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18th February 2018 | Additional news for today, we now have an absent/busy page that shows all members currently absent/busy as well as the reason stated for such! This page is controlled by the away status you set for your account (by going to edit profile --> away status). We will be going through the absences board as well and adding in current absences to some members profiles. If you had an absence thread posted but are no longer absent please delete the thread. <3 Thank you!

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10th January 2018 | The poll has closed and Greeshma has a new Emperor!

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3rd February 2018 | The Emperor of Sharad, Leonidas, is calling an Emergency Herd Meeting! His first and only daughter has been murdered in cold blood! He needs your help, don't miss out. This is the beginning of something big! Check it out here and paticipate in this thrilling plot!

1st February 2018 | A newcomer by the name of Destroyah has challenged Vithmiris for leadership of Shishira. What will come of this? We do not know but you may follow the battle here!

10th January 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan on winning the place as Emperor of Greeshma!
The snow has melted in most places of Caeleste, besides those that are prone to snow throughout all seasons. Birds are chirping, the nice weather bringing them back home from winter migrations. You will also notice many other animals reappearing throughout. Weather temperatures have risen but often a cool crisp air will still bite at coats during the evening and night hours. Enjoy the lovely weather of spring for summer may not be as kind.
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    let’s play a game
    A touching, heartbreaking, thread. Leonidas and Roxana come to find their beautiful child viciously murdered. This thread can be considered the start of a war as Leonidas will not rest until he finds whomever did this.
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    “Run along back to that mountain in that frozen hell you call home. And next time you come strolling out from between his sheets, I suggest you wash yourself. I could smell you a mile away.”
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Caeleste Time: 02-18-2018, 06:08 PM

Earth Control Sorcery
Gender Gelding
Age Immortal
Height 14.3 hh
Breed Andalusian Mix
Sexuality Homosexual
Player Clarity

Although considerably small compared to his kin, the downsize hardly tampered with his physical abilities. Knowingly he takes after his father's build in being athletic, compact, and with a touch of grace to his movements. Hardiness comes from the unknown blood of his mother and their looks heavily influences his features. Kauri's chest is defined and so are his withers. Medium length is where his skull ends and neck is long and thick. Eyes are truly violet when it comes to their hue.

Mane and tail are fidgety when it comes to their chosen colors. The wavy locks of his mane are dominantly black, however, his forelocks are cream. Farthest his hair reaches is to his shoulders—barely touching his elbows. Lighter part goes pass and between his eyes, resting on his muzzle. For tail, two contrasted colors warp it: black and cream. It is shorter compared to mane; not even going pass his gaskins. Light feathering is apparent on his legs, but not enough to be extremely noteworthy.

The base of his coat is a dusty rose roan. His underside is powdered in a lighter color compared to the rest of his body. Brushed over his coat are stripes—particularly tiger stripes—that overrule his body, though are not daring to draw over his elbows or stifles. They are dark, certainly black. Upon his face is an "8" marking, one loop wrapping around his muzzle while the other narrows between eyes and stretches toward his forehead. Majority is a white hue in the exception of the portion going underneath to his chin where it blends with black covering his nose.

Upon his face Kauri wears a buzzard skull in which covers the entire top portion of it. The bony mask sits perfectly to where he can see out the sockets of the skull and the beak curves over his nose. He rarely takes it off as it has become a part of his selfhood. Hanging from his ears are piercings in which carry a chain; amber jewels hanging from the studs and cuffs themselves. Also, around his neck is a necklace decorated with feathers that take a white hue, though do have a tinge of blue to them. Rather than tied near the base to where the neck and shoulders meet, it is higher up—closer to his poll by a few inches.

Ominous | Grim | Mysterious | Fickle | Shrewd | Moralistic | Empathetic

At first sight, the gelding produces a certain aura around self. One in which spells malicious intent. It is true in regards to his unwinding aggression toward those he views disdainful or purely malevolent. There is some good behind this grimness he wears, at least to his own eyes. It may keep those seeking ill wants from him at bay, but the bad is the reality in walking the land alone. Kauri likely does not mind the loneliness he has grown accustomed to though the warden does indeed enjoy company—as long as it not be completely business or building friendship. Friendship or anything more would only morph into a mess of trust issues and faulty loyalties. However, he is no stranger in allowing one to cry upon his shoulder, lend an ear to their problems, and words for any uncertainty.

In turn for his numbed out feelings, he is quite sensitive to others emotions. Simple for him to note the weight of a given situation by what outweighs the minimum. How furious he can sense one and the deviousness of another. It based the verdict he needed to obtain in order to understand whether the individual deserved what they asked of him. This ties into his shrewdness. The gelding has become wise with each passing decision he has made, heavily influenced by moral compass. Depending on where a stranger aligns would foretell which end of the stick they got. He forms an unwavering distaste to those that rot into his bad side—without fail becoming impatient and outright hostile whenever that certain soul is present. It is a bad habit conjured from times in dealing punishment to the denied; a need to cease their existence.

Lastly and likely the most prominent trait about him is that entirety is a closed book. One half due to the absences of any expression to where he could be interpreted and the other simply being he is not one to talk about his purpose or past. Alliances and connections are constantly shifting which makes learning about Kauri more difficult. He is a master at locking doors once one has begun to open it and often puts on the same show of unwillingness and displeasure. Few succeeded in getting closer to him which always led to devastation—childhood friendships falling apart from envy. For those that can see a weak point in his blocks, the warden will be sure to keep them under his wings and pressed to their words if they also do the same in return.

An unforeseen gift to a doting and rather old couple, Kauri stood as their sixth offspring and third son. Abnormally small and blind due to prematurity, he was certainly a concern as each week spelled nothing for his health. Regardless of the lack of any strength with the colt, kin remained close and sympathetic to their staggering addition. Constant onlooking had proved its worth as a month bestowed his sight. He may have remained undersized in terms of his siblings past sizes, but the world was now a brighter place rather than pure nothingness. With fragility and fret-worthy state, there was not a thought in over spoiling the colt for he certainly deserved it in being the last youth and a spirited one within parents' and siblings' eyes.

Slow had he progress in receiving proper growth, but body found pieces of itself every once in a while. Often did Kauri hang around his older twin brothers, adored by them and often brought around when going on small trips. Hardly did he have any worries nor problems throughout his time as a foal, but gears began to switch once brothers left to begin their own life. It was not a heavy hit to the yearling's emotions as there still stood his friends to romp around with. However, an issue arose as he continued to sprout into a young adult. A realization that was shown to be a huge flaw from his upbringing. He was dependent.

Depression seeped in at his lack of independence. The stallion was not irate with those he deeply loved and cherished; more so he was disappointed toward his own mind. Self wallowed in it, practically demanded it. His body was chained by his own modesty. Kauri wanted to go out to see and live like his sisters and brothers before him. Biting back his anxiety and doubts, desire was explained to parents and others close to him, hearing their disapproval yet acceptance to his choice. Bidding family and friends farewell, the lone stallion now went on to wander by himself, skeptical of his abilities and will.

Blind to the world, the land, sky, and sea. He had not a clue where he was heading for though it shook feelings of composure and fear. It was an irrational choice but... the desert. Inhospitable, more so challenging. Any source of life to be found here was likely an anchor for death. There was no one to turn to—that made it all the more better. Sweltering days and frigid nights not only fueled his body onward, mind fell for the drastic changes as well. Loneliness stood as such a foreign entity, a feeling he never once encountered. Boggling to the senses or mayhaps toward his reasoning, it was the same, it had to be.

Months whirled by in his journey through barren land, the illusion of something better and more wanted becoming a regular occurrence; something he acceptably fell for. Little paws scurried along with him, something he hardly took notice of nor put his thoughts toward. He had company but refused to acknowledge them. The stallion never begged for their presence, they only chose their wants. It was a craving that subsided, filling his heart with gunk in return for the lack of awareness. Night slowly fell over once more, the chilling breeze an everyday nip at skin. Small whimpers paraded toward his ears, but refusal remained as a barrier. Lungs were beginning to sting for what infiltrated them. He was in these woes, however, they proved to be a trap brought out by self. Creeping steadily toward the male was a phenomenon his eyes had not the chance to witness. Like a swarm of darkness, its intent seems to be destruction, he had no other notion than that.

Being upon a land empty from most of life, there was not a thing to brace himself with. He could run, but why was he to go against a force of nature? As miles became yards, violet gaze caught the looks of a sector gifted with light. Wondering about its exclusion along with the desperation to make an escape, form galloped across without an attempt to outrun the storm. If it swallowed him whole then so be it.

The grime in which filled his chest felt excruciating yet disgusting. Target disappeared before him—unsure whether it was the fault of a mirage or the storms embrace. Kauri found himself caught in the turmoil so it was either drop dead trying or fall without chance. Sprinting onward with sight truly blinded, a rock tripped him, causing him to roughly tumble over. Caught, it would seem. Lying down as sand whipped body, head down and eyes sealed; nostrils, however, felt the scarcity of intruding particles. Peering onward, he noticed the absence of a storm, an area clear of oncoming devastation. Jumping up in aspiration, he only met the earth a second after, remembering the hit his ankle took. Though this time along with his fall, another being was felt beside him, a fellow equine to note. They seemed intrigued by the young male, touching their lips to his cheek. Baffled, he stood up immediately but kept still when hum reached his ears.

"A victim yourself, I cannot say myself is fortunate. Those eyes so tender, the energy."

Kauri had no clue what they were speaking about or the matter they were beckoning. A year of straggling through parched land with no other to etch out emotions—the words were like a blur to his mind but it would pick along with ease soon enough. Bones protruded through the stranger's skin at an extreme degree that he pondered if it were all an illusion; nothing more than a carcass his mind brought to life. Object hit his leg, forcing him out of thought. Examining downward, it was a necklace decorated with feathers. To what avians they belonged to, neither the equine before him could tell. Smell took the little scent it did have, noting the snort to come from the other.

"Vigor lay at your hoof. Allow it to rejuvenate you, allow it to seize you for good and innocence."

Bewilderment was all the stallion could display. This necklace livened by feathers... were they from an unique source? Hesitantly, he slipped on the apparel, feeling it constrict on his neck. At first, it was panic that this was surely a trap and last breaths were to come shortly. However, standing there bracing for the minute to come, he realized its gripping had ceased. Viewing back over to the other, it appeared they had laid themselves out, awaiting nature to take its small creation. Sniffing and nudging, they were truly gone. Thoughts could not understand the reason behind this encounter, but core felt winded by something—something he was not sure whether he forgotten or newly had. A warmth brushed over him as if there was a being to comfort him. Intrigued by the feeling, he only now realized that he had crossed into a different land. Beyond could he see a speckle of green, a sight to behold when perceiving just neutral colors for so long. Unsure of whether to leave the passed stranger how they were or do something kind—the desert hardly had anything to provide so, with a heavy heart, he left them as is. Now, what was he to do? The only other of his kind that walked upon this land has met their end. It brought the anxious thought of when he would lay in a similar fashion, nature winning over his will to survive.

In all my memories, these spaces where people used to be... I'll keep you to the last, like a flame under a glass.

Decade brought a storm of love and heartbreak. The many faces he wanted to love but could not for envy poisoned their drinks. It came down to one, his truest friend filled with undying passion since both their days as foals. Reunited by the founding of their dehydrated form, it was the companionship he restlessly asked for and had now received. Although a happy ending in his book, the final dying breath of his lover could not be shared for soul was tied to this physical world by the say of Mother, homeland’s ruling deity. It was one thing for life to drag on until death’s calling was true to him, but his clock no longer ticked—frozen its tracks. A bite at his corner of reasons in knowing he would never touch the soul that often spoke hope and memories. Yes, he now walked the land in utter importance to others but where was his own diamond in the sky?

Time continued to fly by without regards. Years were certainly nearing a century. Dunes were far and wide, not an imperfection anywhere upon the sands. Prints would be the pattern to be painted but winds could easily erase them. Violet eyes shone through the sockets of his headdress, surveying what he thought to be his kingdom. To what fool saw deserted lands as such could very well be on the verge of insanity. Stuck here since younger years, he had to make the most of it—he had no choice. He was due to die a long time ago but they say his soul is special. His mind is to receive a task She saw not to give to Her other children. Mortals were in need of a well-versed, truthful tale and to those that believed and sought would be met with a gift or a speedy demise for where their heart aligned; the power to reverse or progress the number in which hung over pleaders’ heads. He was a walking fountain of youth, however, those that seek must show respect and goodness in their heart. Those that were mad, mind overpowered by ill-will had no purpose to remain longer—death having His right to reap those souls and have them suffer from never-ending pain. In that sense, he was a king, a deity of these lands having say in what may be for his adherents. It was peaceful, non-fret worthy. He need not worry for his crown for he was the single one to gift subjects their wants; to quicken their death if they so choose to even spit at him. He stood the Warden of Youth, a title he was unsure whether to be grateful for or feel sickly of.

Wandering about the arid desert, companion watched the horizon for any figure that stalked the two. Same sands, same venomous creatures traveling aimlessly as well. Throughout the day brought nothing like those before but as the sun set and chilling winds of night were starting up, another seeker could be spotted a mile or two away. This, however, would not prompt him to turn and hide. They came for him; he secretly ached for the next stranger that would either be blessed or become a victim. Continuing forward at his usual pace, magic within readied its mark.

“The Mystical Warden of Youth! How I had my thoughts set for you.”

The voice rung out to him, ears hearing hooves quickly pressing against soft earth. He halted as the equine came before him, listening and studying their plea. The forced attempt to be seen as spirited and optimistic made him twitch in irritation. Poor display did nothing to seal away the malevolence within their core. Jaw cracked as he widened his mouth to slam down the verdict, however, before peeking monster could lunge forward, he felt something wrap against his neck and then his muzzle. A poor try in capturing him. Why one would be selfish enough to steal him for themself, it was begging for a more torturous punishment. Furious magic ate through the “immune” material to seize him, target’s confidence shifting into anger at their faulty equipment. As he stalked forth take the equine found guilty, they threw a strange substance at him that seemed to be normal water at first but soon began to falsify his sight and thoughts. What type of trickery the bastard used would be a question to remain with him.

Wisps became tar while liquid worked its magic. He could hear his cackling victim, bringing the warden into a rage. His body may have gotten heavier with each second but it could do nothing to block celestial power. Kauri snapped at the equine in still holding the motive to drag them down to where they belonged. They bolted but once a decision has been made he could not let the horse run free no more. He shot for them as form split into a devilish creature in which took care of the damned. Bawling only made the devil crave for their soul more as shadow appendages snatched the runner off the ground. A disgusting sensation as Death tasted His new subject. Entirety was able to devour them to the depths of hell but demon came crashing down as an unknown power destroyed his shell of sorcery. What usually melted away harmlessly went into a horrid feeling of having ones skin melting off. Without noticing that a foreign area had marked the end of the desert, Kauri had not known that form fell into an entirely new land filled with new possibilities and a new chapter to begin.

Earth Control Sorcery

||Terre Perception|| No longer bound within his space, senses can reach further from wherever he may be. However, he must have a rock, a gem, some piece of the earth to connect with and have it be within a 20 meter radius. The larger the mineral, the more difficult it becomes to perceive and the more easy it gets for his senses to get lost during the connection. This could lead to temporary deafness, blindness, anosmia, or ageusia—feeling not yet able to be interpreted. The duration could be just a few minutes to a few hours depending on the distance. Kauri can only use one of the four senses at a time as the ability calls for focus which brings trouble in upholding multiple perspectives. When successful, he may pick up things from the present and past that have passed by the rock. A handy way of gathering some information on another’s whereabouts or tuning into situations. It lasts 30 seconds without interruption—going any longer than that would cause headaches and/or loss of balance, and a longer time to recover that certain sensory organ as well.


||Terre Regeneration|| Whenever injured, body is able to regenerate dead cells and/or tissue. This means small wounds are quicker to recede and heavier damages like a sprain or a torn muscle take less time to recover from. The ability is more responsive where there is loose earth as it makes it easier to draw up energy to put towards regrowing tissue. However, Kauri has no control on what area he would like the regeneration to focus on nor how fast the process can go. With that, it's no guarantee his heaviest injuries will be dealt with first or handled in a timely manner. Same goes for if he decides to help someone that has been wounded which can only be achieved by keeping contact with the area until complete or at a more manageable state for that someone. (Doing this will drain his energy far more quickly which can lead to a blackout.) Reattaching torn off limbs or creating an entirely new limb are completely out of his reach at this time. Side effects of the ability can be dehydration, exhaustion, and/or fever.

Awhina is no different than any regular spotted hyena. She's large, dominant, and bears a strong motherly instinct. Her height is 76cm from paws to her shoulders. Giving her past position as clan queen, the hyena is well-built from having to keep her role of power. Coat has a pale-brownish color to it, decorated by a spotted hyena's signature spots (those holding a deep brown color to them). Mane stands short and scruffy, her fur a bit more bushy. Splashed on her muzzle is an almost blackish hue, Awhina's face seeming to hold a look of content as its normal mask.

Sly | Compassionate | Attentive

One notable thing about the two is they seem to never speak to one another. Communication is limited to what naturally comes as their species language. A learning process for them both to differentiate simple gibberish or a meaningful sound. Awhina, by nature, has a knack for delivering matters in a rather underhanded tatic. She is as cunning as a hyena can come, however, the once queen carries a big heart. Quite an observer, she searches for any ticks that may forewarn anything for her, him, both. When it comes to something she is uncertain with, the hyena has no problem in trying to redirect Kauri away from the threat. Speaking of, Awhina has come to use the gelding as a filler for her deceased cubs. She looks at him as a son—gradually will she become more nasty in terms of protecting hers. Though this is to not be limited to Kauri. Seeing another in distress often sends her running in that direction, mind insisting to put forth comfort and support.

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