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18th April 2018 | Please congratulate the our two newest admins, Kiwi & Mallory! They were promoted thanks to all their hard work and dedication! We also want to thank all our current staff as they have been working really hard to make sure Cae is running smoothly! Keep your eye out as we are going to be hosting auditions to add two new moderators to our staff team!

15th April 2018 | The staff is at it again! A wonderful new type of quest is now offered to you wonderful members of Caeleste by the name of Misc Quests. No matter what it is your character desires they can now got to their Deity and see if they are willing to make their wildest dreams come true! Check out the info and rules here!

2nd April 2018 | We have amazing news!!! Immortality is now attainable through In Character achievement! Be sure to check it out in the guidebook, under Immortality!

31st March 2018 | Of the Month Voting is up - go vote for your favourites here!

25th March 2018 | Of the Month Nominations are up this month, go and nominate your favourites here!

3rd March 2018 | The original Caeleste skin is back in business but we have a few questions that we want our members to decide upon. Please take a moment to look over this poll and give your vote!

* 25th February 2018 | The guidebook is undergoing a well deserved revision! Many things are being clarified and a few additions are being added. When the entire guidebook is finished being revised we will inform all members with an announcement following its finishing. Until now a new change log has been added for future references. Any new additions or changes to the guidebook will be added there for everyones sake, we wish for all our members to be 'in the know' and not feel left out. For now until the entire guidebook is finished you can follow the progress here. Understand that each section that is currently dated has been revised, if it is not dated it has not been revised yet, all new rules are being enforced starting the day they have been added. Be sure to keep up with the revisions and make yourself familiar with them as we go.

22nd February 2018 | After some staff discussion we have made an announcement regarding character names and some extra clarification that is not detailed in the guidebook. Please be sure to look over this announcement here and reply if you need.

21st February 2018 | Of the Month Nominations are up this month, go and nominate your favourites here!

20th February 2018 | We have a new poll up, Leadership Battle Grace Period Poll! We are considering changing our grace period for leadership battles to offer some more down time. Go read about it an give us your vote!

18th February 2018 | Additional news for today, we now have an absent/busy page that shows all members currently absent/busy as well as the reason stated for such! This page is controlled by the away status you set for your account (by going to edit profile --> away status). We will be going through the absences board as well and adding in current absences to some members profiles. If you had an absence thread posted but are no longer absent please delete the thread. <3 Thank you!

18th February 2018 | NEW SITE INCENTIVE!!! Weekly Challenges were set up in an effort to give members a chance to do something out of the ordinary with their character while receiving a reward for doing so. Be sure to check out the thread, challenges start today if you wish to get involved.

31st January 2018 | February OTM's are now open for voting! Cast your votes whenever you get a chance.

28th January 2018 | New quick link MyCodes available! Easily link a profile, thread or specific post in a thread. To read more on how to use them please see the More Resources section of the Guidebook. They can all be found under the Miscellaneous --> Useful MyCodes area.

25th January 2018 | New way of tagging. Instead of @username it is now @[username] and you will also see nifty little reminders in both posts and profiles that you can easily copy and paste instead of having to type out names! Hoping everyone has an easier time with tags now.

23nd January 2018 | Of the month nominations for February are taking place, be sure to nominate your favourites here!

22nd January 2018 | Thanks to the wonderful isoldehn, we have new rosters for each individual herd! They can be found in the navigation menu as a drop down under "Census". The Census & Player DB as well as all rosters now update automatically! We also just updated (moved accounts inactive) and deleted accounts (that were inactive for three months or more). This is a reminder to login every thirty days to keep accounts active and every ninety days to keep accounts from being deleted!

10th January 2018 | The poll has closed and Greeshma has a new Emperor!

7th January 2018 | Greeshma leadership voting is now open! Please go and cast your vote after your own deliberation on the applications for our leaders; thank you to everyone who entered! Go vote!

1st January 2018 | Happy New Year to all of Caeleste and all the lovely people in this community! To celebrate the new year, we are holding two contests alongside each other; a Posting Contest and an Advertising Contest and both have super prizes. It is a contest against yourself and not against other players, all in the name of earning some fantastic prizes, so we hope you'll really enjoy it! Let's have another fantastic year! And have fun posting!
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16th April 2018 | Caeleste's Seasons and Years are now organized in an easy to read table. We are currently working on a coded version but please feel free to check it out at the bottom of the page here! With that being said our Year and Season has been updated! It is now Fall in Year Three!

13th April 2018 | It's Friday the 13th and Leonidas is out for blood! Come join the Sharads as they confront the Shishira demanding answers about the death of their Emperor's child! It's sure to be an enthralling thread! Check it out here!

2nd April 2018 | We have amazing news!!! Immortality is now attainable through In Character achievement! Be sure to check it out in the guidebook, under Immortality!

28th February 2018 | After a long battle, Vithmiris has been declared winner and keeps his reign as the Shishira Emperor! Thank you to our guest judges and staff who judged the riveting battle. You can check out the results here!

3rd February 2018 | The Emperor of Sharad, Leonidas, is calling an Emergency Herd Meeting! His first and only daughter has been murdered in cold blood! He needs your help, don't miss out. This is the beginning of something big! Check it out here and paticipate in this thrilling plot!

1st February 2018 | A newcomer by the name of Destroyah has challenged Vithmiris for leadership of Shishira. What will come of this? We do not know but you may follow the battle here!

10th January 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan on winning the place as Emperor of Greeshma!
Year III | Fall
The leaves that have turned their auburn and crimson colors are now falling to the earth. Many trees are barren as the cold temperatures of fall set in. Many animals are fattening themselves for the winter to come. There is talk this winter is going to be a hard one so many are prepping early. The air is crisp and most mornings are accompanied by a thin layer of ice as it drops below freezing a few hours after the sun sets. The hides on many animals, especially the equines are thickening as the northern winds bring in a heavy chill. Many are nervous the rumors of a harsh winter is true. Those smart enoough stock up on fire wood and supplies in hopes they will be prepared. Nearly all the mirgatorial birds have flown to the warmest parts of Caeleste by now, almost a month ealier than normal!
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  • Member of the Month
    A wonderful asset to Caeleste as a whole! Not only does she dedicate her time as a staff member but she also spends a lot of her time being an amazing writer! She is very friendly in the chat box and her characters are very well developed. It seems everytime she steps into chat box or our discord, everything seems to light up! We are blessed to have her apart of the team and cannot thank you enough for your dedication and creativity!
  • Thread of the Month
    Standing in the Way of the Light
    A wild tale of two very dark creatures meeting for a second time... Xavier, possessed by 'The Darkness' tries to warn Resin about the demon inside of him but she is far too fearless to listen. Long story short The Darkness and Resin strike a deal... For twelve months the demon will on feed on her and then on the last day of the twelve months it will leave Xavier's body and never return. However it refuses to leave empty handed and as it leave Xavier it will take Resin's soul! It's a daring, darking, emotional and twisted thread that won't leave you dissapointed!
  • Couple of the Month
    Rhiannon & Wellington
    A very interesting duo that you would never expect to be friends. The noble, strong headed, and rather independant Rhiannon versus Wellington, an eccentric character that has a weak moral compass but hilarious nonetheless. Their dynamics make for very interesting and rather comical threads. You can't help but wonder why a mare like Rhiannon spends her time with a creature like him but then also thankful she is there to take care Wellington and save him from all of his shenanigans.
  • Character of the Month
    A soul tormented by his own demons and terrible past, Xavier is a unique character to Caeleste. The poor boy seems to have endured Hell - quite literally - only to be further tormented in recent times. While he is not the monster that lives within him, his hold on the metaphorical beast seems to be waning. We can't wait to see what is in store for Xavier's future and whether or not he will shake the hold of his inner demons!
  • Quote of the Month
    "Another time, perhaps. I believe we've both tormented him enough for today."

    A sad moment in the thread Standing in the Way of the Light where Resin turns down the Darkness, the demon within Xavier. However tempted, she has more respect for Xavier and tries to decline as delicately as she knows... It is a capturing moment where the apathetic Resin shows something for the damned Xavier.
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|SWP| Beyond the Veil
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“Don't hate the player, hate the game, son. ”
(Owner), posted schedule 06-12-2017, 02:22 PM. link #1

Beyond the Veil |SWP 2|

Stage One – The Nightmare

Enjoy this musical inspiration!

The twilight hour consumes all of Caeleste, casting its dark shadow over every detail. It wasn’t like any summer night Caeleste had ever seen. There was a heavy presences of immense power wafting through the air. The power masked as a thick cloud of fog. There it descends from the heavens and covers every inch of Caeleste, consuming all sense of direction and visibility.

Most equines had settled for the evening, and lay slumbering without a care. Those awake can’t help but notice the ominous fog and feel its unrelenting magic. As it slips around them, it consumes everyone and deems them unconscious within seconds. Those who are already sleeping are wrapped into a deep sleep, impenetrable. Like a sweeping wave it covers all of Caeleste in the deepest of slumbers, no one can fight it, not even the strongest of sorcery holders.

Once all are fast asleep something vivid comes to them; a dream—no a nightmare. It affects everyone differently but they all hold similar details. Hot… Fire, so much fire. Darkness... The stale scent of prison. Are there bars? Who is that?! Was that the roar of a dragon?! The nightmares are so clear it feels as if it’s really happening but it’s impossible for any of the equines to know what it means, or what was happening. No one knows that they are not the only one being visited by this strong sorcery. What does it mean? What do they see?!

Get Involved

It's here! It’s finally here! Our second Site Wide Plot!

One of the Deities is sending a plead of help in the form of a dream, well… Rather a nightmare! No one knows what it means but everyone experiences it differently!  They have no idea it’s a message, all they know is they’re having an extremely vivid nightmare.

It’s time to show off your writing skill! The first stage will be a writing contest with an amazing prize, Second Sorcery! What you need to do is post IC the nightmare you character is experiencing. Your character can already be asleep when the sorcery is expelled!  They can also be awake and experience the sorcery forcing them into slumber. Use your creativity and have fun! Be sure to follow the parameters below and go nuts! Just reply to this thread IC :D

Parameters for the Dream

- The dream most include the following; fire, imprisonment, fear, and a dragon.
- Your character may be asleep or fall asleep. The cannot fight the sorcery.
- They cannot wake up in this dream, not yet any ways. In other words don’t rp them awakening yet.

Important Information

- Voting will be done by the site as whole allowing members to feel their opinions matter!
- The winner will receive, Second Sorcery!
- You have 72 hours to respond to this before we move forward!
- Those who participate receive 2000 carats!
- You can tryout with as many characters you like!
- Have fun and feel free to ask staff questions if you have any!

Closes June 16th, 2017

[Image: giphy.gif]
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(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Mouse, posted schedule 06-13-2017, 07:30 PM. link #2

Laying down on the still warm sand of the desert, Naveen began to settle down for the night. She now lay beside A stallion she had met, one who had been graciously keeping her company through this difficult time. Her gaze drifted from him to the stars, such beauty all around her. Far enough away from the beaming lights of the city, darkness swiftly came to the desert, consuming all in its path. The stars were bright, shining down their mysteries upon this world. Wondering what all could be up and beyond, or who. Lost in the beauty of the night, she hardly noticed the fog that began creeping around crawling on everything including her and her new friend. Lifting her crown harks perked forward in a curious manner. Suddenly her eye lids grew heavy, with a small yawn she gently laid her crown down as her eyes closed, she was into a deep sleep within seconds.

Darkness took over her mind, though it quickly dissipated and she was in what seemed to be a normal dream state. It was blurry as most dreams were, not knowing exactly where she was. Outside, the sun pouring down on her soft body though what land nor any specifics came to her. Slowly she trekked through the land in which she had come to. Looking to a figure in the distance that caught her attention she began to walk towards it. An equine? Naveen moved closer squinting her emerald orbs, her mother? Quickly she moved into a trot, looking down to her legs that began to feel wobbly, she slowed to a halt. Trailing her eyes back up to where she had been looking, she was gone, frantically Naveen looked around. The world around her began to crumble, trees swept away, the once lush shrubs ripped down and consumed by the earth itself.

Walls of dark grey stone piled up around her, she gasped as she looked in every direction for a break in the stone to escape but she was too slow. The walls were around her. The smell of cold wet rock took the place of the lush fresh air of the outdoors. The walls began to move in on her, inching closer and closer, threatening to crush her supple frame. Letting out a small scream. "No....Help!" Pleading for anyone, yet no one would come, her calls unanswered. A sharp breath left her as she turned around in the small closed in area. Pacing frantically, she began to kick at the walls. With her last kick sparks flew out, quickly the stone was engulfed in flames. Jumping away she let out a shriek, in a desperate attempted she reared up slamming her hooves against the wall as she tried to climb.

Slipping on the wet stone, she fell landing on her side, flames just inches from her head moved towards her as if wind was guiding them, yet no breeze was present. She sat up quickly as she grunted, fear filled her from the inside out. Though the flames had not yet touched her, Naveen's insides began to burn, first in her stomach as it reached out to the rest of her body. She yelled helplessly, wanting this to end, just as she thought it was over, she looked up. She could see the sky, freedom was right there but impossible to get to. A loud growl rumbled through her, making rocks fall from the walls that held her in. A creature with wings, she could hear the wind they created. Closing her eyes she huddled against the side of her prison tears streaming down her cheeks. In and instant everything went quiet, the flame disappeared. Opening her eyes, she glanced up. Catching a glance a the beast, a beast she had only heard in storied, ones who consumed everything in their paths. Dragons. Orbs widened before it opened its gigantic mouth sending huge flames towards her...

Vocals: Phoebe Ryan
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Naveen "Walks"
Naveen "Talks''
Naveen "Thinks
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(Guest), posted schedule 06-13-2017, 08:50 PM. link #3
Darkness had swept across the land, swallowing the sun and stealing from her the warmth of the sun. With the darkness came the cold, and with the cold came sleep.

More often than not, her sleep had been plagued with a blackness that did not disturb her. The quietness that took her was comforting- like a blanket that swaddled her from the bothers of the world. Something about the darkness that overtook her engulfed her was comforting and beautiful, and she always welcomed it.

This time, it was different.

From the depths of the blackness there was a spark- a sight that ought to be welcoming to a woman borne into the depths of the desert and who had bathed under the sunlight for as long as she could remember. Yet there was something ominous and unpleasant about the spark. It curls in the darkness, painting lines of red and yellow in the shadows, and she must squint to see it.

Strange, she thought sluggishly to herself, she had never really been able to squint in her dreams before. Narrow eyed and peering into the blackness, the ash continues to tumble as if pulled by a breeze that she could not feel. It dances in her line of sight, turning and pulling, twisting and swinging through the air- it’s tempo slowly increasing, until the air is on fire.

And oh, it burned.

She pulled away, feeling the singe of the fire against her flesh. Her friend and her lover, the hot flames that had given her everything in her life. It hurt her, and before she could turn from the heat and run from it- a booming cry ripples out from the darkness. Awestruck and still feeling the echo of the scream rumbling through her chest and making her smooth, scaled skin crawl, she cannot help but watch as the fire all around her devours the world.

Soon, there was nothing but flames.

In a moment- barely a moment- she blinks and then she is in a cage. In contrast to the searing heat of fires of hell, the bars are cold and they sting when they touch her flesh. The cage stands barely large enough to contain her. With every moment the cage seems to grow smaller and smaller, pressing up against her flesh until she can do nothing more but scream. Not to far from her, something hot and scaled stirred in the shadows- it's flesh singing in the darkness, and a deep, guttural growl warming the air around her.

And yet, all she heard was the echo of her desperate screams.
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“What I’ve got will make you feel more alive, I’ll be your favourite drug I will get you high...”
(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Nikkayla, posted schedule 06-13-2017, 09:31 PM. link #4
we could write a bad romance
The day ended like any other day. Sleep came a burden upon him, forcing into his mind, unwanted and undesired. Nearby she rested, the lovely lass whom he had been conversing with for a time, and all in his own vain attempt to get her to laugh, to smile, to react beyond what she had been like when she came with all fire in her eyes, they had decided to remain here. Entia had said he would watch while she slept, but it seemed that was not on the cards tonight. He felt such a deep sympathy for her – and all the while in his mind echoed memories of his beloved Inwe and the first moment they shared in their closeness standing in the ocean as Entia’s heart and soul wept.

Seze was resting, but she was not affected by the weight that was pressing from the sky. Invisible and borne by hands only those with mighty power could weave, Entia fought it. He ground his teeth as he lay there, trying to stop the invasion into his head. His lips slid back from his teeth, revealing the jagged enamel as he brawled with all the willpower he had.

Yet the fog that had come to wrap ethereal tendrils about the Perch was heavy, and he found he could no longer fight it. His eyes began to blur, his vision fading as eyelids slid down over them, the anger and desperation to fight it off failing him.

In one heart beat his eyes are closed, and in the next he awoke on ancient, hallowed grounds – those he had long left behind, consumed by fire and ash. There was movement, confusion; a thick haze had settled over the grounds, and the air stank of sweat and blood. There were sounds, voices that shouted but he couldn’t make out the words.

He knew this place. This was the grounds upon which they had come, rallying together and had fought the great black demon. They had their weapon, given to them by their Gods, the Elementals of Liridon who had been unable to turn the tide in this fight. Their weapon was supposed to defeat the great shadow and free them. He had failed, dying and being ripped asunder by the Darkness of the Voyd, and consumed by the pulsating heart at the core of the land. His magic had been released, the weapon became theirs and using their strength they had united, putting their past discrepancies behind them, and stopped the demon.

The Voyd was there in his range of vision, blurred and shimmering like smoke does from a fire, but he could see and knew it was him. The demon’s eyes stared back into his soul, and Entia felt a strange creeping sensation up his spine and into his mind – trepidation began lacing fingers deep into him and severing all hope from him.

All around him they were dying. Slaughtered, torn apart. Blood in the air, blood upon the ground. The dead massacred and nothing he could do but watch, pinned and trapped by the weight of the miasma that hung all around him. The weight of the air was dire and Entia was barely able to breathe, each breath searing his lungs and imprinting the smell of death in his nasal cavity.

Faces he recognised, even their gilded weapon, the golden colt who carried all their hope, lay dead.

The land was twisting, melding into a new shape. It felt although everything was sinking, being pulled down into the dominion of the Voyd, the one who was the barrier between life and death. Without the protection of all the Elementals, Liridon was doomed. Without their Enki, without the God of Earth, killed by the Voyd not long ago, there was nothing they could do and Entia raged at them as he clambered up, finding the strength to stand.

There was blood pooling by a hoof, the red staining the dry grass below him. He hadn’t known he was injured, but there was no feeling it, all nerves blocked by his fear. All that he felt was the deep dread, burning like ice through his chest.

The edge of the Valley was rising and Liridon itself was being engulfed by the gaping maw of the great oblivion below them. Entia resisted, leaning back as the land he stood on began to slope down, the dead plants and shattered resistance of Liridon falling. Those who were still dying were dragged by tendrils of shadow – tendrils that soon came after him as the great behemoth the Voyd laughed his terrible, broken laughter – clacking and high – with such a malevolence upon even that sound.

That sound broke through to him, and his fear raced to a peak and Entia panicked. He turned and ran, slipping out of reach of those long tendrils of the dark that wanted to drag him where he was forever running from, and seal his fate.

Entia ran up the increasing slant of the valley, the exertion taking a severe toll on his already worn out body. With breathing shallow but deep he ran, chanting all the while;

“This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong!”

All about the edge of the Valley a thick, dense forest of black thorns grew, that wrapped their clawing limbs around and blocked his exit, trapping him in the Valley. They grew and grew, drawing high overhead and sealing him in, imprisoning him in the place he feared the most. Unable to stop himself from his head along run he screamed his fear and anger as he slammed bodily into the thorns, feeling them tearing skin and blood spilling to the ground.

Entia pulled himself away from them, feeling no pain from these wounds he detangled himself from the vines. As he turned he came face to face with a Shade – a Shade in the form of his son, Cyrus.

“Father, why did you let me die?” the Shade asked him, while Entia recoiled in sheer alarm and horror from the figure. The Shadow of shadow dripped like oil, viscous and smelling like polluted waters, with eyes of his son staring at him from the angular head of the Shade.

“I tried… Cyrus…” Entia gasped. Shadow wrapped about his neck, the sensation ice cold and burning his hair from his skin, turning his neck bright white as it killed all the pigment in his skin. “Please… this isn’t how it happened,” he stuttered out, between deep gasping breaths, flanks heaving as he struggled to pull air into his lungs.

“No but you let me die… and I think it’s time you joined your great grandsire… again. Who do you think saved you when your sire killed you – how important you are to him… Come see,” the Shade hissed, his son dissolving into long, writhing tendrils of shadow that wrapped tight around his body and yanking him fiercely to the ground. It dragged him along, pulling his body ever towards his fate. Entia fought but his strength was waning. He saw all around him dead faces – Lucian broken and red; Makenna pulled into pieces; Aine strewn with her armour ripped from her hide; his people from Ilir all mangled, all along with those of Dalmat, the Donietas of the desert, and the Kushtims of the plains, were being consumed by the being they had. Everyone he knew here was dead and gone – and he couldn’t even think of Namtar and others, their memories locked tightly.

He felt he was going mad. The world was shimmering, the forest of thorns, his prison, seemed to dance like fire – and it even felt heat, like he was being pulled into a furnace. The gaping maw of the void devouring Liridon belonged to that of a great serpent, a scaled behemoth made of fire, flesh and armour so thick that nothing could get by it. The thorns were the fire that came from within the dragon’s throat, burning and pulling Liridon down, while the pulsating shadow was the great jaw itself. The eyes of the beast were fixed upon Entia.

“Poor, pitiful little Entia. Always running from your own fate, trying to forget what is waiting for you…” the great dragon of the oblivion spoke, even as Entia slipped down towards that waiting chasm. “You can’t escape from what is inside your head!”

“No, No, NO!” Entia screamed and fought hard again, hooves seeking purchase upon the land but failing, as the bars of his prison closed in all around him. “Let me out! Let me out of here, this is wrong, this isn’t what happened! Let me OUT!” but his words were just wind upon the foul air of the Valley – and the dragon of death laughed deep and cruel as Entia and Liridon were consumed in a mighty snapping of the beast’s jaws.

Image by TayaRavena
entia and seze
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(Citizen) played by perm_identity amore, posted schedule 06-13-2017, 09:59 PM. link #5

Suledin had settled down for the night within the Silver Pines forest, having found a small grove that offered a safe place to sleep whilst still providing enough surrounding area to not be snuck upon easily; it was perhaps big enough for two equines to face one another in most directions. The leaves of the trees all reached out to touch each other, as if letting go would mean disappearing forever. The birds had nested for the night, as had the squirrels and other such daylight creatures, allowing the nocturnal ones to go about their business undisturbed. Wisps of spirits floated around him but did not attempt to disrupt his sleep, as something else more interesting – and more stressful – had garnered their attention.

Although he had been asleep for some time now, Suledin did not sleep in the same manner most others did. Instead, his dreams transported his mind into the spirit world, where he could more easily converse with them and explore the spiritual nature around the place that he had taken rest. However, due to the connection between the corporeal and spiritual planes, the unnatural darkness that was settling over the land still reached him in his dreams.

Already some spirits were whipping around the forest, some trying to find out what was going on whilst others tried to flee in fear. Neither really worked. Suledin stood in the darkness, nothing but the faint outlines of the nearest trees visible and the vibrant colours of the spirits that darted about. Weird dreams were common for the dream walker, but this felt like something more. This felt like when he’d discovered Elgara was still alive in some form, but at the same time, this was someone else’s influence; someone incredibly powerful.

A frown marred his features as he looked around, taking notice of the unsettled nature of the local spirits. Something was very wrong. With an exhalation of breath, Suledin began to walk forward, the darkness unchanging as he could only ever see the outlines of the trees either side of him until he came to stop at a spirit that he had slowly been making friends with. Whilst the wispy creature normally presented itself in a soft green colour, he watched in mild horror as it was slowly consumed by an orange tone before his eyes, and within seconds had transformed into a large hulking beast made of flames.

Taking a step back had no effect. Each of the other spirits within the area, the good, the neutral, and even the more malevolent, began to change their forms in the same manner until each one of them appeared as the first had.

Not good.

With ears pinned back in unease, this was a time in which he would normally force himself to wake up, but… “Deltash!” He cursed softly under his breath as the swarm of fire demons turned to face him, trapping him within the circle they created; what was most unsettling was the fact the brilliant flames dancing from their bodies did nothing to light up the trees around them, although… Suledin squinted a little in an attempt to look past any of the fiery beasts, only to realise that he could no longer see even the outlines of the trees.

What kind of dream was this?! He’d never had anything like this one before, and although he was used to messages being unclear, this just seemed like complete rubbish. A weird darkness, all types of spirits being turned into terrible fire demons, and… A terrible sound broke through the air, and even the ground trembled beneath his feet. If his ears could have pinned back any further, they probably would have at this point. That was not a sound that meant anything good. And then it came: the heavy beating sound of a dragon’s wings, flying above somewhere in the dark.

Trapped within the circle of fire demons with no defence against them, and a giant winged beast flying out of sight, Suledin had to force himself to remain calm and not panic that he couldn’t escape the dream. It wasn’t Elgara’s doing, as much as he desired to find her, she would not use her dragon form to scare him, and fire demons certainly wouldn’t be involved. There was a reason behind this, and he would stay and find out what it was.

Not that he had a choice.

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(Emperor) played by perm_identity Nikkayla, posted schedule 06-13-2017, 10:43 PM. link #6
Rest came easy that night. He felt the fatigue echoing in his head earlier than usual, but it was brought upon him a little heavier than he had ever felt. With his children curled up by him and Willow, the fire roaring in the hearth and Kalina sleeping in front of, Ciaran closest to the fire after her healing of her ailment, he finally felt his eyelids drop over, and he was gone off into the world of the sleeping. It felt strange, feeling something pulling him down.

Yet the moment he was asleep, nothing was right. He felt awake but he knew his body was resting. And as he slowly opened his yellow eyes, the sight that greeted him was an unwelcome one. He faced a wall of rock, and as he looked back it arched over him and he came to realise he stood inside a cavern, lit by fire burning in sconces upon the walls of the labyrinth.

There was a sound beyond the wall, he could hear the ocean, rough and wicked, rushing against the rocks, and he wondered what was beyond it. He tried his own sorcery but soon found it failed. He couldn’t move any water, his own magic and abilities locked. And inside this cavern, he was trapped. He went for a walk, knowing standing there would do nothing.

But everything looked the same. Even as he walked, the walls seem to be pressing in all around him. The roof was lowering, the walls closing in, and the fires burning brighter, their glow terrible and bright. His own vision was beginning to blur, struggling to look beyond to see what was happening. There was a bright light in front of him, and all the while Nylah wandered towards it. It was the way out, he knew it.

As he came closer, and closer, he soon felt scared. The light seemed to move away and soon he was running head along down the cavern, which stretched out further, and further, and further beyond him. The feeling of claustrophobia grew inside his head and soon Nylah was running in a full on panicked bolt, fire licking at his hide off the walls. He wanted the sky, he wanted his family. He could hear them now, even as his vision was fading. He ran on and on and on though, and the way behind him closed all the while, the labyrinth swallowing itself as it created more before him.

All at once though, there was nothing beneath his hooves. How he had stopped before falling over the edge he didn’t know. He looked out over the angry ocean, the white crests appear and smashing against the foot of the wall of rock. The way behind him was still closing, but slower now, seeming to taunt him.

The only way was straight down, but straight to death.

He was trapped, pinned, with no where to go. He felt terror booming in his chest as he heard his family crying, the sound of his children somewhere above him, his Willow and her Clarice, his Kalina – somewhere all above him. Nylah looked up, but from the storming sky appeared a creature unlike nothing he had ever seen.

Wreathed in cloud and fire, huge wings appeared from the shadow. The creature, long and sinuous, slammed into the rock face, powerful claws digging into the cliff and sending shale cascading into the ocean. The dragon’s immense wings folded in, claws latching on to the rock as great head snaked towards him. The dragon was silhouetted by lighting and glowing orange light, and it opened massive jaws and loosed a terrible roar that rattled his very bones and shook the foundations of the earth.

Nylah felt the touch of the rock behind him, pushing him out. He turned sideways, trying to stay away from the dragon, but with nothing to hold on to, soon he only tread air, and then he was falling towards the ocean. The dragon launched off the side of the cliff face, diving after him. He could see high above her his family, those of Hemanta, watching as they were consumed by fire from the heavens. He cried out but the dragon filled his vision, jaws opening wide and teeth shining… and all the while, he could do nothing but fall, a wingless being with no capability of flight… and his death bearing down upon him…

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And the worms crawl in and the worms crawl out, in your stomach and out your snout...
What was... happening? The question barely had a chance to form in the creature's mind before the overwhelming desire to sleep consumed her, and falling into the snow where she'd stood, the mare's world became consumed in darkness.

Trapped in her own subconscious, Auriel stirred awake in her minds eye and stood incredibly confused in the darkness that surrounded her. Slowly the world around her began to take shape and a familiar scenery unfolded before her eyes; home. And not the one that she'd made for herself here, but her actual homeland, with its highlands and the loch, even the village was there too.

A snarl curled the ripped corners of her mouth as she glared out at the village, never having forgiven them for what they'd done. In fact, this presented her with a unique opportunity, and the snarl quickly turned into a twisted smirk. Breaking out as quickly as she could into a gallop, Auriel made her way towards the village; but as she ran and the flames from her hooves lapped up her legs, the village never once appeared to be getting any closer.

Fury began to burn its way through her veins as she attempted to run harder and faster, the rage within only growing each time she made no ground. And then before her eyes, as if out of nowhere, the village was doused in flames. The pale beast came to an unflattering sliding halt and watched as the fire consumed the huts, but her ears were pinned back when the sound of screams did not come, and once again a snarl etched its way onto her features. Where were the villagers?

Looking around curiously, Auriel couldn't help but feel uneasy about the entire situation, and then came to realise that there was something very wrong. As she looked back towards the burning village, a creature she had never seen before began to appear behind the flames; at first, she could only make out parts of its face, all jagged and scaled, with sharp teeth and angry gold eyes. As it moved through the fire, seemingly unharmed by it, more features became visible: long legs with clawed feet, giant wings spreading out over the edges of the village.

Whilst Auriel's gaze was fixed upon the dragon, intrigued by it although her instincts told her to run as fast as she could in the other direction, she failed to see what else came towards her. Out of the front of the fire a group of figures, darkened by the blazing light behind them, walked towards her silently, carrying something between them all as if it needed all their strength to carry it. It was too late by the time she realised they were there to run, however, as a giant golden chain was thrown over her and the figures pulled the edges of it to tie it down, pinning the mare to the ground.

Screams more piercing than a banshee's cry split the air as she thrashed around wildly beneath the golden chain; her heart raced in fear, just as it had done the night she had lost everything. But no amount of thrashing or screaming was going to set her free from the confines of the chains that were now pinned into the ground, and all Auriel could do was watch the giant dragon walk through the burning village towards her.
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The day waned and Romero's body betrayed him as exhaustioned settled within the marrow of his bones. Even the icy chill could not stave off that need for rest, something he might have thought odd in hindsight. Nevertheless, the emperor nearly collapsed before his bed, making it there by sheer will and nothing else, and soon his mind was filled with flashing images. Idly, Omen noted the movement and watched Romero with intense, almost knowing, eyes.

Once again he was was within the confines of Vasanta's prisons, their bars set before him as faces paid him no mind. He was in the center of the city this time and none turned to look at him, each walking by without a care of his being or of his existence in their lands. He was not a conquest, nor was he an enemy. He was a ghost in their midst and while this dream had tugged at him before, even his dream self knew something was off. There was a notion... a feeling of a darker presence. Something that roared against its own shackles and one that would soon make itself known.

Romero shifted against the bars, expecting them to hold, only for him to stumble free of his imprisonment. He crashed against the stone, the skin of his jaw slicing open and causing a twinge of pain before he forced himself upright with aggitation. It was then, though, that he noticed them. The faces... they'd turned and there they stood. Not a breath to be heard, even the earth seemed silent, waiting for the sacrifice to be made.

He didn't move, didn't flinch, but he could feel his heart beginning to beat harder against his chest as impending doom rode his conscience like a bat out of hell. However, the silent standoff continued for a moment longer until an unholy scream ripped one mare's face in two, her body splitting all the way until a monstrosity spewed forth, a creature that hell itself couldn't have conjured. It barely held a true form, a shifting, liquid-like form of absolute hatred rushing forth with screams spewing from every crevice of its body, the sound of hundreds of damned souls crying in outrage.

The creature leaped at Romero and he was forced to rear backwards. Though not before the beast had caught hold, sending them both backward and crashing into the ground once more. The beast clawed at him, ripping away hair and flesh, trying to delve into Rome's body. The pain and shock of it all caused him to roar against the onlsaught of pain and terror - for truly there was not but terror in his body.

Romero struggled against his aggressor, flailing in an attempt to rip away and was granted a moment of success. He shoved to his feet, looking to the surrounding figures, hoping for aid.... only to see and hear more and more screams splitting the faces he'd once seen time and time again.

Beneath him, the earth shook and fractured, fire spewing forth and burning his flank. It was during this moment that Romero tried to remind himself it was not but a dream... but despite the pain, he wasn't waking up. Something was keeping him locked inside and the realization of such a thing further fragmented coherent thought. It was then that Romero spun on his heel and tried for escape with the pounding sound of those creatures pursuing.

Shishira?! It was a scream for aid... for something. He was caught within himself, held hostage by whatever this was... and to lose control of one's own self or mind was enough to cause pure fear, no matter how mighty one might be. However, with no answer, he continued to try and flee, hoping to reach his mountain and his people. They could group together... maybe the cold would stop them... maybe...

His brother came into view and Rome felt his heart rate spike another degree as he slid to a stop, panting as sweat dripped from his body. "Than, we have to run! These... things..." He looked back and saw nothing. His brother looked at him with the look he gave him in every dream - indifference. It was a reocurring thing and whether or not this was a hostage situation within the dream realm, Rome could never not stop to try and save his brother. For all his faults and all his wretchedness... Rome had to save Than.

Let's go, to the mountain! I think we can...." An earth shattering roar bellowed overhead as fire rained down upon them. Than never moved, never spoke. There was no care.... just nothing. "Thanantos!" Romero screamed his brother's name, just needing something in response. He even took to biting the figure on the shoulder before trying to shove him as the screams of those beasts began to echo against the hills. "We have to go or we will die!"

Laughter broke Than's silence and Rome took a step away as the brute turned and faced him with malice in his eyes. All around them there was nothing but fire and darkness, as if the world had suddenly altered, as if it had taken pause to surround them with the blackest of nights and send them into the darkest pits of hell, parts that Rome had never seen. " What have you done? What legacy will you leave behind as you breath your last empty breath? Nothing! No one loves you, you leave no children nor any benefaction to your name. You are one large failure.” His brother's words echoed, their last moment of contact forever imprinted on Romero's mind.

Thanantos bellowed his triumphant laughter before his body began to break and split. Fire spewed from his eyes, mixed with blood and black sludge, like that of the surrounding beasts that howled and bellowed, beasts Romero had forgotten about. However, he knew one thing... no escape...

Unlike the beasts that surrounded him, Romero understood the form Thanantos had taken. He was of unimaginable black coloration, but he was like the dragons Rome had seen in his childhood teachings. The bellow that spewed from the beast's mouth. though, was something no one could prepare. The scent of death, despair, and lust for blood reached out and choked Romero. He took steps back until one of the creatures bit into his heel causing him to yank his leg away and lurch forward.

Without warning, claws stabbed into Romero's body and hefted his massive frame into the air with disturbing ease while his screams of agony caused the fiery world below to rejoice. The dragon, his once-brother, flew towards the mountain Rome had once called home and flew to the peak, his claws digging deeper, destroying organs and causing unimaginable pain until the reached the pinnacle, a place Rome had yet to see. “I will be the unrelenting winds that topples your empire, mark my words,” Than's words once more echoed before Rome's body was then split, an ink-like blackness spewing forth as fire engulfed the world.


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He could feel it... that impending doom that rippled across the seams of time. It called out to him and drew him closer and closer into its heart, a demand for all the souls of the world to listen. Needless to say, as his golden eyes began to shut, Corinthian felt old terror beginning to unfold. However, rather than find freedom in escape, he was drawn into the oceaninc depths of his mind, into the horrors it held.

Once again he was in the castle of his home. The marble floors a comforting sight and for a moment he felt grateful to see the place again. However, that was until Izo nudged his side, her fear all too real as his mind recalled that fateful night. It was then that he looked around, but this time there were no others. Just he and his dear sister, and, yet, the doors were still barred. Though, not from the inside as they once had been. No, his mind knew. They'd been barred inside.

"Izo... what is happening?" He whispered to her, hoping for some kind of insight. When she didn't answer he frowned and looked down to her and was startled by her suddenly ravaged body, the very same he'd knelt beside when he'd returned to her after the attack... when he'd abandoned her. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" He dropped to his knees as tears burned his eyes, his nose quivering. "Please, not again," he pressed his head against her, "please, don't go... not again." He was supposed to be her protector, her guardian... he was supposed to protect her. It was the one thing he'd promised his mother and his father, it was the one thing he couldn't fail... and the only thing he did.

The dream played against the pain of his memory, stabbing deep as he begged and pleaded to whoever or whatever to just bring her back. To take him away. Let his cowardice die where it should have and give her the chance to be here... to be safe... to be better than he ever could hope to be.

However, just as he'd felt her beginning to move all that time ago, this time she did much the same, except for now she spoke. "You beg me not to leave and yet you left me! When I needed you most... when I felt them bite into me, when I felt the virus burning through my veins... you ran from me... only to come back and kill me." She spoke nothing but truth and Cori shuddered in response, this his nightmare.

"Please... understand," he begged of her, knowing he had no right.

"No, you will listen. You are a coward. You abandoned your people and your family and now you run to somewhere new, somewhere you thought yourself safe... we will come for you. We will take what is ours," she hissed the words against his ear and he backpedaled until he was forced to shuffle away to his feet. He pinned his ears and shook his head, "The nemvry... they have the kingdom... they need nothing more. I beg you, do not come here. No more need fall to the disease...." However, his sister laughed, a sound cruel and unlike anything she'd ever spoke before. "So long as you live, we will come. This is your fault and your doing. We will not rest until it is finished... until you are ours."

Fissures appeared before his feet and fire spewed forth as lava poured into the room, eating up the space until he was cornered against a wall. "Unless you save us, we will come!" Izo bellowed until a shimmering red light overcame her body and a dragon came to stand in her place. Fear rolled through Cori as he looked around for an escape, lower haunches curled under him as realization dawned... he wasn't getting anywhere. The dragon leaped forward and collided with Corinthian until both of them broke through the wall of their castle. Outside the nemvry howled in glee, each one tearing after their king as the dragon spewed fire all around. Surely... surely this was a dream... he'd wake up... any... second... now...

please... came the last, silent plea, mumbled from physical lips as tears stained the very earth that cradled him in his nightmare. 

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Sturdy daggers pressed against the hard terrain, down a well-trodden path of Silver Pines. Large mule deer antlers bobbed ever so slightly with every stride as feathers connected by natural leather fluttered. A large bear claw bounced against the wide chest of the Sharad Emperor as he carefully maneuvered through his home. The fearless leader rarely found time to rest. As everyone lay tuck, snug in their homes he was out patrolling every square inch of Silver Pines. Ever since the battle he was determined to keep Sharad’s sanctuary secure. Vivacious sapphire orbs scanned the forest searching for any sort of danger when he felt the entire atmosphere shift.

Russet audits flickered to and fro as he titled his antlered crown back. Through the looming pines’ canopy, he saw the summer sky grow gloomy as a thick ominous fog rolled in. Quickly he dropped his dial and looked behind him and noticed the thick fog rolling through the forest at a rapid pace. Leonidas knew this was no natural occurrence. There was a thick source of power in the air that made the emperor uneasy. He sharply turned around and faced the worrying mist with audits flat against his poll. For a moment, he felt his sorcery attempt to call out to the other side but something stopped it cold. Confusion swept through his veins as he felt his heart pound heavy against his chest. Something was wrong… Gravely wrong.

Blazing orbs watched as the fog crept closer, but he refused to move. Before he knew it shot towards him in a hungry manner. He watched it in dismay as it swirled around him like some perplexed form of smoke. There it wrapped around his pillars and then his entire frame. Sharply he snorted, his nares flared as he felt his front right dagger strike at it. The fog was like binding rope as it wrapped around him. He tried to move and jerk away but as it closed around him he felt like prey to a boa constrictor. Trying to break free it finally wrapped around his neck and closed tight, cutting off all oxygen.

Was this it? Would this be the demise of the great Leonidas? That’s all he could think as the fog chocked him unconscious. Like glass hitting marble, he crumbled to the ground; his lids slamming shut and forcing him into a deep sleep. The fog continued its grasp, but no longer constricting like before. Instead it allowed him to breath and wrapped around him securely like a blanket as the rest of it continued to search for more victims.

Suddenly the russet emperor jerked away and struggled to his feet. There he looked around with a wild look across his chiseled features searching for the fog. As his gaze darted around and his chest heaved searching for air he saw the horrifying scene before him. His beloved home, Silver Pines, was completely and utterly charred to a black crisp. Everything was black and there was a darkness looming over the land he had never seen before. Small clusters of flame still danced across the already burnt landscape, clinging to anything it could. What had happened to his home? The horror was indescribable. Everything he had worked for was gone. Sharad’s sanctuary was now just horrifying wreckage.

As the emperor stood stunned, unable to comprehend the horrifying scene before him, a menacing roar sounded in the great distance. His orbs flicked forward and his dial shot towards the direction. Not short after the indescribable roar was a femme’s scream; someone he knew far too well. Without any hesitation, his body exploded into action, taking off in the direction. His heart pounded as the permeating stench of charcoal filled his nares. The heat of the fire still emanating off the soil, attempting to singe the soles of his daggers. Far to consumed in the adrenaline he ignored the ping of the pain and pushed harder. As he grew closer he could feel the ground vibrate from something massive as the screaming continued.

Breaking through a cloud of smoke the violent scene unfolded. Bodies of his people lay littered everywhere. Some were burnt to an un-identifying crisp while others lay there dismembered and torn to pieces. Horror spread across his features, but he didn’t even have time to fully comprehend it as the shrill scream leapt into the atmosphere once again. There he lunged forward and maneuvered the field of bodies. It wasn’t until then he saw the great beast explode from a massive cloud of smoke. There was no describing the beast. It was one hundred times larger than any creature he had ever seen and its wings were massive. Dark scaled covered its gargantuan body with a narrow massive head and enamels; from its lips, it breathed fire!

It was unlike anything he had ever seen. Of course, he had heard old fairy tales about dragons but never would he imagine them to be so terrifying. Suddenly he saw her, running screaming for help. “Help! Please, help!” There Naveen darted away from the massive beast as it barreled through the land. It’s massive legs tearing charred old growths down like toothpicks. Suddenly she saw Leonidas “Leonidas! God, please save me!” There Leonidas lurched forward his heart and gut twisting. His back dagger pressed off the hot earth and pushed off. Midair he felt his body jerk and forced back to the ground in a sharp thud. Pain radiated from his back pasterns. Confused he looked at his back daggers and around them were iron shackles! What the fuck?!

Sudden fear washed over him as he jerked and pulled as hard as he could but they wouldn't budge as the large chains wrapped around a massive charred old growth still standing strong. Naveen screamed once more, as the dragon grew closer, its explosive roar deafening everything within a mile radius. He screamed to her in despair. “NO! Naveen! RUN! I Can’t Save You!” It was the worse feeling he had ever experienced. It was his greatest fear! All of his people dead and gone and Naveen begging for help when he couldn’t save her. All he could do was stand there and watch in horror. Naveen screamed as she turned and faced the dragon backed against a large redwood The beast drew its head back and let an explosion of flames out, right over Naveen. “NO! GOD PLEASE NO!” He screamed as tears streamed down his charcoal stained jowls.

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i'm not insane
{falling in the black, slipping through the cracks}

She bedded alone, a typical night for the ebon and ivory painted wench. Her mind continued to buzz in the dead of the night. A certain beast occupied her mind, stealing away this time meant for sleep. The feelings were ones she had not felt for years. Ones that were long ago locked up and thrown away behind a locked door with hopes to never be found. Only now, they boil at the top, causing her to become unsettled with the whole situation. She tries to logically calm them down and put them away, only the emotions do not listen. Rousselet has been here before, she knows how it all ends. These feelings have been hurt before and yet they no longer wish to remain dormant. She purposefully calloused herself with hopes to protect herself from the pain and from weakness. She has failed.
Something pulls Rousselet from her thoughts. A feeling she can’t shake about the terrain around her. Her once cocked hind limb now becomes planted on the dry lithosphere. Violet, teal flecked orbs glance around as she searches for movement. Twin audits pricked forward upon her dial in hopes to hear what it is that has changed. Only then does the thick fog wash down upon her and all the lands. Visibility suddenly gone as all she can see is fog. This portentous blanket of fog is different. Rousselet suddenly feels herself getting tired. Her buzzing mind being put to sleep by force. Limbs buckles as her twenty one hand bodice falls to the ground. Thud.
- - - - -
Droopy eyelids slowly opened. Her gaze cast towards a gray sky, the sun would not win the battle to shine today. But she felt toasty warm without the sun’s help. Rousselet closed her heavy eyelids again as muscle memory took over and hoisted her bodice up so she was standing. Eyelids opened again, relinquishing the darkness they brought. Her vision was marred by thick, metal bars decorated with razor sharp spikes. Quizzically her eyebrows furrowed at the sight. Immediately her gaze flicked to all sides, the same bars imprisoned her from the top and all four sides. What the fuck? She thought to herself as she finally let her gaze go past the bars and to take in the land outside. Five other cages were there, hers being the sixth. They were in a large circular formation, nothing in the middle but a ring of fire surrounded the cages, a mere foot from the spiked bars. That was where the warm heat had come from.  
Eye sight shifted to the cage closest to her on the right, inside a figure stood. Her heart suddenly began to race as she blinked more rapidly, expecting the image to change- but it never did. His bodice was massive, nearing twenty five hands and built as wide as a tank. His ebon bodice only stained by the teal and purple handprints on his haunch, matching the ones on her. His violet eyes looked towards her but he did not speak. He did not show any form of recognition. It had been years since she has seen them and she would have grown so much, but was it possible he would not recognize her. Father? Her voice carries over the crackle of the fire. She knows he can hear her, but yet he still does nothing. Instead his gaze turns to the next cage. Rousselet takes a step forward as she follows his gaze to the elegant equine in the next cage. Her rabicano painted bodice is flawless, her beauty undeniable. She is smaller in build and height, but you can tell she was tear you limb from limb if given the chance. He teal orbs lock with Rousselet’s. Again, she shows no recognition. Mother! Rousselet’s voice now begins to hold anger. How dare you not recognize your own child. She feels pain. Her own parents do not recognize her, or they refuse to. She thought them to be dead. She had seen them raped and killed and yet here they stand.
Her Mother’s gaze shifts to the next cage and Rousselet is worried to follow it. Who will it be? Slowly her visage moves as a large beast is staring her down. The resemblance is close to that of her sire as far as build and color. This one does not have the purple and teal handprints, and his stare is filled with lust but there is something disturbing in that gaze of his. Something not right. Hello, my pretty. His words are like venom to her. They cause anger to course through her veins at an alarming rate. Audits pinned and teeth bared. She was lucky they both were behind bars or else she would be attacking the brute. She had once thought she was in love with him. But what did she know? She was only just a year when she lost her parents and found him. He resembled so much of her sire in appearance that she found comfort in him. Despite the continuous raping she withstood from him. Now, now my precious Rou. You know I’m here to protect you. He cooed at her. It was a saying that he often whispered into her ear while he forced himself upon her. It used to comfort her. And yet here she stood, her anger suddenly gone as her mind believed the old saying. I have a present for you m’dear. His gaze shifted to the next cage over and her breath caught in her throat. Heartbeat accelerated to a dangerously fast pace as she took in the small frail body of a foal. It’s little black bodice decorated with violet and purple handprints. White bird catcher spots on her still wet bodice from a new birth. It was the foal she had. The one he killed after hours of it being born. Rousselet did nothing to stop him and she did not grieve the loss. But here was the foal now and she wanted to protect it from the burning blaze. She moved forward, dial hardly catching a spike and slicing open her façade. She pulled back as the ruby blood stained her façade.
You never were very bright or very tough. The voice was familiar. In the fifth cage stood a brute at twenty two hands. His gray dappled hue and silver tresses had blended in at first with the metal bars, but she could see him clear as day now. He was the brute she had once cared for when she traveled with the bachelor stallions. Fighting to get his attention. She wanted to react to his lyrics but had no time as another sound reached her audits. Whuft. Whufty Ebon frosted locks danced in the wind as a large silhouette landed in the center of the ring. It was massive in size and could easily swallow her hole. Its ruby scales reflected the tones of the fire that surrounded them, wings folded at its side. Rousselet’s eyes grew wide as the dragon appeared. What the fuck was this? How was this happening? Her past she had shut out and refused to grieve stood before her.
The dragon turned to face her Father. It inhaled quickly before exhaling a breath of fire. Her sire’s corpse engulfed in flames now fell to the ground in ashes. It turned to her dam and did the same thing, Rousselet did not move. Did not call out. She simply watched. The first boy from her nightmare was next, You never did fight for anything, my precious Rou. The dragon quickly took out his bodice and Rousselet found herself thankful that he could no longer speak. Next in line was her foal. It cowered in the corner of the cage, screaming out for mercy. The dragon turned to look at Rousselet before smiling and turning back towards the foals. A small huff and the flames cremated her precious foal. She still did not do anything. She wanted to react, to fight. But couldn’t. You will always be weak and dependent on others. You will always get used naïve, little girl. Flames shut him up. But Rousselet refused to believe. She had been weak all those times the ones she loved had been taken from her. Refused to fight, refused to call out. She just watched it happen. Took her punishment and left to rebuild her life somewhere else. She had been so weak then. She depended on others and needed their attention and their protection. Rousselet thought she had overcame that but was wrong. Her heart ached again at the loss of the five she just experienced. Her bodice fell to the ground as she wept for them. As she felt weak and useless once more.
The dragon faced her but showed no sympathy as it inhaled deeply before she felt the fire and saw the flames come towards her. Then… it was over.

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He preferred travelling at night. His body was his torch, bringing a soft light to the world around him and guiding him through the darkness. Solitude had become his friend, but he had no qualms with stumbling across other travellers.

All the while, he could not remember.

Tonight, as the moon sat high in the sky, it’s silhouette infrequently cut into by the soft shadows of birds that had taken to the skies in the middle of the night, the beast moved quietly along the edge of a great river.

It’s wet edges swelled, and it sang darkly into the night. Pausing, the creature turned his head to look behind him, and there he can see the fog- a common nightly occurrence- but this time there was something wrong with it. His wings fell from his sides, encasing his body in a great, black hood, and his pupil-less eyes stared into the encroaching mist. It was ominous and it smelled sickly, but he stood his ground as it wrapped it’s cold fingers around him.

It did not take him long to succumb to the magic of the fog, and his body heaves, his knees crumbling and his body falling. He struggles against it, his body twitching and his head rolling from one side to the other. He tries, but it takes him, and he does not like it.

In the darkness of his mind, there has always been dreams that he cannot understand. To anyone watching from the outside in, they would chuckle and say that he was experience memories. Memories, to which the stallion did not ever remember having.


A voice booms out in his mind, and steely fingers grab his face. In the strange silence of sleep, a stony room is built around him. The walls are straight and smooth, and the floor is cobbled and cold. Beyond the walls is a hallway, and beyond the hallways is a great, beautiful, grassy field. In the distance, he can see the sweet greenness of the field, and he wants to go to it. Yet the hands are still gripping at his flesh, nails digging into his cheeks and the edges of his muzzle, the pressure is almost agonizing.

It was like he was being forced to look, like he could not look away. “Kharos na jakek halet.” The voice booms again, this time deafening and loud, making him cringe away from the sound. Words that he does not understand, words that are foreign, and yet strangely familiar to him.

He doesn’t know… he doesn’t know…

Staring desperately out into the field, he starts to straight against the hands that hold him, the flames of his flesh pulsating out. As if his struggle had summoned a beast, there is deep grumbling, and the doorway falls dark. At first, he thinks that it was a door- a gate- that had been slammed shut, blocking him off from the beauty that lay beyond it. “No!” He cries out, his voice echoing back to him, and his eyes squinting into the darkness- unable to see anything beyond the ground that was illuminated by his body.

It takes a moment, but he can see that the door is moving, and it is textured. Twisting against the hands, the pressure relents for only a moment, and he can shove his body forwards, making for the doorway at a quick, desperate pace. The sound of his hooves echoes loudly against the ground, and the voice calls out to him in the distance. “Kharos! Na ket jur houra!” It sounds desperate- wanting.

But he ignores it.

As he moves forwards, a great dread fills him, as the door shifts and a massive, golden, reptilian eye appears. Sliding into position to stare at him, the stallion stops to stare back at it. For a moment, there is a great silence in the air before the great eye blinks and swings to the left, like a great, massive head is being swung by. And then there are teeth. He is cornered, and he is beginning to feel a sensation bleeding up through his chest.

The teeth at the doorway chatter, like great singing knives echoing in the distance- and the dark stallion feels sick. His fire is bleeding from him now, dripping from his flesh like liquid, pooling at his feet. He cannot escape, and he can hear the soft, hot breath of the voice behind him.

“Ah, Kharos.”

It breathes softly now, against his ear, taunting him for his fear. The hands once again dig into his flesh, nails sinking painfully into his neck, and the side of his face. Nails that are digging and prying and trying desperately to get his attention. He was bleeding- bleeding. He could not bleed, and despite the pain, despite the fear, he could not help but turn his head to watch as the blood ran dark, and red, down his smooth, black flesh.
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“you shouldn't have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh”
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Exhaustion was as familiar to the young equine as fear, a weight he carried upon slender shoulders as though he were Atlas. He'd spent many nights staring wide-eyed into the void of space, counting stars in a futile effort to stay awake and avoid the nightmares that waited ever-so-patient behind his eyelids -- but this was an exhaustion he couldn't ignore, a compulsion to sleep accompanied by a thick fog that wrapped around him like a blanket, his eyes sliding closed before he could muster any sort of effort to fight.

Bare dirt beneath his hooves, the grass long ago stripped away. Thick trees that had grown for eons, so close together that they formed a cage around him, skeletal branches grasping for the sky. There was no opening present, seemingly no end to his prison -- only the darkness of the trees stretching out endlessly before him. 

He tried to turn, only to find that there were trees behind him.

Nowhere to go, then, but forward, into that great darkness that yawned like a hungry maw in front of him.

He had thought it was quiet, but there were voices all around him. They came howling and screaming in on a midnight wind, snatching at the tufts of his mane and yanking at his slender legs, trying to topple him where he stood. 

"Anzhelo, why did you run? I would have protected you. I thought we were friends."

"Anzhelo, I had thought you would make a fine knight. Now I see you're nothing but a coward."

"I should have let you die, Anzhelo."


His hooves carried him forward before he could think, a flash of gold darting into the woods as though to escape the angry voices around him. They cackled and swirled around him like spirits, the faces he had left behind, all of them so angry with him, hating him for what he had done. His breathing was ragged, tearing from his chest in great gasping sobs as his lungs struggled to keep up. His hooves tore into the thickly packed dirt beneath him, sending great clouds of dust up into the air, but no matter how fast he ran, he couldn't outrun the voices that chased him.


It bloomed behind him, vivid reds and oranges dancing on the dead trees that kept him walled in. There was no comfort in the warmth it brought, however, for it brought sparks that singed his short fur and heat that pressed towards him as though to suffocate him. Around him, the trees began to shift and blur together into the trees that had once made up the Eternal Woods, foliage that had once hidden creatures of unearthly proportions -- and around him, he watched as they crumbled into dust, into the ruins of what had once been his home.


His friends, his family -- they stood in front of him, dressed in ashen gray and fiery undertones. Kenji, with great gashes across his throat where the gems from his father's antlers must have cut the flesh open, and Thanatos' ivory skin stained crimson where he lay. Vander, with sightless eyes gazing up towards the empty sky, crumpled like a doll that had been carelessly tossed aside.

Io, sweet, wonderful Io who had been an older sister to him, barely recognizable beneath the burns that covered her skin.

"This is your fault, Anzhelo."

His father stepped out from the darkness, his antlers coated in blood that the flames only seemed to highlight, that the boy couldn't take his eyes off of. 

"Stupid, selfish child."

With every word, his father came closer to him, an ugly sneer across his face that exposed the sharp teeth beneath. His facial features seemed to be blurring, his body growing larger with every step -- scales seemed to replace the sapphires upon his antlers and great claws taking the place of his hooves, talons that reached out and grasped the boy tightly as what had once been his father laughed down at him.

A dragon. 

"They're right, you know."

"You should have died."

notes my heart ;-; 
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“I will take what is mine with fire and blood.”
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"I will answer injustice with justice."
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As night began to descend upon her new kingdom and the rest of Caeleste, the red empress took great care in her nightly rituals before allowing herself to sleep. Tucked away in a far, hard to reach corner of her new home, Zaraei carefully removed her heavy silver headdress and set the precious piece aside. The red mare ignored the heavy black locks of her forelock that now hung across her face, now free from the headdress that normally held the unruly hair back. Facing west, where the dying sun had set, the mare lowered herself to pray. She prayed to her Gods, the mantra old and familiar, though it held little reverence for her now. She finished with a prayer to her new deity, Greeshma; her prayers were more fervent, more passionate than those given to her homeland's own deities.

Darkness enveloped the land as night settled, the red empress finally retired to her safe haven for rest. The cold that crept in with the darkness did not bother her, as her magic kept her warm. As Zaraei's ruby eyes slid shut, all she could do was hope for a peaceful sleep.

At first, she almost believed it. Her subconscious took her back to her homeland - both the same, yet very different from Greeshma. Its red ravines were unmistakable. Yet, this dream took her to a time before Zaraei; to a dark spot in her homeland's history. Like a ghost, Zaraei moved through the crowds that had gathered around, bearing great torches to light their way in the darkness. Their faces were blurry and unimportant. Her eye was instantly drawn to a figure standing upon the highest point of the land, bearing a regal cloak and a great golden crown-helm. 

Mother. There was no mistaking the delicate, feminine beauty that was Zaraei's mother. But at her side was a child who was not Zaraei, but bore a striking resemblance to her - their? - mother. A beautiful filly wrapped in blues and pinks, with topaz colored eyes that bespoke of a youthful innocence. Flanked on the filly's other side was the High Priestess who raised Zaraei. "What is this madness?" she whispered softly, her brow furrowing in confusion. Her confusion grew as the bejeweled queen spoke, though most of her words were garbled. 

"Attention, members and guests...I and my daughter...welcome you to spectate...beginning of the last...the Sacrifices!"

The roar around Zaraei was deafening. But it was not just the people around her, crying for their Queen. There was something eerily animalistic about it. However, the commotion by the Queen drew Zaraei's attention away from what could have caused such a great cry. There was movement upon the pinnacle between the Queen and the High Priestess, as silence and a ripple of panic hushed the crowd. The cries of the child between them grew frantic as she disappeared behind the High Priestess' body before the filly's cries suddenly dropped off. There was a sickening THUD at the bottom of the ravine before a roar of flames shot up from behind the Queen. The heat was nearly unbearable; it pushed back the common folk around Zaraei, and made the red mare wince from the burn. In the light of the monstrous flames, Zaraei could see the tear tracks upon her mother's cheeks...and the unmistakable spark of madness she was all too familiar with. What has she done?!

Fear tore through the empress as she stared up at her mother, though not out of fear of the mare. A great beast arose behind her, hidden by the flames, until it was too late. The bestial roar drowned out whatever else the Queen was screaming, though all Zaraei could focus on was the to get away from the dragon. bi-colored hooves dug in the red dirt for purchase, scrambling away from the great beast as the horrific scene around her began to melt away. The dragon began to spit fire, which despite her dream-state still burned. The red mare screamed, snarling against the fear that made her heart thump wildly. She had to get away, but how?

The dragon answered her own question for her. With a sudden whoosh, she found herself enveloped in the flames. Screaming, the red mare writhed against the burning prison the great beast had put her in...before finding herself alone in the darkness. She is contained, that much she can tell, but Zaraei is grateful that she is no longer engulfed by the fire. The empress tries to move, but hisses in pain. A low grumble alerts Zaraei that she is not alone. Her head jerks up as she recoils, pushing herself as far back as she can into the cage that confines her.

The bright eyes of the dragon stare back at her, taunting her in the nightmare that refused to let her wake up.

"Zaraei speech!" Zaraei thoughts!
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Night had fallen over the lands, draping them in a thick coat of darkness. The sun had retreated behind the world hours ago, but the obsidian mistress wandered through the dense woods on watch. Since Leonidas had returned home from his battle with scars and injuries, she found it even more important to patrol diligently. It was an unusually silent night in the forest; the typically active insects and nocturnal animals were tucked away for the night. She stopped in her tracks and listened intently to the heart of the forest, but she found that it was still. Nothing was awake and stirring. A thick fog had swept through the lands, settling close to the earth for the evening. An eerie feeling settled over her, but she tried to push it out of her mind. Perhaps it was about to storm; sometimes the fauna would call it a night much earlier if the sky threatened rain. As she continued through the woods, trying her best to keep the somber thoughts of loneliness at bay, a sudden spell of sleepiness fell over her. Her lids felt heavy, and she struggled to keep them open. ”What…is happening?” Something felt amiss, but she was suddenly too tired to care. Her knees began to buckle, and she reluctantly gave in. She laid quietly on the ground, yawning as she tucked her knees under. ”I guess a little nap couldn’t hurt.” She closed her eyes, and the sweet embrace of sleep gently carried her to her dreams.

She was standing in the same forest, but it looked so different that she could hardly recognize it. It was still nighttime, but instead of the greenery that so commonly graced the canopy, everything was ablaze. Fire was spreading quickly through the pines, and a wave of heat rushed towards her. The dryness stung her eyes, and she blinked rapidly to get tears to cover her lenses again. Trees were falling all around her, succumbing to their charred interiors. The smell of brimstone stung her nostrils as ash floated through the air like black snow. The blaze was unusually loud, and the crackling and popping sounds were alarming to her. She had never imagined the forest burning to the ground on her watch, but was watching it happen with her own eyes.

Her thoughts turned immediately to Leonidas and whether he had escaped the blaze. ”Harena? Harena!” A familiar, deep voice called out to her, pulling her back into this nightmare. A few feet away, a red stag stood, his legs bound with chains. She reflexively moved towards him, but she didn’t make it far before her own chains jerked her back. She looked to her ankles and found they had been shackled, though she wasn’t sure how or when. ”Leo? What the hell is happening?” She looked towards him and saw his lips move, but she couldn’t hear anything over the crackling of fire and falling timbers. There was a distinct look of fear in his eyes that she had rarely seen before. ”What? You have to speak up!” He spoke once more, this time more emphatically, but his voice fell on deaf ears. ”Leo, I can’t hear you! I’m sorry!” Her heart began to race nervously; why couldn’t she hear him? All she wanted was some reassurance from him, a way for them to work together and leave this infernal hellhole. There was a sense of urgency in his motions, and he threw his head in the air multiple times as if to point at something above. A strong gust of air burst through the forest as an enormous winged creature passed them. It was quickly obscured by the canopy, but she thought she heard it circle back around. ”What is…” Her sentence was cut short by another gust of wind, and she heard the creature descend with a few flaps of its wings. A blast of heat scorched the earth, and an enormous fireball erupted from its mouth. The remaining trees standing as a barrier between it and the two equines was demolished with a single breath. Harena screamed in terror, and as she stumbled to get away, her chains jerked again and pulled her to the earth. She scrambled to stand, but she was pulled back to the earth. By some wicked magic, the chains tightened around her, and she knew she was down for the count.

The creature looked to them both, but its attention finally settled on the auburn stag. Its glowing, reptilian, yellow eyes tracked on Leonidas, and it paused a moment, perhaps thinking about its next action. A hot burst of steam erupted from its enormous, scaly nares, and it burned both of the equines. She felt the water sear her flesh, and pain radiated all through her body. She gasped for air, tears rolling from her eyes. How had something so terrible, so evil, arrived in her hallowed home? ”Sharad, save us from this monstrosity. We’ve done nothing wrong. Save us from this fate, please…” Her voice was weak and timid, barely above a whisper. Had the watchful deity of their autumn home abandoned them? Had he ever watched over them to begin with?

As she struggled to raise her body from the ground, the satanic creature moved closer to Leonidas, examining him up close. The great red stag appeared fearless on the surface, though Harena could see a slight tremor in his pillars. A hoof reached forward and struck the dragon on the nose, an idiotic yet brave move. The dragon recoiled immediately with a spiteful rage in its eyes, and it began to form a fireball in its mouth. Every muscle in Harena’s body strained as she attempted to upright herself. ”Leo! LEO NO! RUN!” He looked towards her, and as he did, the dragon’s wrath descended upon him. Flames spewed out its mouth and contacted his flesh, sending the smell of charred hair and burnt bones into the air. She watched as he boiled alive, his exterior vanishing in the intense heat in a matter of seconds. She shrieked, horrified by the scene unfolding before her. Her muscles spasmed in fear, causing her to shake uncontrollably. NO! This can’t be happening! This can’t be real!” A skeleton stood in the once great ruler’s place for a few moments, but even that was reduced to a pile of ash and a set of pearly enamels. Tears began to form in her eyes, and they streaked her face as grief took hold of her. She had failed him. Crippled by despair and her own ineptitude, she sunk into the earth, ready to let it consume her whole. She heard loud footsteps coming towards her, and she turned to see flames forming in the dragon’s maw. ”Go away… go away… Haven’t you taken enough from me…?” Her small frame shook in fear and anticipation, still clinging to any instincts of self-preservation that remained.

She turned to face the strange creature and screamed as the inferno engulfed her.

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Volaris tossed and turned in the sand where he'd taken rest for the night, but it was not to be a peaceful sleep. In fact, it was far beyond unpleasant, as he struggled to make any sense of the nightmare or even try and take even a portion of control back. It was going to be a long night.

Within his dream, Volaris realised he was in his hippocampus form, swimming through the oceans surrounding Caeleste and was at first doing so in quite a relaxed manner. Until something tugged at his tail and pain coursed through his body, the scent of fresh blood quickly dispersing through the water; turning to look at the cause of the pain, his eyes widened in a unique mixture of surprise and horror. Clamping down on his tail with its many sharp teeth was a terrifyingly large creature he'd normally had only ever thought possible in ancient times or in myths.

He'd heard plenty of tales of dragons of all sorts in his travels, which at least allowed him to identify the one presently trying to eat him as Jailong, a dragon from Chinese myth who's name meant Horned Dragon. Not exactly something Volaris had ever wanted to meet in the deep darkness of the ocean - and he'd come across some rather terrifying non-mythological creatures in his time.

With all his strength, Volaris tried to escape the dragon's clutches, which resulted in having to rip his tail out from between the creature's teeth; it was perhaps the most painful thing he'd ever done, but at least he was free for a few seconds. As he forced the pain to the back of his mind, Volaris swam with all his heart towards the surface in an attempt to seek out the nearest landmass he could. There was no way he was going to stay in the same water as Jailong any longer than he had to.

Not daring to look back as he swam, land finally came within sight but... Why was it glowing like that?! Volaris could feel his heart rate rising as the fear of the uncertain began to engulph him, only becoming worse as he approached the land with great speed only to find that the ominous glow was in fact fire; a fire so large and angry that it prevented him from coming ashore.

That meant he was stuck in the water with Jailong. Taking a deep breath to try and calm himself, Volaris felt his heart sink into his stomach as he submerged himself once more and dared to look around in an attempt to spot the dragon. But it was nowhere in sight. That was only either a good thing or - and in the most likely case - a bad thing.

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The night was chilly as it always was amidst the jagged ridge and sharpened peaks capped in Shishira's madness of ivory moisture. The winds howled and slithered through the crags and gorges; a low and bellowing noise frayed in white noises against the cusp of his lobes. The giant beast sheltered in an overhang, nestled away in the rough curvature. Somewhere beyond the heavy clouds dusting snow were the nebulas and constellations. Rhogir peered oddly serenely toward the weather veiled sky as if knowing exactly where specific ones were; however, he knew nothing. He only knew the cosmos beyond the clouds was certainly there, just as he knew his heart was within his chest. The wicked thing had spun a terrible sentiment within him. He found himself rousing old thoughts and speculations that had long gathered dust and webs from the otherwise abandoned corner of his conscience. Why? He looked toward the Elysium under the delusive hope that some deity will explain; however, of course, none presented themselves. Rhogir had long-jilted the notions regarding such emotions, but the chemicals could not be reversed. They traversed his veins and poisoned his mind until he thought he felt a physical pain reverberating from his heart and outward. The creature he beheld within his thoughts consumed him and threatened to deface the entire foundation he had constructed in spite of it. How could this happen? How could he have allowed himself to descend? The fall felt exhilarating; like a chainless soul brushed in candied vibrant shades of twilight and spun amongst the clouds like mystic threads of satin pearl threading a needle. He knew he would eventually collide with the ground, but whether he would shatter as before was unknown. Not everyone broke when they fell. A lot of times one would walk away stronger and shown testament for their risk. The outcome was unknown and perhaps why it was so... alluring. Had he not foresaken his heart though? Had he not damned the thought from ever returning because of the gilded face he remembered so in detail? He had. He had indeed, but the thoughts would not listen. They were subconscious beings rife with greed for more. Fiends for a drug, their presence swarmed his skull in violent flocks.

The very demons wrought from the impressions of fondness were plagues, but plagues he refused to fight wholeheartedly. He despised his weakness, but the battle ongoing within his being was hopeless. Until some damned event ruined his perception, nothing would sway his mind. A heavy sigh emptied the sacs within his cage. His hot carbon breath writhed from his flared nostrils in smoky ribbons of black. His mind attempted a distraction through the reminisce upon the Greeshma throne and his conquest; however, he could only remember seeing the very same creature haunting him amidst their mass. She had tried for the crown just as he and he only just realized it. A wily grin etched across his handsome obsidian plains and dimpled his jowls. The serrated ranks of his ivory enamels glistened eerily in the winter gloom. He was a cunning beast despite the stigma of larger beasts being more of brawn than brain. He would eventually seek the crown of sand and then find that ethereal creature infecting his thoughts. A dark humorous chortle rumbled and crackled in his gullet. The empire they will officiate will be grand. He had no doubt that their potential and might would become scriptures engraved in gold and passed as legends between the masses and descendants; scribed as gods and depicted grandeur. Upon those final thoughts, the beast resigned his attention from the heavens. His self-centered thoughts contained his awareness from the encroaching brume. The ivory folds of ghastly moisture swirled about his form in unnatural finesse. The ghostly white vapors enshrouded his physique, but he knew not for his eye flickered behind a closed lid and his mind let free the sub conscience dam. His mind succumbed to the willed slumber; lost to the waking world and swathed in the thick mist...

The next Rhogir was aware of was his blinking in the darkness that enveloped him. Where had the jagged face of the ridge gone? Had he finally lost his vision in his only eye? The thought constricted his chest and anger arose a wild heat in his body. "NO!" Rhogir's thoughts recoiled in denial. He whipped his massive skull around, looking for some confirmation that he had not lost his sight entirely, but alas could only see the perpetual abyss. The ground was solid under toe and he peered down, looking for details, expecting to see the eroded layers of the ridge rock beneath his feathered feet; however, he found himself sifting through a foundation of black sand. Relief flooded him as he examined the sparkling granules; glinting from some unknown source of light that seemed out of place and uncanny. Wait... hadn't the ground just been solid a moment ago? Rhogir began to shuffle forward, finding his massive feet only digging deeper with each attempted stride. Soon the sand encompassed his knees and the weight of it was too much to struggle against. Sweat contoured his exerted muscles and glistened against his black canvas. His breath panted from his lungs and a growl emanated in frustration. He was trapped. "What is this?!" His booming timbre bellowed within his abyssal space and he ceased all futile scrambling. " What's the matter Rhogir? Too weak to fight? I taught you better than this" A growling voice hissed from the shadows and a hulking figure lumbered forward; traipsing the sand as if it were normal ground. Grizmar loomed above him and flashed an ivory sneer; disgusted by his pathetically entrapped son afore him. Rhogir recoiled from the ivory and black mingled flesh that should not exist. Shock washed over him and threatened to drown his sanity. "Father?" The word whispered from his black lips in complete disbelief. " It's because of her that you've grown soft. You have been weak since you laid eyes upon her poison. " the disdain lacing his father's anger bit through Rhogir's mind and lacerated his self-esteem. Is this really what his father saw? A weak colt tarnished and scarred from love? Had he endured all the tormenting and strenuous training in his youth for nothing?... Rhogir eyed his sire and saw the coldness in the fiery depths of his amber glare. Suddenly, a wickedly pleased grin arched his father's lips and it flashed his sharpened fangs." She will no longer be an issue..." Just then, the sickening flap of some leathery material billowing in an intangible breeze caught the black roan stag's attention. Rhogir could subtly discern the undulating silhouette of a pelt strung to a wooden stake and dripping a dark fluid from his sunken prison. The pattern and hue of skin, once recognized, alarmed the demon horned beast. His heart accelerated within his bosom and his icy blue eye flashed to his Father's face, only he was no longer there.

Anguish pierced his emotions and violated him with dread. "No! What have you done?!" Rhogir began to struggle against the gripping quicksand, only to accomplish nothing aside from sink further. Now the black particles clung to his sides and a fresh film of sweat laid across his skin. Desperate, Rhogir tried to find the hung pelt, but that too apparently disappeared during his diverted attention. A thunderous laughter shook the atmosphere and the granules of sand rippled and settled as if an earthquake trembled beneath them. The sound vibrated through his bones and threatened to burst his ear drums. Rhogir closed his icy blue eye and tried to will himself from this terrible reality, but the ominous laughter eventually began to ebb. The sand around his sides abruptly felt sharper than it had before and chafed his skin. He had also clearly underestimated just how restraining the black sand had been as it felt more compressing than before. By now the laughter had echoed into disturbing silence and Rhogir dared to open his vibrantly blue eye to investigate his predicament. Upon his glancing, the sand had changed. What was left of the sparkling powder now dusted black scales the size of his thigh; shimmering and coiled around his entire body, evidently a part of something more grand and perilous. A pair of blue eyes glowed with madness from the shadows and a feral snarl ripped through the air.

Somewhere overhead a bright pale moon flickered into existence and million stars and nebulas exploded across the vast expanse of darkness. The galaxies lit the pair in celestial light and traced them in a steely blue. Rhogir could now make out his captor and for once in his angry life, a bone-chilling fear clawed at his heart and mind. What he faced was easily the most terrifying and majestic creature he had ever laid eyes upon. An oriental serpent dragon crowned in a mane of undulating darkness that also harbored its own starry prestige reared before him. His body rippled in the moon's blessing as if submerged in some unseen fluid and his long wiry whiskers flowed from his narrow snout like ethereal ribbons tipped in dark violet tones. His eyes were like living ice; staring into the soul of Rhogir and judging every aspect of his life. The gaze was piercing, as if it didn't matter how much armor you wore, he would peer right through it and into your every weakness. His long furrowing brows extended beyond his forehead and winged out toward his equine ears; tufted by the same smoky substance of his mane. A clawed hand slashed through the air and the dragon's skull tilted back toward the heavens. He loosened his massive jaws and a victorious roar echoed out to farthest regions of this fantasy world; all would know and despair the dark trumpet of madness. Rhogir couldn't struggle, only stare in awestruck silence at his magnificent harbinger. Once the dragon was finished boasting he turned his piercing eyes back upon Rhogir. "Who... are you?" Rhogir's voice sounded so small and frail in comparison to the mythical beast's mighty sound. The dragon leaned toward Rhogir and smiled a disturbingly calm and humored grin " I... am... " The voice hissed, serpent-like and whispery despite his feral roar, but beneath the airy otherworldly tones, Rhogir could hear the deep baritone of his bestial voice. The lull in the dragon's speech instilled a foreboding wariness within the black roan stag. The suspense roused an uncomfortable anticipation and it crawled within his skin like ice cold scorpions, toying with his nerves. Rhogir wanted to squirm, but he could not. At last, the beast grinned once more and streaming currents of smoke snaked from his nostrils; sinuous against the starlit night and transparent against the moon. " Your madness... " His grin morphed from etched glee to an angered snarl. Rhogir felt dread hit him like a speeding freight train. His madness... he would know and despair. The great serpent opened his immense maw and searing blue flames jetted forth. This was it. The torching river of fire engulfed Rhogir and blistering pain ignited across his skin, but only for a split moment for then there was nothing; nothing more than the remnants of the same serpent voice whispering into the ether. " Your destruction... "

"Thoughts/Someone else speaks"
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At the bottom of the ocean, one would think fire was the least of Lyra’s fears. Yet, that night, fire was quite literally all she could think about, tossing and turning in her coral shelter. The dream had started, as most nightmares do, pleasant enough.

Lyra had been walking, well actually skipping. Kicking up her heels and dancing through green meadows on legs that did not wobble or stumble. In fact, it was this motion that often caused a smile to appear on her lips in that dream. The dream turned however when she felt her legs give out. Not a drop of water was to be seen, but suddenly in this field of green she lay prone, unable to move with a her legs fused back into a tail. Perhaps this was not incredibly unusual for Lyra. Her fears that the magic that gave her legs would give out while on land and literally strand her. It still clenched her heart with fear every time the vision appeared.

It wasn’t just being stranded, trapped on land, and it wasn’t just calling out for help until her throat gave out. These were fixtures. What was unusual about the nightmare, however, was when the ground didn’t cave in to surround her with a deep, swirling vortex of endless night. Instead there was a distant roar. Lyra tried to twist her neck and body to see what was going when a jet of fire descended from on high and ignited the ground not five feet to her right. She screamed and jerked back only for a second and third to strike nearby. Another roar echoed through the landscape.

She struggled to move, to force her front legs to drag her forward. But the ground ripped into her belly, her tail dragging limply behind. Another explosion of heat all too close and then a crash as something heavy landed hard. She looked up  through the fire smiling, bright teeth. It reached with a clawed hand as big as as her torso and she tried to push away. But there was no where to go.

Fire surrounded her, her body immobilized by being the wrong form for the wrong place. And she no longer could find the voice to scream as the hand came closer.
I've been staring at the edge of the water

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The caves were dark and quiet but for the gentle crackle of near-dead embers and dim torches. Even the water in the little fountain was quiet, nearly silent as the water from the spout pooled endlessly in the bowl. The fireplace cast the faintest warm glow on the stone floor, and the water projected elegant, rippling reflections to the ceiling.
All was silent.
All was still.
All was peaceful.

In the massive, luxurious bed, a mare slept, wrapped loosely in white silk sheets. Her purple mane splayed elegantly across the pillows behind her like a mermaid's hair in water, and when she had settled in to sleep, she had thought, not for the first time, that she did not deserve this.
She was just a wanderer – how had she come into such luck? She had done nothing to deserve Thyterios's love.

As she slept, she walked in her dreams through a meadow of water and flowers. The cool breeze whispered through her mane and the sun danced on her dappled coat. This place was so familiar... perhaps a dream she had walked in before... perhaps before her memories were lost.


Elhyani looked up, ears perked and nostrils flaring. Fire...? The glow on the horizon... so sinister. Home was that way. Was it that way? Had she been here before?
She had to get home. They needed her.
She began to run, and she ran like the wind, like the hounds of hell snapped at her tail, like she could soar with an angel's wings. Swift as sunlight, swift as a dream.
Flowers and grass crumbled to dust the farther she ran, and the water in the pretty little pools boiled to steam. Around that bend was her home, where her family was. It had been so long since she had seen their faces and they needed her – the fire crackled and raged just around the bend, the smoke now so thick that she couldn't see through it or the tears it brought to her eyes. The heat was already so intense and she wasn't even to the disaster yet--

And she fell.

Ground made weak by heat and trauma crumbled to ash like the flowers above it and the mare crashed into solid stone far below. She lay stunned for a moment, stunned by the pain, then staggered slowly to her feet. How far had she fallen? Looking up, she could only see the faintest speck of brilliant red as the fire crackled above. So then... where was she?

Elhyani looked around with great trepidation and her heart pounded a tempo fit to rip itself from her chest. Her legs trembled – pain or fear? She couldn't tell. Perhaps both - but she finally dared creep forward. Down here the smells of fire and smoke were distant, but worse by far were the stale odours of sweat and blood and fear. What she thought were stalagmites hanging from the ceiling quickly revealed themselves to be cold iron bars as she drew near.
What hell was this?
The young mare shuddered and kept herself small until a monster bellowed its fierce howl from the tunnels beyond her cell. She gasped and her head snapped up, making the floating amethysts above her forehead chime in pretty mockery of her danger. A shadow loomed, the source just out of sight. As it drew near, growing larger and larger, it brought with it a glow of flame and a rush of horrible, toxic-smelling smoke. Fear froze her in place. Panic filled her veins with adrenaline.
She couldn't see the beast, but she knew exactly what it was.

The dragon roared again, but this time she could barely hear it over her own terrified scream



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“At night when the lights are all off, the color you see when your eyes are open is Eigengrau. ”
(Wanderer) played by perm_identity TrinitySilph, posted schedule 06-15-2017, 04:21 PM. link #20
He wandered the city in the darkness of night, as had become his custom.  No light graced his path but for the occasional streetlamp and the faint glow of the lifegem in his chest.  And he, with his dark coat, nearly disappeared into the night.
Eigengrau walked his grim patrol with the solemn levity of a mad scientist, inspecting every nook and cranny for anything interesting.  His first priority now was to find a home in which to rebuild his lost laboratory, but that would take time... it had to be perfect.  This time, he could not be caught.

As he walked, a sudden scent reached his nose.  
“Fog...?” He murmured, blue-green eyes narrowing curiously.  How had a fog crept up so suddenly?  There were no clouds in the sky, no distant grey banks on the water... he had been watching everything so carefully that there was no explanation for this than some form of magic.

The charcoal stallion did nothing as the ominous tendrils crept towards him, and as the chill mist wrapped around him he felt its intensely powerful magic crackle through his gem and into his blood.
“Very curious...”
And he dropped.

When he opened his eyes, he stood in an iron cell, and beyond the bars was a nightmare of flame and smoke.  He tilted his four-horned head curiously and squinted through the haze.  It was hot, and he supposed this was what other creatures found fearful?  But he had been imprisoned before. He had known the threat of death.  
Still... his heart trembled.  A whisper of fear shuddered through his bones.  It was as close to mortal as he had felt in all his short life.
“Well, well...” he murmured, and he was nearly unable to hear himself over the roar of the flames.  “More research is required.”

And then, in such a fierce thunder of sound that even such an emotionless creature nearly buckled at the knees, a dragon roared.  Its shadow swooped over his cell, darkening smoke and iron and stone alike.  All around him, other creatures screamed, but Eigengrau's voice caught in his throat as he strained to see the great beast.  Was this fear, then?  Such intensity, such pounding adrenaline!  Though his mind buzzed so fiercely that he could barely think and all his muscles screamed at him to run, he found he was also rather... excited.  When he made it back to the Celestial City – and he would! - he would pursue this feeling further and learn its function in the lesser horses of the world.
But then, through the smoke, a looming shadow of nightmare: the dragon's maw.  It was open wide, and even through the gloom the stallion could see the brilliant light of its fire, about to spew forth in Eigengrau's direction.  He froze.  His mind went blank.
So... this was what it was like to truly anticipate death.



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(Hell Hound) played by perm_identity Kiwi, posted schedule 06-15-2017, 05:42 PM. link #21
It felt good to be doing something with her life again. While Raekor was no longer a queen, she still felt as though she had a duty. She had pledged herself to the empress, Leonidas, and would follow him blindly as her people had once done for her. As personal bodyguard to the emperor she was tasked with protecting him with her life, and she would. If she could atone for her own mistakes in life by keeping him alive, it was the only thing she could do. She did not shy from this task or half ass one thing. To Raekor, his life was far more important than her own. She had failed once at her purpose. She had not protected those she had promised to, instead she had abandoned them in the dead of winter. A shadow of her former self, her new purpose was finally bringing her back to life. 

And this time she would not fail.

Leonidas was not some foolish child who needed watching all the time. Raekor knew as a leader and as a man, he needed his privacy at times. Though she never strayed too far, always remaining within earshot should anything happen. She moved through the forest, muscles rippling beneath her thick hide. Ears flicked momentarily to attention at the sound of a snapping twig nearby. She immediately went on the offensive, flattening her ears to her skull and pulling her lips back to expose her teeth. Nostrils quivered as she pulled in the scents from all around, searching the immediate area with her one good eye. Raekor arched her massive neck, tucking her nose toward the ground and readying her stone horn should she need to charge to the rescue. However a small doe leaped from some bushes and went along her merry way. The mare relaxed slightly, whiskered lips falling back over her teeth though her ears remained back. There was another sound now. An eerie sound like ominous music in the distance, and yet it was in her mind. A snort shuddered through her thick frame, legs shuffling backwards with the shake of her head. 

She felt heavy. Tired. Weak. A feeling that Raekor loathed with every fiber of her being. She steadied herself against a small tree, barrel heaving with labored breaths as she fought to stay awake through whatever this was. For awhile she persevered through sheer power of will, fighting with everything she had. Though it proved to be too much for the heavy mare and with a rasping whinny she dropped to the ground. The same tree that had assisted in steadying her took the brunt of her fall, bark creaking and cracking as the tree broke beneath her weight. Raekor fell onto her side, one good eye closing slowly as everything went dark.

Dark. Cold. Empty.

Raekor could feel the cold all around her. Tearing through her skin and making her bones shake, so furiously that it felt as though they'd snap and shatter. With a shuddering groan the mare lifted herself to her feet, clumps of packed snow falling from her thick body. She stared across the expanse of land before her with her one good eye. Distant mounds beneath the icy dusting were scattered across the mostly flat area. She'd had this dream before; no, she'd had this nightmare before. Those who had believed in her, those that had trusted her-- dead beneath the snow. Their faces still twisted with sadness as cold had overtaken them, flesh picked clean in places by scavengers. Raekor steels her jaw, teeth grating on one another as she attempts to keep her composure. Even in this world of dreams she would not allow herself to falter, not allow herself to be as weak as she once was. 

It's near silent. No sound of animals in the distance, no howling winds. Only the sound of snow beneath her feet would find her ears now. She stepped forward, testing the densely packed snow and finding it to be as solid as it could be. She closes her eye for a moment, taking a deep breath and reminding herself she's done this before. She's walked endlessly through this valley of ice until she would wake again. Always the same.

Always the same.

As she nears the first mound of snow that she knows to be more than that, her eye plays a trick on her. There was a shudder. A movement. A few crystals of snow had moved. A short breath catches in her throat, warm breath curling from her quivering nostrils. She watches, as if frozen in place, for a few moments daring to see something again. But nothing happens. It was always the same she told herself. Don't allow yourself to go mad. Wander 'til you wake, just like yesterday. And the night before that. She moves away now, with each crunching step her head draws lower to the ground as if an invisible weight sat between her ears. It was shame, disappointment, and anger that would be her anchor. Forever grounding her to this horrible memory, forever unable to escape her past. Try as she might, the ghosts would haunt her forever.

Raekor stops. Guilt overtakes her as visions of her former herd returns to her. They were a nomadic band of strong barbarians. She had fought for her title, the first queen. If anyone could have survived the harshest of winters, she was sure it could have been then. She was thick-headed and foolish, endangering those that followed her based upon her refusal to see that they were not indestructible. Their power and technique in battle had meant nothing when the frost had rolled in. The coldest winter Raekor had ever felt. Riding on the high of her over abundant confidence she had believed they could weather the storm with powerful kicks and bites, though mother nature would prove to be a hard enemy. Rather than find a place for them to stay early on in the season she had opted to press on, always moving. The cold would take them in the middle of the night, or icy waters would snap that up when ice broke beneath their feet. And she'd tried. Tried so hard to save them only to be left defeated and alone.

And so, just like that she left them. In the middle of the night their mighty queen who promised to protect and honor them had abandoned them with a pit in her stomach. And now, here she stood with eyes shut tight just knowing that if she opened her eye they'd be standing before her. Half rotten and stinking, staring at her with dead eyes and broken spirits. The betrayal would hang in the air like a suffocating fog, threatening to choke the last of life from her. Maybe that's all she really deserved. 

A low grumble echoes across the massive valley of snow and her good eye flutters open, squinting and straining against the snowy backdrop. Another growl, much louder this time as a beast comes into view. Scales of polished obsidian reflect a shadowy color onto the snow below as the creature lets out another bellow. Raekor has never feared a beast she has faced before, and she was not leaving this nightmare afraid of one either. She steels herself, tightening her muscles preparing for whatever she must do. The creature lands before her, eyes like two glittering red gems. The dragon tightens his own grip on the ground, claws digging into the dirt beneath the snow tugging it upwards with each step. His long tail drags through the ice leaving a rippling pattern and upturning frail brown shoots of grass.

And then he stops.

Fixing his stare onto the lone horse for what felt like an eternity before he threw back his own head. Fire and heat poured from his mouth up into the sky, embers falling like rain from the sky. Raekor hisses in pain as they land upon her coat. It had always been the same. This was no regular nightmare. Was this even a nightmare? She feels her breath catch in her throat as she closes her eyes tightly, attempting to shut it all out. But the pain keeps coming. The fire eats away at her hair and flesh, agony courses through her like boiling magma. Eventually it stops falling and relief washes over her, though the burns still pain her. Slowly she opens her eye and the snow is gone. Instead she is face to face with smoldering grass whose smoke burned her nose and throat. As the smoke begins to clear she can make out the dragon in the distance, sitting not unlike a dog with his long scaled tail wrapped around his sharp claws. His head is down though his unwavering gaze is still locked upon her, making her feel uncomfortable and far from safe.

It's then that she realizes they are not alone.

Shadowy forms of horses are standing around her, wisps of darkness trailing from their intangible forms. The ethereal creatures seem to stare at her despite their lack of eyes and serious features. Raekor turns, a frothy sweat beginning to appear on his thick neck both from the heat and from stress. Her barrel is heaving and her heart is thumping loudly in her chest. A deafening sound that only seems to grow louder and louder. She's completely surrounded and her eye grows large, exposing the rimmed whites. The lid of her right eye flutters slightly, despite it's inability to open as she attempts to process all that is going on. What had seemed like such an ordinary journey into the land of slumber had turned out more horrible than she could ever imagine. As the figures grow closer their features become slightly less muddled though they're still made of darkness and shadows. Raekor tosses her head, backing up and spinning; trying desperately to keep an eye on all of them at once. Closer and closer they come. And then she hears it. 


You betrayed us.

You were supposed to protect us.

You let us die.

Why did you leave us?

Question after question falls from invisible lips; or perhaps it's all in her head. At this point Raekor has no control over her emotions any longer, let alone any control of the rational part of her brain. She fully believed she deserved whatever was going to happen to her. What had this demon drake done? Had he brought back their spirits to taunt her and spit fire upon her? Or was he directly in her head. Was he even there at all? The flames had felt real enough, but so did the cold of her nightmares normally. The shadowed forms of her former herd halt and their whispers die down to the point she can no longer hear them. 

One steps forward. Much smaller. A child. And Raekor cranes her head to allow her terrified gaze to fall on the filly. She knows who that is. She'd haunted her dreams for a long time now. She doesn't whisper or throw accusations at Raekor, she merely stands there unmoving. The mare remembers her well, always emulating everything she did; always wanting to be just like her. Once the child had dreamed of being a queen as well. She'd giggled about boys having cooties and how she was going to be as strong as Queen Raekor; no need for a king. To the girl, Raekor had been everything she had ever wanted to be. 

And that was the final straw that broke the camel's back. Raekor had no idea what had happened to the girl, but the possible idea that she too had perished was too much for the one great queen. She fell to her knees, eye shutting tightly in an attempt to ward off the hot threat of tears. "Please forgive me." And there knelt Raekor the First, once great queen. Now nothing more than a shadow of her former self at the mercy of her own nightmare.
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i see me through your eyes
Sleep came heavy and strong that night, creeping in upon a strange wind. She found herself a place to lay her head, nestled in a dense thicker of plant and tree, and here she was secure and even though she shone, she was safe to sleep. There was a deep reverence in this moment she felt, a strange tugging inside her head that echoed from the very earth below her. Memories were flashed behind her eyes at it, but there was nothing she could do but sleep.

And soon it came, and she was swept away in a sea of brilliant colour, twisting and turning and lost in the great oblivion of the universe.

When hers focused, her entire world was different. Perched upon the long limb of a tree, she looked down over her home in the dark of the night. In her hands was her bow with arrow nocked, fingers curled about the bowstring and ready to pull back. Around her in the trees were fellow hunters, each sitting still and camouflaged in the exuberant brilliance that had been her home, when she walked upon two limbs.

In a flurry of motion she launched, drawing the arrow strong and loosing, sending the point straight to her quarry. The little yerik scattered quickly, trying to flee along with the others but it was too late. Her arrow pierced his chest and he crumpled to the earth, and she was soon alongside him. She whispered to him, her voice low and quiet as she gave her thanks to him, to Eywa, and ended his suffering. The loss of life would nourish theirs, and she removed her arrow from the body. She placed it with her bow once more, and slung it about her slender frame.

A sound came from nearby, and she looked up. There came one of her own, giving her a smile that lit up his features, and she returned the gesture and smiled to him, lifting a hand to greet him. He took responsibility of her kill, and she returned to the hunt. There were many more kills of this herd, plenty for their own and as they were finishing up, the world changed.

There came a shout, a loud warning from those who were high overhead. Halfway up the nearest tree she looked out and saw the vegetation stirring, and felt dread down into her heart, like a shard of ice piercing deep into her body.

From within the dense forest it burst, jaws wide open with the armor adorning its head splayed out, quills slicing the air as a terrible sound ripped out of the creature’s throat. The closest hunter went down, seized by that jaw and broken in a swift shake, as the attention turned and turned from one to the next as they all scattered until it settled upon it’s new prey.

With a screech the palulukan launched straight towards her tsmuke, her sister, who was still struggling to climb. From her position watching, she screamed for her to run, to climb, but she could see her sister wouldn’t make it. She knew what she had to do – and she knew this was the way it was going to be.

As she jumped from the safety of her tree, something snagged her. The plants had come to life beneath her, and all other hunters in the forest had vanished. The colour became brighter, although the saturation had been turned all the way up. And she fell down into the plants that swallowed her mind and soul, pulling her down into their depths. She couldn’t struggle, she could move, and she felt although her body would not be able to stand this pressure. She screamed and fought but all it did was drain her energy.

She couldn’t reach her blade – but all those thoughts left her mind as the plants twisted about suddenly, so she could watch scene of absolute horror unfolding before her. She knew she had stopped this, and yet she dreamed every night and saved her… but tonight, no. This was wrong! The plants formed a cage about her, a prison, and kept her secure and trapped.

Unable to stop the demon from bearing down upon her sister.

She screamed as loud as she could as she saw the monster rip her from the tree and shook her. Blood flecked foam was flung as the creature shook her. Her sister’s cries abruptly were silenced, and the monster tore her apart. All the while, the colours were so saturated, and it got brighter and brighter.

She reached through the plants as she cried and shouted at the palulukan, but it was to no avail. It couldn’t hear her, and she had failed what she had wanted to do. She had feared for her sister so strong, but now… now the very ground beneath her opened. She fell down, slamming on to a rough rocky ledge and looked out into a world of fire. It burned, bright blue and red and orange, the heat unbearable.

The ledge was crumbling, and she knew this was her punishment for failing. She had not saved her sister, her family. None of them, they would all burn along with her – all she felt was the absolutely fear, trapped her upon the ledge.

There was a shout from overhead and she looked up, seeing her world high overhead. The sky was her home, upside down and glowing. From the forest, flying between the void of the worlds, came a rider upon an ikran. They headed straight towards her, with a whoop from his lungs as he avoided the flame and came towards her. He came down to her, and she leapt from her ledge to him. He caught her with one hand.

And looked upon her with an evil grin. He dissolved into light and ash, and the ikran itself warped from this into a terrible monstrosity, winged and blocking out the vision of her home. The huge head came down, teeth shining bright red in the light of the fire as the jaw closed around her.

This was the end, and the end in fire – she’d failed in her promise to protect her tsmuke at any cost to her own life, and she had been cast from Eywa’s eye into the fire of the oblivion – and she was pinned in the mouth of the demon, trapped. Heat blossomed all around her, and no matter how she cried, how she fought… she was unable to escape…
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Ever since she had been a child, she had been a fan of sleep.

Her mother, so tender in her ways, had always told her a sweet story while gently stroking the dark hair on her forehead. Sometimes there would be soft singing, and her mother was carefully insert her name into the lyrics. Roskva found comfort in her mother’s sweet voice- and it brought her happiness.

It was a great sort of glee that she welcomed happily.

Yet tonight, as the sun dipped behind the faraway mountains, the fog rolled in, and Roskva watched with narrowed, dark eyelids, and with the stinking pool of rot leaning out away from her body, curling dark tendrils towards towards the fog. The decay probed the strange mist, tickling black arms against the twisting mist before falling slack against the earth and continuing to consume the earth.

When the fog rolled over Roskva’s body, she was tenderly rolling some dead branches into a small wreath- and when the mist touches her skin, she quickly grows drowsy, and carefully curls herself into a ball on the mangled ground.

In this world, one that was tendered by her own mind, she was safe and it was quiet. She sees the great field in which her mother raised her- but upon looking down, she gleefully sees that there is no rotting grass beneath her.

Awestruck, she scrambles to her to her feet, gleefully bouncing her body into the air and taking off at a childish gallop. It had been a long time since she could press her nose up against grass that was not rotted- which she happily does. Throwing down her body into a happy roll, she tumbles, giggling into the grass.

And then it is gone.

There is nothing left but dust, and the hot, cracking earth crumbling around her. Everything annihilated at the blink of an eye. Crying out, she tries to twist away from the earth, pulling herself up away from the dust in a desperate attempt to get away and to return to the glade that she so desperately craved.

Before she can escape, the ground becomes soggy, with tar gripping at her flesh like hungry fingertips, grabbing at her and anchoring her down. She could not get away- she was stuck. The stink of rot and decay begins to seep into the air around her, and the tar bubbles with hot lava. The world was dark, and red, and in the distance there is something lurking.

Something great and terrible, but it is watching her. Far, far away, the creature spreads its great wings, and it calls to her- a deafening screech that morphs into words. “Why do you struggle little one? Why do you fight me?” Petrified, Roskva can do nothing more but stare.
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It stung.

Somewhere, high up in the mountain, the air screamed, and the clouds darkened. He did not recall how he got there, and even he- stalwart and hardened against the terrors of the mountains- found unease where he stood.

Often sure footed and capable, he was rooted.

Dry mouthed, wind in feather, shivering bones- he was not awake.

He was not awake because he did not remember the tumultuous journey that brought him here. He was not awake because he did not remember ever feeling this cold, or being this high. He was not awake because the air was shrieking at him, and somewhere, in the distance, asteroids rained down like glitter.

Still, he was rooted, and try as he might to struggle against the grip of the mountain, there he was anchored by snow and stone.

It does not take long for the shrill wail of the wind to deepen to a growl, and for the stars descending in the distance to fill the air around him. They fall like the snow, and the gales that rip and tear at his feathers. Like hungry fists they claw at his flesh, and he begins to panic.

The air falls silent, but the grumbling deepens and echoes hotly in the air around him- until his eyes are wide open and filled with the sight of a great, golden lizard. It crawls up the cliff-side, its great body coiling around the stones, and its claws sinking like daggers into the stone flesh of the mountain.

With each skittering step, there is a crashing of rocks, crumbled under its massive hands, and with each step it roams closer, and closer, until it’s leonine face is even with Minas’. They stare at each other, colours of contrast breathing in the mask of the other beast. Minas, of blue and white and teal, his eyes golden yellow and his feathered crest softened by the wind; and the dragon, it’s flesh made of hardened gold, it’s skull wreathed with spikes and thorns, and it’s eyes a sharp blue.

They are mirrors, but the beast does not relent in it’s stare.

“So far from home are you.” The monster whispers, it’s voice a rumbling hiss that rocks the air, reverberating painfully in the feathered stallion’s ears. “So far from home, and still as weak as always. Can’t even save yourself- can’t even stop me.” The clinking of metal sings through the air as the dragon reaches closer, it’s massive paw hanging before Minas’ head, larger than his body. It’s claws, sharpened to a fine point, meet together, pinching at one of the topmost feathers in his great, lush crown.

And it pulled.

Screaming in both shock and horror, the teal stallion can do nothing but cringe away. His eyes closed, and his feathered crown flattened against his neck as he tries to cower away, the dragon reaches for him once more. Small and useless, Minas begins to struggle against the grip of the mountain, trying desperately to get away from the creature as stars singe the sky around him.
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(Empress) played by perm_identity Lee, posted schedule 06-16-2017, 01:57 PM. link #25

The warm sun kissed at my chestnut skin, the ivory spotting of a newborn fawn rolled across my coat. I could feel myself beginning to tire from the journey I had already enlisted to become an emperor, but it would have seemed someone else had been deemed better suited at the position. It had been perfectly fine, perhaps I was to just be a loving mother to a star child instead. While I walked my memory began to roll across my mind, the first time I had arrived here on these unknown lands and how strange It had been. I remembered a lovely face that had offered me shelter somewhere in the forests, if I had remembered right his name was Leo. I decided I needed to stop by and see the welcoming face and let him know how life was going and see if he, by any chance, needed a bit of help as well.

Long slender legs reached out consuming the ground below my small frame, though my eyelids began to drop farther and farther before I began to stumble in my pace. I felt somewhat strange like something was calling me to sleep, or maybe it was just the sun offering its blissful warmth. A few paces North I’d found a tree offering what shade but still enough to soak up the mid-day sun. I decided a nap was in order so I could continue to the silver pines to visit the old friend. It was in only a few minutes I had closed my eyes and off to the dreamland I had gone.

At first the dream was strange almost surreal being vague and a bit blurred. A place I had never been to before, but smelled of brimstone like the molten apex. Something out of the corner of my olive eyes had caught my attention, but I stood for a moment wondering if I was supposed to follow it. Slowly I could feel slender legs moving and my split daggers following. Brimstone still rolled across my lungs, even if it hadn’t been real I found it hard to breath. Short little gasps twisting my way down a winding path wondering what may have been at the end of this trail. A screech sounded above my head immediately I froze like a deer in lights turning my cranium upward only to see a line of fire. The flames licked at my rump burning the hair that had once been there the canopy catching aflame spreading quickly to the rest of the dry leaves. I could feel my pillars moving, running trying to get away from the fires. Everything was blurred by the pain I had felt, but there was something here at the end. As I approached it looked as if it was a cave, I didn’t take any more time and bolted inside away from the engulfing flames.

I watched the orange and red eating away at the canopy before a bolder had locked the front of the cavern. The only light offered was from the flames on the other side of the bolder. I turned my cranium to view the prison I now found myself in. It seemed as if someone had been living here, but departed only shortly after. Rounded lobes twisted listening to the crackling wood as it burned and a chill ran up my spine. This was not what I had planned it almost felt like someone had taken control of my own thoughts, my fears, and used them against me. I was trapped like a rat in this cavern and I needed to find a way out. I searched using only the dim light of the fires behind me traveling to the back of the cavern where it began to get smaller and smaller. My heart thudded in my chest frantically I searched attempting to find any way out of where I was. The antlers atop my cranium dragged against the rocky celling of the cave.

It was nothing but darkness now as I fumbled my way around a turn in the cave. I stopped mid step reaching a hoof up to the rocky wall only to find this was the last stop. I cannot die here, I thought for a moment. I pressed my split hoof against the rocky wall and removed it wondering if I could even do this, to break stone to be free. I sucked in a breath and kicked out at the wall, one small rock rolled away offering me light to see. I had blinked once, twice, and a third time to view my surroundings. This part of the cavern was small too small for my liking. Cramped would have been the best word for this place. I pulled my pillar back and kicked out again. More rocks had bounced out of the way rolling both here on the inside and whatever may have been out there.

I twisted myself in the confined space, a hard thing to do but it was the only way out of this place. Panic began to bubble in my veins I could feel my heart racing kicking out with my back legs before the entire rocky wall collapsed enough for me to walk through. Backing myself out of that cavern keeping my cranium low to keep my antlers from getting caught. Freedom was at last mine! I turned my small frame back around only to have the same smell of brimstone rolling through my lungs. My brows came together for a moment wondering how that was possible. Turning my bright olive eyes upward and catching the unmistakable face of a dragon. I had only heard of these in stories, and yet one stands here now watching me. Fear and panic began to bubble through my body I could feel my pillars give out from the weight of what was about to happen. There was nothing more I could do, I faced death itself.

The winged reptile pulled back its elongated neck jaws opening to view the sharpened teeth before the same screech was heard and flames began…

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