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22nd February 2018 | After some staff discussion we have made an announcement regarding character names and some extra clarification that is not detailed in the guidebook. Please be sure to look over this announcement here and reply if you need.

21st February 2018 | Of the Month Nominations are up this month, go and nominate your favourites here!

20th February 2018 | We have a new poll up, Leadership Battle Grace Period Poll! We are considering changing our grace period for leadership battles to offer some more down time. Go read about it an give us your vote!

18th February 2018 | Additional news for today, we now have an absent/busy page that shows all members currently absent/busy as well as the reason stated for such! This page is controlled by the away status you set for your account (by going to edit profile --> away status). We will be going through the absences board as well and adding in current absences to some members profiles. If you had an absence thread posted but are no longer absent please delete the thread. <3 Thank you!

18th February 2018 | NEW SITE INCENTIVE!!! Weekly Challenges were set up in an effort to give members a chance to do something out of the ordinary with their character while receiving a reward for doing so. Be sure to check out the thread, challenges start today if you wish to get involved.

31st January 2018 | February OTM's are now open for voting! Cast your votes whenever you get a chance.

28th January 2018 | New quick link MyCodes available! Easily link a profile, thread or specific post in a thread. To read more on how to use them please see the More Resources section of the Guidebook. They can all be found under the Miscellaneous --> Useful MyCodes area.

25th January 2018 | New way of tagging. Instead of @username it is now @[username] and you will also see nifty little reminders in both posts and profiles that you can easily copy and paste instead of having to type out names! Hoping everyone has an easier time with tags now.

23nd January 2018 | Of the month nominations for February are taking place, be sure to nominate your favourites here!

22nd January 2018 | Thanks to the wonderful isoldehn, we have new rosters for each individual herd! They can be found in the navigation menu as a drop down under "Census". The Census & Player DB as well as all rosters now update automatically! We also just updated (moved accounts inactive) and deleted accounts (that were inactive for three months or more). This is a reminder to login every thirty days to keep accounts active and every ninety days to keep accounts from being deleted!

10th January 2018 | The poll has closed and Greeshma has a new Emperor!

7th January 2018 | Greeshma leadership voting is now open! Please go and cast your vote after your own deliberation on the applications for our leaders; thank you to everyone who entered! Go vote!

1st January 2018 | Happy New Year to all of Caeleste and all the lovely people in this community! To celebrate the new year, we are holding two contests alongside each other; a Posting Contest and an Advertising Contest and both have super prizes. It is a contest against yourself and not against other players, all in the name of earning some fantastic prizes, so we hope you'll really enjoy it! Let's have another fantastic year! And have fun posting!
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3rd February 2018 | The Emperor of Sharad, Leonidas, is calling an Emergency Herd Meeting! His first and only daughter has been murdered in cold blood! He needs your help, don't miss out. This is the beginning of something big! Check it out here and paticipate in this thrilling plot!

1st February 2018 | A newcomer by the name of Destroyah has challenged Vithmiris for leadership of Shishira. What will come of this? We do not know but you may follow the battle here!

10th January 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan on winning the place as Emperor of Greeshma!
The snow has melted in most places of Caeleste, besides those that are prone to snow throughout all seasons. Birds are chirping, the nice weather bringing them back home from winter migrations. You will also notice many other animals reappearing throughout. Weather temperatures have risen but often a cool crisp air will still bite at coats during the evening and night hours. Enjoy the lovely weather of spring for summer may not be as kind.
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  • Member of the Month
    Rather new to this large crazy family, Boaz is often seen in the cBox or in Caeleste's discord channel. A rather friendly, outgoing personality, Boaz is not afraid to make new friends and get involved in any plots!
  • Thread of the Month
    let’s play a game
    A touching, heartbreaking, thread. Leonidas and Roxana come to find their beautiful child viciously murdered. This thread can be considered the start of a war as Leonidas will not rest until he finds whomever did this.
  • Couple of the Month
    Vithmiris & Slythe
    Caeleste's resident vampire couple, Emperor Vithmiris and Slythe have offered a rather interesting dynamic to their pairing. While the pair have a tendency for violence, the two also have their tender moments - as fleeting as they are.
  • Character of the Month
    The newly crowned Greeshma Emperor has certainly made a name for himself among many in Caeleste in many ways and has made it no secret his ambitions for the kingdom of Greeshma. We can't wait to see what he does next!
  • Quote of the Month
    “Run along back to that mountain in that frozen hell you call home. And next time you come strolling out from between his sheets, I suggest you wash yourself. I could smell you a mile away.”
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Caeleste Time: 02-23-2018, 08:00 PM

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“No matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone. Follow your heart, make the most of every day, and be proud of who you are.”
(Owner), posted schedule 05-18-2017, 12:05 PM. link #1
Vasanta Domain Leader Auditions
05/18/2017 - 06/01/2017
Welcome! Due to inactivity the role for Vasanta’s emperor/empress is open! This is a very important role because this will be the life force that breathes the fire within the Vasanta alliance! There is no right or wrong character for the role, your audition will be judged solely on your IC post! Be sure you have read over the domain and land rules in the guidebook. Activity is going to be very important for this role. In no time at all we will be starting our second site wide plot and activity for the domain leader is key! Please keep in mind for the few requirements you have to follow in order to be an Emperor/Empress for a domain. Staff is always here to answer any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Carhartt or staff anything! The only stupid question is one not asked!

Things You Should Know

Emperor/Empress characters are to be active. They must post three times in their Domain within a two week time period or they are deemed 'inactive' and removed of their title.

Emperor/Empress are allowed to make any set rules for their Domain and are able to choose punishments for those that defy their law (as long as it does not involve powerplaying without permission).

These said rules and ranks need to be made and posted by said Emperor/Empress within their domainne land. If you need a table coded please feel free to message Carhartt or Summer, they will be more than happy to help!

Each Domain is allowed up to three boards within their land to represent specific areas within the Domain. These are chosen/decided upon by Emperor/Empress.

There is allowed an extra fourth board for a short period of time to represent a specific event such as a ball or festival.

Now that you are well aware of the all the requirements, it’s time to get the ball rolling! In order to apply for a domain leader role you must fill out the appropriate form, which is provided below. You must also post an IC character post coming to said land, claiming it and somewhere describe either a small snippet or large description on their intentions for the alliance. Any character can try out, there are no restrictions. They can be brand new or a long time Caelestian! Remember quality over quantity and have fun! Don’t be nervous and try out, you’ll never know!

The Judging

Depending on the number of tryouts, Caeleste staff will pick the top three! Once those are chosen, Caeleste will allow the members of Caeleste to vote! That way our members feel they got help pick out the next leader!

The Application

Be sure to fill out this form and then post IC. Must be a complete post, no WIPS. Tables and html coding are permitted, but will not contribute to overall judging! Good luck guys, and most importantly have fun!

OOC Name:
Have you had any previous leadership positions?:
Years of RP Experience:
Why do you think you, the player, deserve this position?:

Character Name:
Position Seeking:
Link to Profile:
IC Example: (This post should be of your character claiming their land. We’re looking at the quality over quantity of the post. Please make sure to stay within the minimum word limit, though.)

<B>OOC Name:</b>
<B>Have you had any previous leadership positions?:</b>
<B>Years of RP Experience:</b>
<B>Why do you think you, the player, deserve this position?:</b>


<B>Character Name:</b>
<B>Position Seeking:</b>
<B>Link to Profile:</b>
<B>IC Example:</b> (This post should be of your character claiming their land. We’re looking at the quality over quantity of the post. Please make sure to stay within the minimum word limit, though.)

Anyone who tries out will receive 1,000 carats!
[Image: tumblr_oipk2gC11k1rge4fho1_500.gif]
Tag Me: @Carhartt
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(Guest), posted schedule 05-18-2017, 02:54 PM. link #2
OOC Name: Keira
Have you had any previous leadership positions?: I have! I've had a few leadership roles on various sites through the years.
Years of RP Experience: 13 years
Why do you think you, the player, deserve this position?: I'm kind of new and feel I can bring forward some cool ideas for Vasanta! Plus I really really love nature and spring type of stuff which is what Vasanta's season is. Not only that but I want to immerse myself into the rp and help push along the next site wide plot, so I feel like I could do that by auditioning for a leader role!

Character Name: Vesta
Position Seeking: Empress
Link to Profile: http://caeleste-rpg.net/member.php?actio...le&uid=917
IC Example:

There had been emptiness. It felt like with every passing night her confidence about the last emperor stepping down had her feeling..odd. They had left, for whatever reason they had decided to move on and leave those they had promised to protect. Even in her calm she found herself angry. Angry for all the others that might have looked up to the old emperor, for the abandonment.

In the center of the blue sage meadows, she stood looking around her, the wildlife seemed to be quiet as though wondering for themselves what she would do. Vesta knew what she wanted to do, she just wondered if she could do it. There was a moment where she hesitated, a last case of nerves interrupting her but she managed to swallow it down.

Vesta pressed on towards the stream, her hooves steadily clicking against the hard ground wasn't out of the ordinary. But it echoed in the silence from within the meadow or at least it did to her. Standing before the small stream and gazing down at the water. This was home to Vasanta, she remembered not so far from here was the shrine where she received her magic. She was not born on Caeleste but she was determined to make this her home. "I don't want to be like them." It was an inaudible whisper as she made a quiet promise to not be like her parents, to be what Vasanta needed.

"I will be Empress and I will help this place flourish." Without the symbolism of a crown, she instead would opt for something just as regal, but without the unneeded gloating from wearing jewels atop ones head. Stepping up to the plate as it were, the throne in which would now be rightfully hers, she could feel the warmth of the light bathing her back. She turned to face away from the water and towards the tree lines. They would be fine.
Tag Me: @Vesta
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(Guest), posted schedule 05-19-2017, 09:56 AM. link #3
OOC Name: Jupiter
Have you had any previous leadership positions?: suuuure do. plenty of it over the years tbh, including on Cimoron Island and on Pantheon, and a few other sites like Hallow Sins XD lots of positions
Years of RP Experience: 16 |D
Why do you think you, the player, deserve this position?: Same reason as the other (might as well try out for both XD) I'm pretty active here and I need to develop characters some more. The best thing I see for doing that is via getting a position like this. My activity probably helps a lot but I can be pretty dang friendly too, and I'm not biased

Character Name: Cochise
Position Seeking: Emperor
Link to Profile: click!
IC Example:


Cochise had come far, far, from the lands he had been born in. Traveling had been in his blood, only stopping with the nomadic herd when there were births or when there were those that broke away to populate lands they came across. Voyagers for the most part, they wandered lands and waters, finding places to call home with some, while others merely moved on to find a place to call to them.

These lands had called to him. From the whispers of the forest to the meadow he now stood in. The titan shook himself a little, his ears flopping while he lifted his spotted head and blew out a breath, ruby eyes flickering over the lands. It had called him here, and perhaps this was home. Somewhere deep down, Cochise knew this place to be home, and he shuffled on feathered hooves, pressing his weight down a little and merely taking in his surroundings. This place was beautiful, and he found himself longing to blossom and grow here with a herd, to settle in roots and begin a new herd. Perhaps some would wander off and voyage on their own, but many would stay here.

He pined for it almost, a sense of family and home here.

"I am Cochise, and I claim these lands. This so called crown. I will shoulder the weight and responsibility and urge in a new era of prosperity." His voice was a low baritone, rumbling from deep in his chest, and he drew in a heavy breath. This would be home. This would be family, and peace. These lands would become new.

Tag Me: @Cochise
age6 year old
height15.2 hh
breedHalflinger x Swedish Warmblood
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(Empress) played by perm_identity Lee, posted schedule 05-19-2017, 10:15 AM. link #4
OOC Name: Lee
Have you had any previous leadership positions?: In character here? No. I have had a few herds on other sites.
Years of RP Experience: Somewhere along the lines of fifteen years.
Why do you think you, the player, deserve this position?: I personally just wanted to have a shot to do something big in character. Milly is basically my main babe when it comes to doing things and I'd like her to have a full long history here on Cae. I don't really have any other reason :c

Character Name: Milly Mae
Position Seeking: Empress
Link to Profile: Clicky-click
IC Example: See below

I began my journey across the territories to find the Blue Sage Meadows, a place I had been to but briefly while I visited the shrine in order to obtain the magic that now flowed through my veins. This magic gave me the power to heal the others around me at a cost of my strength, leaving me in a weakened state until I was able to rest and recover. I had only used my magic once, but it had taken a few days to recover what strength I lost that day in the city. My thoughts began to take over, remembering the woman lying in an ally what felt like yesterday;  the image of her would forever be burned into my mind. I did all I could in order to save the poor woman though my efforts were futile in the end. The thought of life returned as I made my way through the outlying forest of the meadow, my split daggers slowly carrying me while my thoughts began to roll across my mind.

Life tended to change from one day to the next, which was what was intended for all breathing creatures.  I had no idea how much change was going to be coming to my life when I set my hooves upon the celestial passage. In the beginning, the place was strange and almost eerie, the low lying fog rolling across the roots of the trees that spread through the earth, but I found someone to lead me from the darkness with no sense of direction into a beautiful world. I'd known him by the name of Leo, a very kind man with a heart of gold it seemed. Soon after I had met Levi when I found myself back in the passage once more, this time with more of a sense for direction, and it no longer sent chills down to my bones. I could feel a gentle tug from my heart strings as I gazed across his frame to only see the scars of the past, but he was also truly sweet, more so than I had thought was possible. We traveled together, or rather mostly together. I would wander away searching the new lands laid out before my own olive gaze, always curious to find the unknown creatures lurking within, but Levi always followed even if it was from a distance.

Soon enough, I found the Celestial City where I was confused in the beginning, the sound of my footfalls echoing from the cobblestone reached my tender rounded ears. I felt as if I didn't belong there, and to be entirely honest, I had not a clue why I was walking down the path leading to an alleyway. Within, I found a woman giving birth to a beautiful foal. Before she'd passed, she called her Vega, and that stuck between the two of us. This small child had changed my life more than what I could have ever thought possible. A sweet little child, who had problems of her own, but knew I would always be there by her side. Yet something struck me as I wandered through the green meadow sprawled before me. There had been no one here. I had heard from Leo in the past who spoke of separate herd lands and this resembled one, yet there had been no one in sight. I had come here originally in hopes for all of us to be accepted.

I moved my olive orbs across the bluebonnets sprouting through the greenery, the dotting of other colored flowers spotted here and there scattered throughout. In the distance, the trees protected the meadow from the shadows looming within while the sun reached higher in the skies. A warm breeze ran it’s fingers across my flaxen chestnut pangare hide blowing a daisy from the flowers Levi had placed in my hair. My three long loose braids rolled across my shoulders the ends falling into the grass tickling my underside. ["I have come to seek acceptance into this herd on behalf of myself and two others, but it seems there is no one here to do so." I spoke aloud to anyone who would have been listening, but there had still been silence aside from birds that chirped in the trees surrounding the meadow. "I would like to claim the spot of Empress for the Blue Sage Meadows, under the protection of Vasanta." I spoke once more while my voice becoming more firm, almost immovable, but still soft and delicate, just as I had been when I had first arrived here in Caeleste.

image | coding
Tag Me: @Milly Mae
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(Guest), posted schedule 05-23-2017, 04:00 PM. link #5
OOC Name: Seel
Have you had any previous leadership positions?: Yes! Mostly on wolf sites, however.
Years of RP Experience: 5/6 yearsish?
Why do you think you, the player, deserve this position?: Well, I'm pretty active and Farren is a character very close to my heart who I invest a dearly amount of time despite him being only a recent creation. I wish to get him out in the world of Caeleste more and would love the chance for him to gain recognition as he is my main babe.

Character Name: Farren
Position Seeking: Emperor 
Link to Profile: http://caeleste-rpg.net/member.php?actio...le&uid=764
IC Example:

I don't need a symphony to sing my song,

Home was a mere distant memory of orange and yellow blurs. The summer wrath, the winter's freezing darkness; His memory betrayed him as he thought back to the origins of his being, the lands which has molded the stallion who he was to the present day. Many things were better left in the past rather then be allowed access to burden his mind. The demons of guilt and self doubt still haunted him and there was no sign of their perish. For the last few days, his thoughts had shut him out of Celeste's rumors, but the mention of Vasanta had brought him back to earth with the news of his Emperor's untimely departure. Shock and surprise had fueled his trek back to the Spring realms, and soon worry for the fate of his lands had powered his loins with a heightened urgency. From the far East of the Emerald Paradise, he cut across the lands in a linear shape, blocking out his mental distractions.

The runaway desert King could not stand by and watch the Meadows he had grown to love be claimed by the evil or foolish. From the moment he had arrived, he had sworn to aid Caeruleus in whatever way he could, repay the warmth of family he had felt upon first entering the spring shaded realm and if this meant rising within the ranks, then so be it. The land was too precious a home to many, some of whom were close friends who he wished to protect, and to provide a sense of safety and sanctuary to. Thus, as he crossed the boarders into his home, he headed directly to the center of the spring vibrancy with a surge of sudden, and overwhelming, confidence to do what he thought best. 

"If you will, I will take this beloved land under my wing and spring will sing like it never has before,"

There's a choir of angels deep inside my lungs.

Tag: na
Wc: na
OOC: na
Tag Me: @Farren
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(Guest), posted schedule 05-23-2017, 06:38 PM. link #6
OOC Name: Splashs
Have you had any previous leadership positions?: Yes, but not on this site.
Years of RP Experience: 10-12 years
Why do you think you, the player, deserve this position?: I, personally, think it'd be a fantastic thing for Andromeda to build her character and make a name for herself. I'm active every day, even if I don't have something to post to. I check in constantly and am quick with replies.

Character Name: Andromeda
Position Seeking: Empress
Link to Profile: Right Here :)
IC Example: See below.

Classy, Sassy,
and a little Smartassy
I hadn't come from much of a stable life way back in the day. Always wondering while in tow with my mother, longing to be beside my sire and learn the ways of ruling a land that was vast and beautiful. The wooded land of what she once new as Bear's Den had been claimed by her half sister, the one who was handed the land. It was rightfully hers, I often told myself after hearing the news. It was shortly after before I heard anything of my dear father passing away. It hurt, but the old timer had been knocking on death's door for approximately a year. The whole year I had fled from my home lands was the year that I could have spent learning.

Instead, I left my family behind and set out for something new. Unbeknownst to me, I had made my way back to mourn the loss of a wonderful stallion who hardly paid any attention to the daughter who longed for a chance. That's when my abandoned son found me for a short, sweet moment before moving on with his life. I often wonder what kind of stallion Tobias had turned into, but my heart yearned to convince me he was a wonderful man with a beautiful little family.

I had left shortly after, soon stumbling upon Caeleste and the wonderfully friendly equines who resided within it's small grasp of land. Though I haven't visited many lands yet, the Passage seemed to be the one place that drew me back. Recently, however, Blue Sage Meadows seemed to call my name. It was like Bear's Den back home, a longing to reside within the lands and call it home. Though not knowing much about Vasanta herself, I had silently pledged my allegiance to her long ago.

Stepping across the land boarder, I lowered my face so my nose just barely brushed the ground. The scent of old markings lingered, but were a sure sign no one had been patrolling this territory for quite some time now. Raising my cranium, I moved on and ventured deeper into the beautiful lands. Flowers bloomed everywhere, decorating the fields with vibrant colors that reminded me of Easter colors.

Rumors of the shrine stated that it wasn't that far into the vast lands, so making the short journey to Vasanta's hidden shrine didn't take too long. I looked around in amazement of the sheer beauty that presented itself confidently. Flowers flourished here, many more than the ones in the fields. Stone laced the ground and formed into an arc surrounded by hedges and more flowers. Magic radiated from the ground, sending chills up my spine and twisting my stomach.

I smile and place my front right hoof on one of the stones. "I, Andromeda, ask for permission to claim these lands and call them home. I've pledged my allegiance to you, oh great Vasanta, and I know my father's blood that runs through my veins will carry on his legacy proudly." The words come out with sheer confidence, something I haven't felt in such a long time. It felt good and I smiled from the warm feeling untwisting my knotted stomach.

OOC: n/a
Words. n/a
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“History gets made when you're acting a fool.”
(Regent) played by perm_identity Reli, posted schedule 05-29-2017, 05:36 PM. link #7
OOC Name: Reli
Have you had any previous leadership positions?: Yes; I've been both a moderator and administrator on numerous roleplaying sites. I also have other characters in leadership positions on other sites c:
Years of RP Experience: About 10
Why do you think you, the player, deserve this position?: I consider myself fairly active. I'm online everyday, and do my best to post as much as I can. I really enjoy Caeleste and would love to see it thrive for many more years!

Character Name: Fang
Position Seeking: Emperor of Vasanta
Link to Profile: Click!
IC Example:

“Run, run, lost boy,” they say to me,
“away from all of reality.”
“Sleep well, Arrabella,” the large stallion lowers his head, brushing his whiskery lips against the delicate curve of the mare’s cheek, and gently sweeping aside a stray curl as he does so. The small mare rests within the grassy cover of her fallen tree, tucked neatly into the shadows while the stars twinkle above in the glowing twilight—quietly they usher the people of Caeleste to slumber, promising a better tomorrow. Wordlessly, Fang watches the golden woman as she drifts quickly into unconsciousness. He is far too restless to sleep himself—a fire has been ignited within his belly, and it refuses to be quenched until it leads him to action.

The mare’s words remain rooted in his mind, flourishing and growing since she had spoken them: a leader like him. Fang, a leader? It is an idea that he has never considered before now. After hearing the woes of Vasanta’s emperor, and the crimes the madman had put the people through, he feels compelled to do something—to make a change. To make it better.

Shifting his weight, the young stallion presses his lips together, and draws slowly away from his dainty companion. “Things will begin to change now,” he murmurs softly to her sleeping ears, but his voice is undoubtedly firm, while his ember eyes narrow and pierce through the dusky shadows. “Things will finally begin to heal—already I have allowed you and Vasanta’s people to suffer too long at the hands of a madman. You were never meant to be part of a bargaining chip for anyone’s pride and greed,” the disgust that sours his tongue cannot be hidden as it laces his tone, and Fang shakes his head with an impassioned snort.

“I vow to you now, I vow to the people—” He raises his voice and glances around the sapphire meadow, as though he is speaking to anyone who might listen to him, “—I will take care of you.” The boy pledges things he knows little about, things he has had very little experience with (he has never lead a people before), but no matter the foolishness in this endeavor, he does so with an honest and whole heart. He puts his faith in Vasanta and her people to aid him, and he will do all he can to restore life to the stories of vibrancy and happiness that he has been told about this magnificent kingdom.

Lowering his eyes, which had been raised to the heavens, Fang steps towards the slumbering mare again. Lowering his head, he breathes gently across the smooth planes of her face, while a grin finally softens his russet lips. “Let us bring back spring in all the glory and beauty she was meant to thrive within,” he murmurs between them, his smile growing with every word as a sweet warmth blooms within his chest.

This is his call to action.
This is home.

ooc note; Carhartt has given me permission to powerplay Arrabella! 

image & coding
please tag Fang in all replies!
magic & force are permitted.
Tag Me: @Fang
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(Guest), posted schedule 06-01-2017, 11:07 AM. link #8
OOC Name: Arah
Have you had any previous leadership positions?: I've had various leadership roles over the course of my rp'ing on different sites.
Years of RP Experience: 11+ Years
Why do you think you, the player, deserve this position?: I'm friendly and always available to chat, whether it's in cbox, discord & skype. I'd like to think I'm pretty approachable, despite being shy.

I'm also down to plot and write just about anything and everything, so there will be a potential for a lot of fun threads and happenings! I have tonnes of idea's for Vasanta and would love to have the opportunity to shape and push it forward in future site wide plots and mini-plots that are based in Vasanta.

Character Name: Isorath
Position Seeking: Emperor of Vasanta
Link to Profile: http://caeleste-rpg.net/member.php?actio...le&uid=630
IC Example:

he was life itself.
wild and free. wonderfull chaotic.

There's only so long fire can stagnate, it has to be fed and allowed to grow. Isorath had slumbered long enough, out of sight and out of mind of the World around him. It was time to feed the fire, let it grow and in it's wake leave fertile ground for life and growth to take root and grow. Spring did not have to be gentle, sweet nothings on the tail end of winter's breath. It did not have to be weak and feeble in it's ascension.

Spring was a beginning, where old bones shook the stiffness from their joints. Where new starts burst to life in a chorus of .

Isorath was not weak, and he would not allow the land he had chosen to call his home stagnate with the abdication of it's most capable Emperor, to allow a meek and weak willed character to let the budding bloom wither back into a weed in the wind. So he rose, pale wings expanded as he took wing above the land and to the very pinnacle of where the power sat.

"Horses of Vasanta." His dulcet tones boomed to all, wings raised toward the skyline as he glanced down at them all. Memorized their faces, each detail which separated them from the last. He commits them all to memory, like one would the feel of old parchment, the soft touch of a lover at dawn. "Vasanta finds itself without a leader, in the abscence of it's strongest yet. While many may have disliked the turn of events which have transpired in the past monarchy. We must continue on, spring is often viewed as no more than a breeze in the wind. A delicate budding flower to be pruned to the will of others. Meek beginnings. This does not have to be the case," he paused, head tilted a fraction to the left, "The last saw it so, and knew as I do, it should not be so."

He took a breath, the sway of the delicate ornaments clasped in his hair clinked as they bumped into each other. "I ask that you pledge your trust in me, so that I may grow our roots strong, and deep. So my wings may protect and shield you all. I will defend you, and Vasanta as my own blood. So that we may see ourselves bloom, strong, safe and protected and let the other Kingdom's know that we are not just a spring breeze or a flower to be clipped for daring to grow strong."

image | coding
Tag Me: @Isorath
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“No matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone. Follow your heart, make the most of every day, and be proud of who you are.”
(Owner), posted schedule 06-01-2017, 09:24 PM. link #9
All Tryouts are now CLOSED
[Image: tumblr_oipk2gC11k1rge4fho1_500.gif]
Tag Me: @Carhartt
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