn - its tough to get him to sway from an idea. Not many have succeeded. And some will tell you Rothik can be a bit strange and secretive at times.
A descendant of the legendary warrior - Amadeus blackblood; a necromancer. Rothik had only heard whispers of him growing up about who he was. A necromancer who waged war across the northern plains of the Arnor realm. A horse who slaughtered a herd and brought them back to life only to do his bidding - to act as Sentinels. For some reason this fact made Rothik feel strange growing up. He felt as if others looked at him weird, as if he was cursed. And that feeling did not help at all when he finally got booted from the herd.

He knew not to take it personally. But he couldn't help it. And it bubbled a small rage up inside of him which only expanded as he ambled through out the lands on his own. The first few months was rough but he was set out a mission and that was to master something. He would not be able to return empty handed and it spurred him on more. While on this hunt he encountered predators - bringing upon his very first fight. Which was also his very first kill. And what was born from this was a set of skills that came to him almost naturally; a warrior of sorts. But he walked away from that first fight with a huge lesson. Do not let your guard down. Even if your on a simple walk, always be ware of your surroundings. The lesson resulted in a rather deep neck wound. And if that Crow had not been watching, it could of taken a very bad turn. For the crow that had been spying upon Rothik since day one brought something to the young stallion. Another being from the blackblood lines whose hands had been dipped into necromancy.

From there Rothik learned of necromancy. The art showed him why he felt a strange artistic vibe when it came to fighting, as well as the family knowledge he gained. It also showed him how it could be a valuable asset in his arsenal. Rothik also earned a friend - a skilled fighter who refused to give up her name. Together however with her help, she improved his skills and shaped him into who he is today. A horse who was feared in the land he came from, crafting his own armies with her help. As well as many battles under his belt with the scars to prove.

He came to Caeleste to see what else he could learn that would help him and the Arnor, not knowing what would happen once he passes into their land.
Wins Losses
0 1
Aeoloni x Rothik - lost/spar
Necromancy (Primary Sorcery)
Sapphire Stone
It for sure wasnt nice to be a beginner once again. But he knew for sure the hot burning sensation was worth it for his very first stone. The way he found out it worked was simply accidental. Stumbling upon some dead flowers, reaching down with his nose he hummed and sighed deeply to himself and suddenly the flower began to spring back to life. But Rothik knew it wasnt really alive. Pulling his nose away it dropped back into a decayed state, the magic not really bringing it back. For now, any thing he comes across that is small is just like that first flower. It either works or it stops half way. He really has to push to bring something back. Especially when it comes to smaller animals. In regards to being able to control them once they are back, it takes a lot of his energy if he really wants it bad enough.

Emerald Stone
Going from barely able to bring reanimation to flowers and smaller creatures he can now successfully bring reanimation to vegetation. However the bigger the tree the harder it is. As for smaller creatures, this is a success. However being able to control them can still be tricky at times and is not always successful. Larger creatures can be brought to life for very brief periods of time. Headaches and nosebleeds are very fewer when dealing with his magic.
reference - the-tragedy-gallery
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