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3rd March 2018 | The original Caeleste skin is back in business but we have a few questions that we want our members to decide upon. Please take a moment to look over this poll and give your vote!

1st March 2018 | There is a tie breaker vote for Character of the Month and Quote of the Month. Go and vote here

* 25th February 2018 | The guidebook is undergoing a well deserved revision! Many things are being clarified and a few additions are being added. When the entire guidebook is finished being revised we will inform all members with an announcement following its finishing. Until now a new change log has been added for future references. Any new additions or changes to the guidebook will be added there for everyones sake, we wish for all our members to be 'in the know' and not feel left out. For now until the entire guidebook is finished you can follow the progress here. Understand that each section that is currently dated has been revised, if it is not dated it has not been revised yet, all new rules are being enforced starting the day they have been added. Be sure to keep up with the revisions and make yourself familiar with them as we go.

22nd February 2018 | After some staff discussion we have made an announcement regarding character names and some extra clarification that is not detailed in the guidebook. Please be sure to look over this announcement here and reply if you need.

21st February 2018 | Of the Month Nominations are up this month, go and nominate your favourites here!

20th February 2018 | We have a new poll up, Leadership Battle Grace Period Poll! We are considering changing our grace period for leadership battles to offer some more down time. Go read about it an give us your vote!

18th February 2018 | Additional news for today, we now have an absent/busy page that shows all members currently absent/busy as well as the reason stated for such! This page is controlled by the away status you set for your account (by going to edit profile --> away status). We will be going through the absences board as well and adding in current absences to some members profiles. If you had an absence thread posted but are no longer absent please delete the thread. <3 Thank you!

18th February 2018 | NEW SITE INCENTIVE!!! Weekly Challenges were set up in an effort to give members a chance to do something out of the ordinary with their character while receiving a reward for doing so. Be sure to check out the thread, challenges start today if you wish to get involved.

31st January 2018 | February OTM's are now open for voting! Cast your votes whenever you get a chance.

28th January 2018 | New quick link MyCodes available! Easily link a profile, thread or specific post in a thread. To read more on how to use them please see the More Resources section of the Guidebook. They can all be found under the Miscellaneous --> Useful MyCodes area.

25th January 2018 | New way of tagging. Instead of @username it is now @[username] and you will also see nifty little reminders in both posts and profiles that you can easily copy and paste instead of having to type out names! Hoping everyone has an easier time with tags now.

23nd January 2018 | Of the month nominations for February are taking place, be sure to nominate your favourites here!

22nd January 2018 | Thanks to the wonderful isoldehn, we have new rosters for each individual herd! They can be found in the navigation menu as a drop down under "Census". The Census & Player DB as well as all rosters now update automatically! We also just updated (moved accounts inactive) and deleted accounts (that were inactive for three months or more). This is a reminder to login every thirty days to keep accounts active and every ninety days to keep accounts from being deleted!

10th January 2018 | The poll has closed and Greeshma has a new Emperor!

7th January 2018 | Greeshma leadership voting is now open! Please go and cast your vote after your own deliberation on the applications for our leaders; thank you to everyone who entered! Go vote!

1st January 2018 | Happy New Year to all of Caeleste and all the lovely people in this community! To celebrate the new year, we are holding two contests alongside each other; a Posting Contest and an Advertising Contest and both have super prizes. It is a contest against yourself and not against other players, all in the name of earning some fantastic prizes, so we hope you'll really enjoy it! Let's have another fantastic year! And have fun posting!
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28th February 2018 | After a long battle, Vithmiris has been declared winner and keeps his reign as the Shishira Emperor! Thank you to our guest judges and staff who judged the riveting battle. You can check out the results here!

3rd February 2018 | The Emperor of Sharad, Leonidas, is calling an Emergency Herd Meeting! His first and only daughter has been murdered in cold blood! He needs your help, don't miss out. This is the beginning of something big! Check it out here and paticipate in this thrilling plot!

1st February 2018 | A newcomer by the name of Destroyah has challenged Vithmiris for leadership of Shishira. What will come of this? We do not know but you may follow the battle here!

10th January 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan on winning the place as Emperor of Greeshma!
YR TWO | Early Summer
The cool air of spring has come and gone what remains is the warmth of early summer. Many may notice it his hotter than it has been in previous years especially for the early months of summer. Animals are crowding where water is still to be found, but small ponds are beginning to trickle down to half their sizes. Trees are beginning to wilt and fade their colors no longer the once vibrant greens. Even many of the flora are fading and rather quickly. What will this mean for the whole of Caeleste?
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  • Member of the Month
    Our fearless leader Carhartt is well deserving of this month’s member of the month. Despite going through hell lately she has found the time to re-write important sections of the guidebook and continue the day-to-day running of Caeleste. Always welcoming in the Cbox and up for anyting, her dedication to the site knows no bounds and we are incredibly thankful to have her.
  • Thread of the Month
    Battle | Drag me down
    The fight between Vithmiris and Destroyah for the throne of Shishira was an intense one. Both fearsome fighters, their battle made for an involving read, the whole thread written was very well. Vithmiris' dialogue with his confidant, Baskerville is certainly amusing and the two horses juxtapose each other quite nicely with Vithmiris' sharp tongue and Destroyah's calm determination.
  • Couple of the Month
    Thanantos & Nyx
    The whirlwind romance between Thanantos and Nyx appears to have come to a climactic end with the two splitting up after Thanantos told Nyx of his son with Vivian and Nyx decided to leave with her brother Erebus. We will all certainly be interested to see what happens next as they meet in the Lucent Sanctuary, surely this is not the end of their beautiful love?
  • Character of the Month
    The fearsome Emperor of Shishira, his snarky and outspoken nature make Vithmiris a fun and interesting character. Despite being the King of evil we all cannot help but like him for his sarcastic comments and general badassness. He is certainly at the forefront of our minds with his recent victory against Destroyah and we all can't wait to see what unfolds for Vithmiris and his kingdom in the future.
  • Quote of the Month
    "I’ll just toy with you over and over, no matter how many times you try. You will never get the fight you’re hoping for from me. Now, if you will excuse me, I do believe that I left the fireplace going."
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Caeleste Time: 03-24-2018, 02:33 PM

Shamanism (Primary Sorcery)
The most dangerous is the one

who listens, thinks, and observes.
Gender Stallion
Age 8 year old
Height 19.2 hh
Breed Mule x Percheron
Sexuality Asexual
Player BOAZ

The genetic make-up of this particular beast was a fascinating one to say the least. The male stood at 19.2hhs, he had the build of a draft yet no feathers on his fetlocks. His general face was a tad shorter than the average equine; yet his ears were far larger than the average joe. The edges near the tips on the top of his ears appeared to be nibbled off, as well as two small loops were attached to his left ear.

The base of his coat was of a mousey type of gray with a lighter tan starting under his jaw and flowing down his neck to his chest, continuing to his under belly. With absolutely no mane, dapples of the same light tan riddled the back of his neck near his ears and kept going down his neck onto his back, stopping about midway down his haunches. Surrounding his nostrils and lips looked to be dipped in the same light tan as his under belly.

The base of his tail was hairless until about a good foot down, began a magnificent full tail of hair, as it draped dramatically along the floor beneath him. Orbs were of a bright, enchanting emerald. His coat was like of pure velvet to the touch.
Some would find Vadim utterly odd and peculiar. Some found him to be fascinating and even intriguing. Completely understanding the beast wasn't such an easy task. Especially for the fact that he didn't quite understand himself at times. One thing was certain was that Vadim was a very curious one himself; he was always eager to learn more. Although his knowledge was vast as it was, he never passed up the opportunity to learn something new. Here's a quick break down of Vadim.

Articulate | Being able to speak smoothly with knowledge and being coherent was something that he took much pride in. With knowing many different tongues it was important to keep yourself fluent and easy to understand; it hadn't even been a matter of showing off to him, he liked to keep himself collected.

Benevolent | It just went along with his very being to be genuine and good-natured. There wasn't much that he wouldn't do for a person to help them out, possibly besides killing another. While that wasn't always completely out of the question, Vadim was more of a lover than a fighter; however if circumstances were right and push came to shove, he would definitely become a fighter if the cause was just.

Conscientious | That was an understatement. There was nothing more that Vadim wanted was to do right by others and himself, most importantly. He was a fairly honorable man and sought out that justice be served. He was so driven to do the right thing in everything he did, especially a task or job that was given to him.

Spiritual | This one was a huge one for him, as he was a spiritual being. He strongly believed in powers far beyond himself, he was very in tune his surroundings. He believed that the majority of the knowledge he possessed was from those beyond; they had taught him. Most would refer to him as a gypsy, just for his very being.

Melancholy | Even though he is a pretty cheery and kind fellow, sadness and depression followed him carefully. There are times where he battles with it greatly as other times it's easier to fend it off. He isn't one to be very open with his depression and tries to hide it when others are present. He has perfected a fake smile.
[ birthing and beginning years ]

Brought into the world by his mother Nadya and father Janko, he was born into a Gypsy tribe that picked up and moved around quite often, so he never really called anywhere "home". Vadim was the only child of his parents, as they had a hard time conceiving him after many unsuccessful tries. There wasn't many other children n the tribe either, so he didn't have much of a chance to enjoy his childhood. Always being around adults, always moving around in the dead of night, it was something he had just grown so accustomed to.

He stayed with his tribe for the first three years of his life; his mother grew very ill when he turned two years old. He helped his father and the rest of his tribe cater to her, they tried everything they could to heal her. Even their resident healer who had been very advanced couldn't help her, it was far too late. It had been a painful death unfortunately, she cried out for his father with her last breath. Til this day they still didn't understand what took her life.

Wanting to stay and be there for his dad, Vadim stayed for another year. He made sure to keep to his father's side often, for he was a fragile old man, more so mentally than physically. The death of his mother had really put a toll on Janko. At the end of his third year of life, he had found his father passed away early in the morning. He had passed in his sleep, which was the way he had wished his mother could of gone. With his father gone, he said his goodbyes to the rest of his tribe and parted ways, thanking them for the years of knowledge.

[ exploring years ]

Starting out as a four year old, leaving his tribe for the first time by himself, he wandered quite aimlessly. Being so used to being a part of a group; he wasn't sure on where to go or what to do. However in the four years of his adventures by himself, there was much that he learned. He kept to his nomadic tendencies of his tribe, never staying in one place for more than a couple nights. There had been many different others he had met, ranging from every different personality he could ever imagine. The amount of knowledge he had acquired over the years from so many different places, it was a wonder how he was able to keep it all in his brain and remember all of it.

There had been other things he had came to learn, things that you couldn't learn from anything written down or told through stories. Things you could only learn by experience. That was how much love was truly horrible. Upon meeting an enchanting woman, he had been bewitched from the moment he laid eyes on her. Spending a day with her led to days, to weeks, eventually finding himself taking up residency beside her. I would say her name, but it was far too painful.

Vadim was truly in love; he would do anything for her. Their relationship had been fantastic for a while, but toward the end it was beginning to fail. She was growing distant, keeping secrets, always avoiding him. She had disappeared from his life for nearly a month before he finally had been able to track her down. She was heavy with child. The very sight broke his big heart. She had grown bitter cold toward him. Spitting every single insulting word at him, telling him how he just wasn't what she wanted. She had only been leading him on because her father approved of him, while she was sneaking off with her "true love". She ended it with yelling how pathetic he was and how she never wanted to see him again.

After that entire deal, Vadim left without a word and continued on with his journey. From that moment on, he vowed to himself that relationships weren't worth it. They offered nothing beneficial. He kept to his studies and kept an antisocial life.

[ upon entering Caeleste ]

While following a rare butterfly that he hadn't seen since his childhood, he hadn't paid much attention to his surroundings and wandered along the many pathways into the Celestial Passage. Vadim slowly realized the forest had a very eerie feeling to it; it was dead silent. Let's see what he can get into while among Caeleste.
Shamanism (Primary Sorcery)

After visiting the shrine of Sharad, he was granted the sorcery of Shamanism; which he had known he had the gift ever since he was a youngin. This just proved it all the more. After his mother had passed, he could of sworn in the nights of crying for her, she would appear to him. In a ghostly figure. She would always reach out to him, but the connection was never made. So for him to be granted this gift meant the world to him and he vowed to focus his entire being on improving himself and this gift.

As of right now, only brief spurts of spirits were able to be seen and only faintly heard. He has no control over when and where he comes into contact with them, they reach out to him when the connection is strong enough, but it disappears just as quickly.
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avatar from here.
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