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18th February 2018 | Additional news for today, we now have an absent/busy page that shows all members currently absent/busy as well as the reason stated for such! This page is controlled by the away status you set for your account (by going to edit profile --> away status). We will be going through the absences board as well and adding in current absences to some members profiles. If you had an absence thread posted but are no longer absent please delete the thread. <3 Thank you!

18th February 2018 | NEW SITE INCENTIVE!!! Weekly Challenges were set up in an effort to give members a chance to do something out of the ordinary with their character while receiving a reward for doing so. Be sure to check out the thread, challenges start today if you wish to get involved.

31st January 2018 | February OTM's are now open for voting! Cast your votes whenever you get a chance.

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10th January 2018 | The poll has closed and Greeshma has a new Emperor!

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3rd February 2018 | The Emperor of Sharad, Leonidas, is calling an Emergency Herd Meeting! His first and only daughter has been murdered in cold blood! He needs your help, don't miss out. This is the beginning of something big! Check it out here and paticipate in this thrilling plot!

1st February 2018 | A newcomer by the name of Destroyah has challenged Vithmiris for leadership of Shishira. What will come of this? We do not know but you may follow the battle here!

10th January 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan on winning the place as Emperor of Greeshma!
The snow has melted in most places of Caeleste, besides those that are prone to snow throughout all seasons. Birds are chirping, the nice weather bringing them back home from winter migrations. You will also notice many other animals reappearing throughout. Weather temperatures have risen but often a cool crisp air will still bite at coats during the evening and night hours. Enjoy the lovely weather of spring for summer may not be as kind.
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    Rather new to this large crazy family, Boaz is often seen in the cBox or in Caeleste's discord channel. A rather friendly, outgoing personality, Boaz is not afraid to make new friends and get involved in any plots!
  • Thread of the Month
    let’s play a game
    A touching, heartbreaking, thread. Leonidas and Roxana come to find their beautiful child viciously murdered. This thread can be considered the start of a war as Leonidas will not rest until he finds whomever did this.
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    Vithmiris & Slythe
    Caeleste's resident vampire couple, Emperor Vithmiris and Slythe have offered a rather interesting dynamic to their pairing. While the pair have a tendency for violence, the two also have their tender moments - as fleeting as they are.
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    The newly crowned Greeshma Emperor has certainly made a name for himself among many in Caeleste in many ways and has made it no secret his ambitions for the kingdom of Greeshma. We can't wait to see what he does next!
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    “Run along back to that mountain in that frozen hell you call home. And next time you come strolling out from between his sheets, I suggest you wash yourself. I could smell you a mile away.”
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Caeleste Time: 02-23-2018, 07:55 PM

|Completed| |SWP TWO| Dream Walker, Stage Two
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(The Plot Bringer) played by perm_identity ---, posted schedule 06-20-2017, 08:50 AM. link #1

|SWP| Beyond the Veil - Part 2 Dream Walker

Something's Happening!

As suddenly as the sleep settled over all of Caeleste it is lifted! Their it forced all the equines awake with the vivid nightmares still fresh on their mind. The  fog however is still there but now it’s demanding something different. It’s urging the equines to follow. It pulls at their free will forcing them to travel. It demands them to the northern tip of Silver Pines meets the ocean. Without hesitation or understanding why the equines gather at the tip of Silver Pines. They are all extremely confused as to what is going on and why has this fog brought them here?!

What Next?

The equines of Caeleste are all gathering at the northernmost point of Silver Pines where it overlooks the ocean. The fog has forced everyone awake and now here. Stage Two is commencing! You most respond in IC in order to sign up for this stage. There will be several prizes for this stage and it is going to be extremely exciting! Just post your character(s) here! Feel free to keep it short and sweet because this is just the beginning! 

Every sign up will receive 500 carats and one free item in the Bazaar under the Optical Sorcery, Universal Sorcery,
Procreation Sorcery, or Battle Item categories.

Post as many characters you would like in IC with at least 150 words alone with fill out the form below.

<b>Character's Name:</b>
<b>Free Item:</b>

You have until 12:00 am Pacific 6/23/207 to sign up!
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“Sometimes the right path is not always the easiest one.”
(Emperor) played by perm_identity Carhartt, posted schedule 06-20-2017, 09:22 AM. link #2
Everything went black as the emperor slammed awake. Sweat covered his entire body as he scrambled to his feet. His antlered dial jerked to and fro as he gazed at his home—still intact. With a huge sigh of relief, he shook his dial, his lung still begging for oxygen. He was in complete utter relief as he stood there his barrel heaving in and out with an exasperated manner. Catching his breath he straightened his body and tried to clear the nightmare from his thoughts but it persisted further. Chewing on the inner side of his cheek he tried to gather his thoughts but the vivid scenes kept flashing. Every time he closed his eyes the charred and dismembered bodies stared back at him. Anger seared through him as he tried to think of something differently but it was impossible.

As if things couldn’t be more annoying he felt this odd inclination deep within his core. It pulled at him pushing him a few staggering steps north. Audits pinned as he looked down at his daggers. It didn’t make sense how he kept walking without him actually telling his legs to move. Before he knew it he was walking north headed to the ocean. He tried to fight the urge but it was impossible. It was like someone else was controlling his motor skills and he was just along for the ride. Between fighting the nightmare and the walking he felt the air in his lung grow thin. Trying to capture his breath he broke through the tree line and was forced onto the coast overlooking the oceans. Audits pinned sharply he looked around violently. Before he knew it he watched other come forward from the shadows of his home. Anger washed through him as he felt threatening tones explode from deep in his lung. “Why have you all come here?” he wasn’t necessarily angry with those who stepped forward but angry at the situation as a whole. Not feeling like he was in control was frightening beyond all compare.

Leonidas walks.
Leonidas thinks.
"Leonidas talks."

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Character's Name: Leonidas
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(Guest), posted schedule 06-20-2017, 09:37 AM. link #3
there was never any hope
{and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains, without the sound of silence}
Twenty one hand bodice jolted awake. Violet orbs with teal flecks snapped open. Heartbeat raced, threatening to pound out of her chest and across the soft ground. Ebon and ivory bodice had broken out into a light sweat, her hue damp. Steam rose as the heat met the chilled night air. Long limbs unfolded beneath herself, each one seemed to be in working order without pain. With a heaving motion Rousselet pulled herself to her feet. The smog remained in a thick blanket around her, vision compromised. Mentally, she struggled to fight the lasting effects of the nightmare. Never had she dreamt of those in her past. Was this a sign? A warning? Would this new found interest make her weak? Would she become that weak, young filly that was so dependent on others and believed in following her heart and falling in love? A burst of carbon dioxide passed through her kissers as she scoffed at the idea. She had worked too hard to become what she was, what she enjoyed. Certainly she wouldn’t fall down that slippery landslide again. But why else would she dream of those from her past that she didn’t save? The ones she watched get killed or kill themselves without saying a single word or putting up a fight to stop the actions.
Heartbeat began to beat at its normal rhythm when Rousselet found herself getting the urge to move. To go… somewhere. Vision drops as the smog is now swirling around her daggers and moving away, it is insisting she follows. Mind numbingly she does so. Curious as to where this toxic smog is going to take her, as she finds herself unable to stop or pull away. Gracefully she maneuvers through thick foliage, she is unaware of her location- but can tell she is heading North. The lithosphere is soft, keeping her hoof beats mute in this already silent forest. This forest is dark as a thick canopy overhead blocks most of the moonlight. Rousselet can hardly see where she is going, but trusts the fog will lead her safely to where she feels she must go.
Rousselet releases herself from the thick forest into a small opening. Moonlight now casting it’s glow over the emerald blades. Orbs watch as other equines are already there, others appearing from the forest as well. What was going on? And why were they all here? Invisible eyebrows furrowed as she went to turn the other direction. After her lovely nightmare and being reminded of her weak past, the last thing she wanted to do was be around a bunch of other equines. But her limbs do not move. They refuse to let her turn around. She becomes irritated, knowing now the magic in this land has its hold on her and she will not be able to fight it. Slender limbs carry her forward as her vision darts from equine to equine. She was searching for him. But why? She didn’t need his comfort. She told herself she didn’t want it either. She could protect herself, not like he would be of any help. Feminine dial shook slightly as she fought to push that out of her mind. She did not see him or any familiar face in the crowd.
She traveled to an empty spot, unsure of how empty it would be for much longer. She was unaware of how many equines were effected by this smog and voodoo crap of Caeleste. As Rousselet pulled her curvaceous bodice to a halt she allowed that hostile look to become plastered upon her façade, a clear sign that she truly didn’t want any mind controlled equine to come near her during this little trip. Why have you all come here? Angry lyrics rung through the land, over the crashing of the salty waves. Rousselet’s gaze landed upon the guilty party. He is small and insignificant to her. Clearly he is unaware of the reason for their presence. She says nothing but lets her gaze drift away, another mind controlled zombie can answer the little squirt. Her patience would be of virtue as she waited herself to find out why the fuck she was here.

words- 722
tags- All <3 
thoughts- Woohoo!

Character's Name: Rousselet
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“A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart.”
(Second in Command) played by perm_identity Carhartt, posted schedule 06-20-2017, 09:44 AM. link #4

Slowly his ivory dial lifted and shook a bit. “I just had the strangest dream.” The ebony and ivory knight confessed with a slight chuckle. There he looked to his right where Nyx always laid tucked up close to him. As he shifted his gaze he noticed she was not there. Suddenly the sound of the door shutting made him jump ever so slightly… “Nyx?’ Quickly he stood on all four pillars and moved to the door. There he pulled it open and stood, peering out. Just in the corner of his gaze he watched the love his life slip into the shadows heading north.

Fear washed over him as he wondered why in the hell she would leave in the middle of the night. Had he said something in his sleep? No impossible. It was just a silly dream of a dragon and darkness with some prisoners. Little did he know that she too had a similar dream however far more vivid and horrifying. It seemed the spell affected everyone differently. Luckily for Thanantos it was nothing special. Pushing the fears to the back of his mind he pushed forward into a lope after Nyx.

It seemed he was always out of view from her but he followed her scent and it shockingly led him to Silver Pines. Audits pinned as he felt like something more then her scent was guiding him there. Shrugging it off her continued following what he thought was his senses until he broke towards the northern tip of the Pines. Nearing the tree line he saw multiple equines gather. Audits swiveled to and fro as he looked for Nyx. Finding her he rushed forward. His lips tenderly brushed her shoulder with a strong look of concern across his features. “Nyx, why would you just leave like that? Are you ok?” There he looked around in confusion and softly spoke, “What’s going on?’

Thanantos walks.
Thanantos thinks.
"Thanantos talks."

T A G » Open @Nyx
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Character's Name: Thanantos
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(Wanderer) played by perm_identity e-cho, posted schedule 06-20-2017, 10:14 AM. link #5

She'd been dreaming. Smoke clogged her throat and tears streamed down her eyes. It was so horrendous, the way those ivory teeth glistened with blood. Clover's screams and pleas still echoed in the fae child's ears no matter how many times she shook her head to get them out. Was that what she had gone through when she was taken? Were such horrid sounds forced from her pretty golden throat and out into the world for all wrathful creatures to cackle at? Nausea rolled in the pit of Periwinkle's stomach even as she slept. There, she watched the flames grow higher. Pyres of bodies building toward the sky. They were monoliths to days of old. They were sacrifices to the gods. They were the very death of her innocence and hope. As each tower began to crumble in to ash, as they toppled down toward her to choke her once more, as the dragon's mighty mouth seemed to open wider and flames began to dance within its throat, Periwinkle knew her end was near. Surely this would be the part that would kill her -- the roaring of the flames that was hotter than the sweat dripping down her skin. Just before the conflagration could jump to pay upon her skin...

Periwinkle awoke.

She gulped the air and gasped, hoping to grab onto some semblance of reality. "It was a dream," she panted, eyes squeezing shut. But it had seemed too real. The sweat that had been so hot within her night terror now was cold upon her heaving sides; those tears that carved valleys on her face in her dream now sloshed down in torrent to the ground. Where they fell, though, the grass brightened just ever so slightly in response. Not that Periwinkle could see that for herself, for it was then that she noticed the others asleep near her. Not many, but enough to know she was not the only one trapped in this strange nightmare.

The fog that blanketed them all swirled malevolently, but it pulled her to her feet nonetheless. Others followed suit, and all too soon they were herded through Caeleste. Air grew thin, eyes grew wide, and fear skittered down her spine all over again. "Please, please don't let this end poorly," it was a plea to any god who cared to listen. Although she knew nothing of Caeleste's deities, she prayed all the same as her family often did. Christian was not a believer as they were -- well perhaps only in war -- but Periwinkle had been raised a devout woman. Many towered above her, all around her like wraiths. They looked just as lost as she was, and a sinking feeling came over the woman. Soon, all too soon a man with antlers spiraling upon his head burst out. There was such anger, such unhappiness it made her flinch.

Drawing further into her own skin, Periwinkle visibly shrank only to bump into a woman who was so dark, yet light circled her face. She was beautiful, but obviously just as unhappy as the other. "Pardon me miss," murmuring an apology, lashes fluttered down to cover tangerine eyes. The glowing upon her cracked skin pulsed with the coursing of her blood that beat the same rhythm as the coursing of her fear.

bumped into @Rousselet

Character's Name: Periwinkle
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(Guest), posted schedule 06-20-2017, 10:23 AM. link #6


The charring element blistered across his skin and peeled his layers of flesh from bone. The starry night and the starry dragon dissolved in the familiar abysmal blackness as his conscience seemed to fade in death. "No! I have too much to do!' Rhogir jolted awake to the biting winds of winter clawing at his skin. His heart raced through the capillaries networking his ears and reverberated through his drums until he could listen to his pounding pulse. He had never experienced anything so horrendous and yet he found himself irate at the fact that he startled from a dream. His icy eye floated in its shadowed atrium; flicking from the scenic view then to the ridge rock in a subtle twinge of elation. At least his sight still worked albeit half. Confusion settled in the place of anger as a low hum beckoned him and his icy orb diverted to the gathered mist ensnaring his feathered canons and tugging at his attention. What was this? Slabs of overlaying muscle congealed and collected his skeletal vessel and gold veined enamels clicked against the mineral terrain. His anatomy worked without his consent and forced him along the winding paths and descending into the shadowy timbers. As the boughs passed overhead and the overbearing cast of clouds tattered into a starry sky and a brightly peering moon that he could peek through the holes in the forest canopy the temperature rose to the occasion. Rhogir could not resist the insistent need to move forward and heed the call that willed his limbs. Soon the chatter of other equines burbled like a far off stream and as the grass turned to needles, Rhogir felt more intrigued than confusion.

The botanical barriers separating him from the gathering flattened beneath his insistent gait and immediately he felt the hold upon his frame loosen. He was clearly not allowed to leave but could move freely in the space, whatever it was, allowed. Rhogir eagerly swallowed the image of random faces mirroring his own thoughts and noted the tidal waves flowing an ebbing across the coastal sands. Sand. The granules shifted under his feet and aroused a quiet contempt. His thoughts reminisced the nightmare and he held back a cringe. Of all places. The grand beast then remembered her and his icy blue eye searched the congregation for her familiar face. At first, he could not find her and He had almost missed her, standing in the emptiest spot devoid of most equines and scowling a wordless hatred to the masses; however, as his attention rolled over her angered expression, relief ultimately cooled his system. He did not allow the expression to betray him and instead, a knowing smirk sprawled across his lips. Rhogir began to push through the gathered bodies until he pulled up beside her; invading her sanctum. "You look so endearing... I couldn't resist helping myself to your company..." Fangs glistened in the eerie moonlight through his sly smile. He enjoyed teasing her, knowing full well that her bite would surely make its way back to him; however, his banter was cut by the seriousness in Leonidas' demand. " Why have you all come here?” Distemper rang out to the crowd in confrontational tones. Rhogir snapped to the source and eyed the horned chestnut liege glaring at the array of equines with a smoldering turmoil written across his countenance. A lip curled as accusation twisted his tongue, but his fangs remained locked and barred his barbed words from surfacing. Instead, a callous rumble oscillated in his gullet. "Your guess is as good as ours red stag." His gnarring tones bellowed above the concerned murmurs.

Rhogir didn't like not being certain of his fate, and tonight especially irritated that nerve. He would hope some clarity would be given soon. "Pardon me miss" The soft apologetic tune grabbed his attention and he diverted toward Rousselet and Periwinkle. A humorous grin flickered toward Rous, awaiting her response.

"Thoughts/Someone else speaks"
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Character's Name: Rhogir!
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(Wanderer) played by perm_identity e-cho, posted schedule 06-20-2017, 10:31 AM. link #7

Night clutched the world just as thoughts of Naeara clawed at Araidne's mind. She had just come from the passage that allowed her entry into the lands of Caeleste when the fog found her. Such a naïve thought it had been, to imagine that perhaps it was just the mist from the passage leaking into the world that it guarded. What a silly girl she was to have her mind be so careless as that. It had put her into a slumber so deep she could not awaken even when she had screamed until her throat was raw and her hooves had gouged canyons into the earth below.

How the sun child glistened and glowed. Her heart had thundered as it was when she finally awoke. Smoke still clung to her nostrils as though it were right before her and not just a dream. And the howling. Those awful growls of a creature so horrible it would have torn the very flesh from her body were it more civilized. But they were noises she'd heard in her homeland. The royals, her father once told her, kept beasts so gruesome as pets. Any who earned their disfavor were flesh treats for them. It was not the fire drake that had elicited the sweat that coated Ariadne's sides, but the prison. Bars of glittering gold and adamant that tightened when she even thought of escape had surrounded her. Such a prison had been no such home for her as a girl, a phase she was only now overcoming.

Barely catching her breath, she was up on her feet and, swift as an adder, the mist clung to her skin. One would have seen her try to resist, to jerk away, and failing miserably had they been close enough to see. Like a marionette doll hung upon strings and a child's new plaything, Ri found her body being forced forward against her will. Nares flared and harks pinned. Teeth bared in a rather unladylike manner as she hissed her disdain. How dare it try to demand something of her she would not give.

Stubbornness was her companion as it grasped her limbs, fighting for control. Every step of the way toward the Silver Pines was a struggle. One that wore the girl down so that by the time she arrived her long tail was knotted and her finely curled hair was as wet as her sides. There were others, many, many others here. The stench of their fear clung to them as the terror of imprisonment clung to herself. It seemed as though they, too, had experienced something horrific and now were discombobulated and as disoriented as she was. At least, she thought sardonically, I was able to see Caeleste while I was dragged through hell itself.

Humour kept one sane even in the worst of times. It was how she had survived those first few days without her sister to help her on this journey. Now... This was just another leg of the trip to overcome. With sheer force of with and girlish confidence she intended to do just that.

Character's Name: Araidne
Free item: The Foal Package please <3
Tag Me: @Ariadne
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“Without the Night there would be no stars”
(Citizen) played by perm_identity Darkrise, posted schedule 06-20-2017, 11:00 AM. link #8
Suddenly Nyx was slammed awake, her sapphire oculars snapping open as she registered where she was. Scanning the room with her blue gaze she realised with slight relief that she was at home in Hemanta’s Castle. Blinking a few times the ghosts of her dream still lingered in wide eyes as her heart continued to pound a tragic rhythm and tears soaked her pretty face. The blankets she laid in were damp with sweat and her body ached as though she had run for too long. Fear still cascaded through her system as the horrific dream continued to torture her. Nyx had long lost the ability to predict the future and this was certainly one nightmare she did not wish to come to fruition. Her heart ached to wake up Than, to talk to him about it but she was being pulled down another path as she walked softly from her room. As though drawn by an invisible string the mortal goddess is lead to the Silver Pines, urgency in her quiet steps as she does so. It was so vivid, so eye opening. The cerulean femme couldn’t shake the fact that she shouldn’t be in Caeleste. All long the doubt had been niggling at her, telling her it was selfish to stay and endanger everyone but she ignored that voice in the back of her mind, favoured staying with Thanantos over protecting them all. Now she wondered if it was really worth it. The image of Thanantos dying right in front of her still haunted her gaze as tears once again welled in her eyes. Her heart was torn between confiding in her Moon or leaving him before it was too late. Alas right now by some unknown force she was being guided to the Silver Pines.

Before long she stood amongst others who had clearly felt the pull to Sharad’s lands too, Sharad’s leader himself in all his antlered glory. Searched their gazes with well trained eyes Nyx wondered what this was all about. Nightmares were a regular occurrence for her so she did not consider for one moment that everyone else had experienced similar horrific dreams. Suddenly Thanantos came up behind her, the press of his lips like silk upon her shoulder. Her body betrayed her as she leant into him slightly, but rather than returning the comforting gesture with a kiss of her own as she longed to do, the guilt and fear from her dream held her movements. With hidden sadness in her eyes she glanced at him. Her words were offered to those who had gathered so far, including the Sharad Emperor who seemed less than pleased to find them huddled in his land and of course Thanantos in answer to his question.

“We had no choice, I think we’ve all been summoned here by magic.”

It was an almost hilarious statement, one that could have been sarcastic if not for the serious look in Nyx’s eye. She had lived among Gods and Goddesses, had been a Goddess, magic was as normal as the air they breathed.
@soandso @soandso hopefully this box will be big enough for the large amount of notes I normally make afer most posts xD

Character's Name: Nyx
Free Item: Item Enchantment spell thingamabob c:
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“"Yes, I am that much of an asshole."”
(Citizen) played by perm_identity ShadowsFallen, posted schedule 06-20-2017, 12:13 PM. link #9
Fear struck him, gasping the large stallion sat up. His nostrils flared as he closed his eyes, his hide shivered and twitched as he struggled to push away the aftermath of the nightmare that had gripped him so tightly. Tossing his head he flared his nostrils and snorted, using his legs he shoved himself to his hooves slowly. He was shaking hard, the nightmare had left the normally confident warrior terrified. Huffing hard he glanced around wondering if someone had seen him thrashing in his sleep, shaking himself he started to turn in circles to settle back down when he felt something tugging on him. Narrowing his eyes he lifted his head up and headed to where the pull was the strongest, he lifted his legs high as he trotted hard and fast to where the pull was coming from. He stopped and realized he was without his armor, turning back to where he had ben resting he galloped back to where the black protective plates were hidden. Flaring his nostrils he sniffed at his armor, no scent of another having touched it reached him. He placed his armor upon his body and headed back out, his ears flicked back as he moved.

Racing through the Pines he kept his head up and nostrils wide as he moved with rapid speed, as fast as his body would let him. He slowed down when he smelled others, he cantered through the trees and reached the group of other horses gathered. He slowed his pace, the sound of his armor clinking as he moved to a stop. Looking at the others he didn't say anything, how could he when his nightmare still haunted his blood red gaze and made him grateful he was wearing his armor.

Character's Name: Magnus

Free Item: Midnight vision
Tag Me: @Magnus
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(Second in Command) played by perm_identity Sol, posted schedule 06-20-2017, 03:06 PM. link #10
As soon as the flames from her nightmare licked at her hide, her eyes suddenly opened, and her mind transported her far from the land of fire she had imagined. Tears were streaming down her face, and her cranium turned wildly as she grasped for her bearings. It was still nighttime and she was in the forest. Crickets chirped quietly in the background, and the wildlife returned to its normal nighttime buzz. She carefully lifted herself from the ground, shaking the fear from her hide. It was all just a terrible, terrible dream. But why?

A thick fog lined the forest floor, beckoning her towards the edge of the pines. Her hooves moved without her permission, though she didn’t protest too much. If the smog would bring her closer to other equines, then she would be grateful for its input on her direction. She couldn’t handle the loneliness; she wanted to feel the presence of other living creatures to take her mind away from the terrible dream she had. Just to know that she wasn’t alone would make her feel better, even if the pain of an imaginary death had shaken her to the core.

After a short walk, her wish was granted. Several equines were lined along the shores of her home, all gathered close to the water. There were so many faces that she didn’t recognize, and she knew immediately that these were not all equines of Sharad. She a beautiful pink mare that she recognize, and she at first stood beside the lady in roses. ”Hello, Peri. It’s good to see you.” She dipped her head slowly, still scanning the crowd. ”Do you… do you know why everyone is here?” The words were spoken softly and weakly, the dark mare unsure the reason so many were gathered by the sea. Had the mist spoken to all of them as well? If so, what was causing them to gather here?

She noticed two large antlers pointing from the crowd, and she quietly excused herself from Peri’s presence. She carried herself towards the stag, the familiar red creature looking confused and angry. Upon first glance, she wanted to run to him and smother him in love and adoration, but she contained herself with the thought that his death had only been a dream. He wouldn’t understand, and she didn’t want to concern him. Instead, somber tones left her maw as she approached. ”Good to see that you’re alive and well. That’s much better than the ending you had in my dream.” She approached him and looked about the crowd, wondering what had brought them all here today. ”What’s going on here? Who are all these equines?” It was strange to see so many visitors in their home; typically leaders were the only ones who bothered to venture out to the remote parts of Sharad.  

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“What I’ve got will make you feel more alive, I’ll be your favourite drug I will get you high...”
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the once king of ilir
Entia awoke violently. His head snapped up, his eyes wide as he found himself climbing up, leaping away from that spot although he had been bitten by a crawling insect. He was oblivious, his eyes looking to see Naveen waking as well, but as his hammering heart began to slow in his chest, the adrenaline rush wearing off, he feels the push in his head. The nudge, telling him to walk the path to the land of the autumn, and where the shrine was. Entia felt a burning in his chest that simmered into a pool of anger, bubbling away. With Seze at his side, he journeyed against his will.

If he had his own way he wouldn’t be doing this. He had no desire to have his own past rubbed into his face, his failure to protect his son. The nightmare had been so violent, and had down him it hadn’t been sheer luck that stopped him from dying all those years ago. It had been his grandsire, and it was all for the continuation of the derangement of their family line. He knew that, and he knew one day now, when his time would be at the end he could have to face it.

But Entia would always run, and run, until it came for him. So now he ran, pushed by a force in his head that he rebelled against, hating every little moment it pushed it, until he was there. The shrine appeared before him as he and his companion the raptor Seze came into view of it. There were others, the Emperor of Sharad being central, and asking them a single question. Entia just flattened his ears and pulled his lips tight over his teeth. He didn’t believe it was him who did it.

A voice answered the stag, belonging to the behemoth that he had once raided a long time ago, but Entia just glared at him as well – for all he knew this was his fault as well. It was all their fault, them and their piety and he was just dragged into it against what he wanted.

For all his anger, there was the turmoil beneath it, the anguish of losing Cyrus so long ago and Inwe and everyone else who had died in the War of the Elements. There was that desire to help those who needed it. For all of his hatred for those who followed and worshipped “gods” like they were real and true, it didn’t matter to him. Entia was a part of this world.

That was why he was here, in silence, just looking at those around him.

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entia and seze
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“I will take what is mine with fire and blood.”
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"I will answer injustice with justice."
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And suddenly the red mare gasped awake, sucking in air as she trashed to her hooves. Her mind believed her to still be in danger as fear of the dragon gripped her heart, forcing Zaraei to awaken instantly as her fighting instinct took control. She lurches to her bi-colored hooves, completely disheveled as her sides heaved. The heavy black curls of her mane were in disarray, flipped haphazardly across her neck as her wild eyes scanned every corner around her. Zaraei's fear ebbs away as she slowly realizes she is no longer stuck in her nightmare, but confusion takes its place. What had happened, and more importantly, why did such a nightmare strike her?

There was something else going on here. Zaraei could feel something was amiss.

The fog of her nightmare still lingers, though, that much Zaraei can see. The red empress finds herself inexplicably drawn into it, and finds herself moving away from the security of her kingdom to a land she has yet to see with her own ruby eyes. At first she tries to fight it, causing her to lurching horribly. Zaraei's movements are jerky, almost nightmareish, before the red mare finally succumbs to the will of the fog and allows it to lead her.

As she walks, Zaraei ponders the meaning of her nightmare. Surely there was a reason for it - for the nightmare to delve into a part of her history she had never known. There had to be a reason for the dragon, of all things. Dragons were omens. As she broke through the trees, the red empress realized she was not the only one to be affected by such compulsions to travel. So many others stood around, confusion clearly etched upon their faces. The angry words of an antlered stallions reaches Zaraei's ears, forcing the mare to pin her ears back. Others began to speak to one another, giving forth ideas as to why they were all here. "What the hell is going on here?" she murmured to no one in particular as her ruby eyes scanned across the multitude of faces around her.

Maybe the answer they were all looking for was right in front of them.

"Zaraei speech!" Zaraei thoughts!
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“Are we not wise enough to give all we are?”
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Deeply disturbed by his dream, the moment that the feathered Emperor of Hemanta woke, he turned to look at Willow. He nudged her, rousing her from her sleep too hopefully, and told he that he could feel something inside his mind pushing him, telling him to go to Sharad, to the Shrine. He wondered if she felt it too, and he knew that if she did, she would be along as well and he would see her soon. It seemed there was something pushing him, and as he said a farewell to some of those in the palace, he began his trek. Kalina joined him, feeling his anxiety, as they started their long journey.

It was not long before he came to the Shrine, and there were so many others gathering here, called and lured by an unseen force in the world. He could still feel the heat from the great beast in his dream, but he shook it off. Instead, he went straight to Leonidas who was looking as disturbed and rattled as them. Being here, this was the first time seeing Rhogir since the night in Oblivion, but he didn’t pay attention.

Something else was happening here.

“I don’t know, something was pushing me the moment I was awake. Something telling me to come here… so here I am,” he says, as he nods to Leonidas and Harena, Nyx and Thanantos – and others he didn’t know but knew by sight, like Periwinkle and the new Empress of Greeshma. He looked around to Nyx, “but I believe she is right…” he says quietly, before he stands quietly and looks at the Shrine, while the white wolf sits calmly beside him.

Whatever was happening, it was a strange occurrence – and had to be for a reason.

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nylah zhaoianas and kalina
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“there's a wild wild whisper rolling in the wind”
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there's a wild wild whisper blowing in the wind
She was fully alert when she woke, but the pain was far more intense. She grunted, looking around. Her bed was soaked. Her body coated in sweat. But all through her thinking and musing from the nightmare the sensation hit her again. She was going to be a mother.

She was going to be a mother very soon.

Fear gripped her first. She had been concerned about his powers and any potential harm to herself. She had hoped to have someone else here. And she couldn’t stay here long.

Whatever this compulsion was… it was going to have to wait. This baby was coming now.

Vivian was already visibly exhausted by the time she arrived in Silver Pines. She had managed to fight the compulsion long enough to at least rinse herself off after the difficult birth. Now however, she moved slowly with heavy limbs at an easy pace. Her eyes kept glancing to the creature at her side, ash-cream limbs new but certainly strong. Vivian herself did not look like she normally did. Nothing graced her frame, no cape no jewelry. This was simply her at her rawest.

All her body wanted to do was stop and sleep and cuddle the new creature. But she couldn’t resist the magic any more. When she arrived, already there was a group of equines. She picked out Thanantos’ frame, and he was caressing a blue mare. Nyx. Others were there too. She recognized Nylah and Harena and Leonidas. She was too tired to think too straight, but she was not going to approach Thanantos. Not when he so clearly was focused on someone else.

Instead she urged her son quietly off to the side. She moved closer to Leonidas and Harena. Leonidas was angry, the invasion probably at his forefront. The last time a group like this… Vivian pushed the memory from her mind. Instead she settled into the shadows urging her child to her side. Her head was low. Hopefully these folks had had a better night than she had.
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i see me through your eyes
When she woke that morning, she felt a deep sorrow in her chest at the thought that had occurred during her dream. There was no fear anymore, it subsided as she stirred, tangled in vines and woven into the very foundations of the earth as she slowly stood, disengaging her long braid from the plant life and pulling herself from the ground, she looked up and around. It was quiet, quieter than usual, and with her heart heavy at the thought there, she began to walk without knowing why.

If she had not acted as she had, she would have lived and her sister, her family, would have perished instead of her. She would still be there, but the once Na’vi knew she would never have been able to continue on well knowing she could have done something to save her. Eywa would not have allowed her to rest peacefully any night, and her days would have been plagued by guilt.

These thoughts slowly vanished, leaving behind her wondering what the dream meant as she came to the Shrine. Soon she was surrounded by others, and to each and every one of them she bowed head elegant head, giving a smile and a murmured polite greeting to them, as she found herself coming closer to their olo’eyktan, Emperor Leonidas, and a mare she knew was Harena. There was a feathered one there too who spoke, and others who were different, one of the night sky and bright, who spoke of magic.

She bowed her head.

“The one of snatanhi speaks what I feel; like there is someone out there trying to speak to us.. and the only want they knew how was to draw us here,” she says, and she looks to the Shrine itself, “May we find out soon…”

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The dream had nearly choked the life from her very being. Her mother condemning her for not being stronger, smarter, quicker, faster… more than all she was. Telling her she deserved to die with the rats and thieves. She had reminded her that she had still not found the green place and that if she were truly her daughter, she would have found it by now. Her mother disgraced her and disowned her. Furiosa found herself sinking into the hot, orange sand around her until only her head remained from the top of the sand. The weight of the sand crushed her lungs and body, making each breath after, a tremendous feat. She struggled until near death when her vision grew dimmer, and that was when she noticed the sun was not alone. Beside it was another massive, yellow glowing orb. She could barely make it out when suddenly a thick smell of fire became so intense that she could not breathe. She choked and sputtered as she gasped for air as the sand strangled her slowly. Her eyes opened wide as she thrashed herself up one last time. Erupting from the sand up half way so that her hooves were above the hole that swallowed her. She breathed heavily, only for a deep chuckle to sound around her and the smell of charcoal, flint, and singed hair and skin found its way into her nostrils.

Furiosa had leapt up from her bed in a cold sweat. She had gone to get some water, only to find her body changing course without her trying. The air was thick with mist as she traversed the ground. Pain from her forelimb sprang up into her shoulder and she clenched her jaws to look and her leg. The machine upon the limb was doing its job. Still, she was not used to the feel or the weight of her leg. Even as whatever magic pulled her along, she was forced to walk awkwardly out of her normal gait. The limp was evident as she was pushed along and hurried faster than she was able to walk at the moment. Cursing under her breath until she found herself gathering with hundreds of other horses, which caused her to grow an expression of utmost unpleasantness on her features. The exotic woman slithered her way, now with less force on her aching body, towards the edge of the land. Through the hordes of other horses, her eyes found a familiar face. Rhogir. She swallowed and moved towards him. Already her body was near exhaustion from being pushed to go farther and faster than it possibly could this soon after plummeting from a mountain and having some massive fuck make you a metal leg. But none the less, she approached. Her eyes nestled on a blueish colored mare beside him, one whom he spoke to eagerly. Furiosa’s brows wiggled and a devious smile grew on her lips. She never pegged the man to be even remotely interested in anyones company. None the less, she acted oblivious for the most part as she found her place near him, and on the other side of the mare. She leg out a pained sigh as she came to a halt, her leg aching from the walk here. She shook her neck as her gaze when from the red stallion before them who shouted at them and then Rhogir replying. She remained quiet for a moment, then let out a shallow laugh. ”And here I thought I was yanked from my bed by something fabulous like a hunky beast sweeping me off my feet, but no… I’m dragged here with half caeleste. This better be good.” She said allowed towards Rhogir and Rousselet as she waited for whatever called them here to speak.

You have been chosen,
and you must therefore use such
strength and heart and wits as you have.

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It was no surprise that the tuxedo clad man had been haunted by a ghost of his past. He didn’t even notice the steady tug and pull of an unknown force upon him now as his mind thought of every long second of that nightmare. The ghostly painted and dappled woman in white had haunted him again. It had been so long since he had seen her in his dreams that he almost thought it was real. She was so real. Her beautiful eyes, and her platinum hair. Her skin and curves were good enough to touch. She danced before him in this dreamscape, toying with his heart and soul. She tugged at every heart string, making him dance like a puppet. He moved when she moved, and he breathed when she breathed. It started out so unbelievable that he would have originally said it was a dream he would have rather not awoken from. She had called to him and he appeared like the loyal dog he was. She beckoned him near and embraced the broken man. With her embrace, it was like all the cracks and broken pieces she made of him, were glued back together and he was whole. He was all he had been before and, in that moment, all he could be. She had gazed into his eyes and her heart was like a drum in his chest. Percussions drowning out all other sounds as she made it skip beats and boom loudly in his chest. Her sad blue eyes melted his own melancholy ones. They were one in the same. They had been through it all, and even after all this time, all he wanted was her again. He wanted her touch, he wanted her smell, he wanted her… he wanted all of her. The good, the bad, and the ugly. He wanted the dark and the light. Even after she broke him. He still wanted her love.

He rested his head around her and pulled her close. Her scent was intoxicating and comforting all at the same time. It caused the massive beast to feel his eyes fill with hot tears that leaked down his face. He couldn’t hold it in. He couldn’t stay strong. He began to sniffed and then cry like a child. Why couldn’t she had come to him sooner? Legion felt her pull away, and he allowed her to. She smiled at him so beautifully, and through the tears and puffy eyes he memorized her face. He felt a goofy, child-like grin grow on his lips. ”Karis.. I.. I don’t.. I just. Karis, I lov-” He began to say when she frowned and turned away. He felt his world crumbling again. He blinked the tears from his eyes and felt them dry up on his black cheeks. She did not face him and spoke, ”I wanted to come just to see if I could do it again.” Legion was confused and he felt his heart drop and thud in the bottom of his chest cavity. ”D-Do what?” He almost whispered, and it was like he knew what she was going to say. She wouldn’t even look at him when she replied, ”See if I could make you fall in love with me again. Ira and I had a bet you see, and it seems I won.” Legion felt his throat launch into his throat. A game? A bet? A joke? How could she do this to him again? Come to him when she was still with the man she left him for?! Legion swayed from dizziness as his world began to spin. ”Please.. Karis.. don’t do this. Stay. Stay with me. Please… just please don’t leave me again. I need you. I want you. Please.. I love you.” He begged and pleaded, but she was already gone. Vanished in the gray mist the enveloped him. ”The truth is Legion. I never loved you. You were just there.” The words echoed faintly in his ears and he crumbled on the ground in a heaping mess of flesh and bone. He jolted awake to be enveloped in a tornado of fire.

Only to be, again, arisen and pulled to wherever he was going. It didn’t matter. The place where is heart was felt hollow and empty. He felt empty. He felt like if he spoke he would choke and if he tried to forget, he’d be plagued by reoccurring dreams. Why him? Why now? Just when everything seemed to be getting better? Why… Why couldn’t she.. why wouldn’t she pick him? He felt as broken and defeated as when he learned of the affair. He couldn’t breathe. It was all a blur until the end when the smell of hundreds of horses and the sea founds it way into his nares. He broke from his trance. Still affected by the dream, he was disheveled and looked like he had seen a ghost. His face was drawn and one could almost see the traces of salt left on his cheeks in where tears might had traveled. He felt overwhelmed and lost until his feet stopped moving and he looked around. He could see Nylah, Nyx, and Thanantos. He recognized them. But he did not go closer. He felt like he couldn’t even pretend to be alright right now. He let his mind wander as he tried to push the dream and her from his mind, even for a moment. What was all of this for? And… how did he get here? He felt a little more awake, even then he could not approach his herd mates. He feared they would ask if he was alright, and he feared he would not have the energy to lie and smile and pretend it was all okay and that the one girl he loved in all of his life hadn’t just came back from his memories, to make him whole again and shatter him to bits and pieces all in one conversation. He gazed towards Nylah and smiled weakly before looking forward at the large, ominous gray mist.

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“Sometimes to achieve the world one desires, one must take regrettable measures.”
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As the darkness that had settled over Caeleste lifted, Suledin felt as though the weight that had settled over him was lifted with it, and the fire demons that encircled him disippated into nothingness, leaving him standing in the forest alone. The sound of the wingbeats overhead had stopped as well, but he had not heard or felt the ground tremble as it would have should the beast have landed; the concern that the dream was not over lingered for a moment, until the world lightened a little more around him and a small green wisp floated before him.

It's time to wake up, lethallin.

Suledin released his breath and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he was still in the spot where he'd fallen asleep. Getting to his feet he looked around, noticing that the spirits of the forest were still in mild disarray, wandering around with uncertainty, some clustering together and whispering to each other, others peered out from behind the trees they'd sought shelter from. Then came a strange feeling that tugged at his very being, similar to the one that had lured him to Caeleste in the first place, and yet different, more powerful.

A tugging that was impossible to ignore. The stallion sighed softly and began to wander through the forest; at least wherever it was that he was being led, it wasn't too far away. And sure enough, as he departed the intertwining chaos of the trees, he happened upon others who had already gathered; clearly he had not been the only one affected by the magical lure. He remained towards the back of the group, teal eyes observing every little detail.

He recognised a few of them from Oblivion; some he had met, others had simply seen. Tai'ath. Periwinkle. Rhogir. Nylah. A deep frown marred his features as his eyes caught sight of someone potentially familiar, but there were too many others around and he was more or less on the other side of the group, incapable of getting a better look at her without moving. He heard Tai'ath speak, and although he mentally agreed with her he said nothing, instead, tilting his head up to the sky.

What was going on?

in uthenera na revas
image ♥

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“Dance with the devil in the pouring rain
Sharks in the water, but it's all the same.”
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That splitting pain, the putrid black ooze that spewed from his body, was suddenly gone as Romero's roar of agony and all else rippled against the vacant room, echoing against the ice and marble as Omen looked at him. Though, in those eyes Romero saw no sort of disgust or amusement. No, there was a seriousness to the vile green tones, something that told Rome that there was something bigger at work here.Not that it would take long for the sensation of that work to jolt him upright.

A forceful tug drew him forth, with Omen in pursuit, as the emperor left his wintery home. He cared little to fight the magic that had infected him, his own curiosity part of the blame, but the wild ride of that dream had also taken its toll. He didn't want to fall back asleep... not right now. Not until he could purge this from his body. "I have a feeling we will see many faces here... keep focused. Once this is finished I have a feeling I will need to approach Shishira and offer a report."
While it took some time, eventually Romero tread upon the grounds where other leaders had come to settle. He noted the feathered beast, Nylah, if he remembered correctly. Then of course there was Leonidas. Even faces such as Rhogir and Nyx came into view. However, it was the sight of his brother that forced Rome to a halt. He frowned, pursing his lips as visions of his nightmare screamed against his mind. In there, Thanantos was a thread... apparently - out here he was just a bastard... or so Romero's mantra dictated. Nevertheless, the brute donned an indifferent mask and moved to speak with Leonidas - something he'd not gotten the chance to do in quite some time. All the while, the exceptionally tall beast walked at his heels, committing scents and faces to memory.

"We've been drawn together like this once before, have we not?" Rome frowned and looked Leonidas in the eye once he was at a respectable distance. "And as Nyx has stated, there was no choice to be had... I believe there is another god working here." Maybe... just maybe... Shishira's arrival had broken some kind of seal and now all of them wanted revenge?

Romero gave little regard to his sibling in those moments. This was business and with Nylah, Leon, and.... others he might have been well acquainted with, he would maintain peace as best as possible. After all, no one would want to feel this powerless for long. Certainly, not he.

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Anna Marie was torn from the nightmare as fast as she was thrown into it.
The mare jolted awake disgustingly drenched in sweat, the smell of smoke seered into her nostrils as if it were real. In the years since murdering her sister Anna Marie has had many bloody nightmares. That's why she relied on drugs and alcohol like fish rely on water. Not to mention the mare was so mentally unstable that she saw her dead sister too. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why she's an addict. However this dream left her shaking and gulping fresh air like the very first guilty nightmare she had.

Before the nightmare had time to settle in the depths of the mare's mind her hooves were under her and leading her away from the field she had passed out drunk in. Anna Marie could hardly see her hooves under the thick fog that rolled across them, her hungover mind hardly grasped the fact that she wasn't the one controlling her movements until voices licked at her ears. Against the pale moon's light forms of horses were outlined, including her attractive leader, why were all the stallions here so attractive? Anna Marie's slutty mind took over and so she didn't see the stallion in front of her until the mare's chest collided with his leg.

"What the fuuuuuuck?" the mare moaned.
Anna Marie blinked and took note of how tall this man was, and took a step back, but then the mare slid up next to him. Too hungover to flirt the mare settled on tilting her head up to look at the man with her glazed tiger orange eyes. Giving a shake of her head, sending her mane tumbling around her she spoks up. "It seems like no one has a real idea whats going on..." the mare paused and gave a sniff. "I can still smell the smoke..."


Anna Marie talks
Lana talks
Ooc::: Crappy post but Anna pretty much just talks to Entia and wants to kno whats happening

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Deja hadn't been in the lands for more than a moment before everything had run amuck. Everyone had lost their minds, talking of a nightmare as they walked alongside her to a place she knew not where. Her body betrayed her, pulling her will away from her and holding it captive as it drew her in like a moth to the flame.
Inwardly, she prayed. Lady Fate, please hear my cries! Keep me safe so that I might tell those of this place of your presence! Allow me to aid them... please, I beg you... your most humble servant. Though, even with her prayer riding the silent winds... she still walked. Perhaps the lady has a purpose for me to go here... Though, either way, the dainty little female couldn't help but feel the anxiety of each step, of being a puppet to another's will and determination - though, for what? Was this the magic of equines like her? Or were there titans here? Children of Fate... hmmm, perhaps she is showing me her children, then. And with that the bubble female allowed for the pull to take her without fuss. She had a skip in her step, unaware of the horrors having been suffered but a short time before her arrival. Though, once arrived, the small female wandered closer towards the speaking group, trying to hear what they were saying... though, at the mention of a god she frowned. Where these equines in belief of gods? Surely they knew of Lady Fate, the highest of highs? It was then that she couldn't help herself, "I'm sorry to intrude... what do you mean by god and magic??" After all, her people knew not of magic, per say. While they held a certain knack for natural skills, of their own affinity, no one dared called in magic. Furthermore, she knew not who any of these equines were. Not their names, faces, nor their status. Oh, how troublesome being a foreigner could be.

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Kriegsent's nightmares were probably unique within themselves as they were more memories than anything. The dragon he had faced in his younger years, alongside brave soldiers, has been a cruel plague across the land, a beast that stole countless lives and spewed its hatred for all things across that very place. He remembered the stench of sulfur, of blood, and the fire that had surrounded him - the only difference had been his foot caught in that clasp, chained to all of the bodies he'd once led, unable to escape his own sins. It was strange though... the dragon would eventually turn into his own form and the fear of his own retribution stabbed into his heart and soul. That was when he'd awoken.
The second he'd opened his eyes, however, he felt a pull. Not like someone casually playing with ones hair but an authentic yank against all that he was - muscle, bone... spirit. None could deny the magic yank and he'd been drawn to his feet within seconds, trotting towards the source of the draw. Once arrived, Kriegsent loomed along the side, watching the congregation and frowning all the while... what was happening?
Idly, he wondered where that draconian male was... surely he'd have an interest in this? If not, Kriegsent would certainly have plenty to report - especially once he learned who was who.

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When he woke, there were tears blurring his eyes. What had he done? Why had he betrayed her? Why hadn't he been braver? Why was she dead, and he alive?! All of these question plagued the mind of Corinthian, his body heaving with the sorrow and lingering tendrils of fear. Though, as it were, his reprieve was short lived. Instead, he was being drawn up, as if someone had taken control of his limbs and forced them to move without his consent. It didn't matter how much he tried to fight, for every dig of his defiant hooves, the pull yanked harder until he was certain his bones would be torn from his flesh. Only then did his attempt to fight stop and resolve allowed him to step forward and follow the demands of the magical pull.
When he arrived at the place, many faces were there and each of them seemed as haunted as his own... or was this another dream? Would they all turn on him and call him murderer? Traitor? Would they be him looking in on himself?
Holding his breath for a moment, forcing his mind to settle, Corinthian ground his molars and focused on the reality around him. Everyone was their own self, he was himself, and no one had found his forbidden closet of skeletons. With that said, he stepped towards a pretty creature with flowers along her body, and lowered his head, respectively. "Can you tell me what is happening? I am afraid I do not know this place nor why I am here..."

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“If death has no cost, life has no worth.”
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Loneliness, it wash in like waves brushing ever so softly the beach's sand. slowly she felt it sink in, that uneasy ball lingering in her chest. the night was darker and colder then she is use to remember. her silver eye's contrasting vividly like the moon sitting up in her blanket of stars. Her stare lingered on the sky for moments, loosing herself in the breath taking canvas. every bright dot, shimmering reminded her of the souls she use to save. everyone given a second chance to enter heaven, to be part of the mortal world in form of bright stars. her eyes landed on one that shined bright as the norther star, but wasn't as large. a ghost like smile, rising to her lips. warmth growing like a fire in her chest, adoration growing. that very bright star was her mother's, Solaris's. it had to be, because there was no other way she could feel such warmth in the middle of the night.

Ever since her passing things had gone dark, gloomy even. she felt her eyes becoming moist, even as a full grown mare she still felt the urge to cry. to feel everything from love to sadness when remembering her mother, it was only fair. a soft sight barely audible over the wind, faded out from her lips. closing her eyes she lays down, letting the wind grow onto her. her skin shivering lightly as some breezes where stronger then the other. even in the breezes she felt the warmth, like somebody was there brushing her face. Rhone? she ponders in her tired mind, his face barely a flash of colors before her eyes. all of a sudden she felt dizzy and she wanted to fight her fatigue. to see his face again but she couldn't and she felt her self breaking. Softly she fell into her side, her head hitting the ground with a soft thump. everything was dark and out of her control, fighting wasn't even working. so she did what most would have done after a battle and gave in. letting the shadows merge with her mind and fell asleep, deep and low.

She then fluttered her eyes open, bright silver orbs staring out in the horizon. she frowns as she can't figure out where she is, was this ? she shakes her head, the dizziness as not lifted from before. She then notices through her inattention a black stallion coming to her. she stood there watching him as he came closer and closer. then fear slowly crept in, making her skin crawl and her heart dropping. the man was familiar to familiar, his red hair and black body could be no one else. she wanted to flee away from him, all those emotions coming back like a train wreck. he had been her undoing, her light, her lifetime but now he was only a sigh of death. She turns on herself and runs, as if she could outrun him and the memories that are clearly hanging on. screams in the back of her mind echoes and terrifies her, every scream hers when she had been with him. screams of anger, lust, fear and pain each and one of them had made her who she was, she couldn't hate him forever. Because every thing he had done, made her stronger and able to stand for herself. but he was still her weakness, he would always be.

She ran, ran until her legs begged and bucked in pain. Tumbling down in a pile of feathers and body, she lay there heaving. then a man, a rich bay stallion with glimmering armor came into her sight. His deep green eyes, seeking hers probably wondering if she was alive. I blink and he asks her name and if she was ok. bluntly she answers no, no she wasn't not with The black and red devil around. he questionably looks about and tells her there is no one like she describes near. he aids her to her feet and makes their way to the nearest town, his town. she can't help but look at him, he reminded her of someone. she pushes away the doubt, holding her town she fallows him. they enter the big city, large stone walls and busy roads filled with merchants. a soft smile crossing her lips as she admires this large place. she is brought to a man, a prince they say. as she enters the palace she stops, sure that the smell coming to her was the smell of smoke. the guards push her forward, weary now if this was a good idea or not, she walks again towards the throne room. before reaching such room, maids and mares dress her. long soft silver and rich purple silk drapes and ribbons are places on her. the soft cloths rubbing against her body, draping from her wings, head and chest wavering out behind her.

Every step wasn't certain anymore, and fear again started to rain inside her. each drop intensifying like every step towards that room. There he stood, the prince draped in lush gold and red cloths. His bay colored skin standing out with such colors. he turns to face her and her eyes go wide, her heart itching in her chest. "Rhone?" she says in a faint attempt to question him, to speak. he only smiles and walks to her, brushing a faint kiss on her cheek. finally feeling something familiar, love and security she pushed her head into him. he murmurs beneath the crows I missed you she hold back a whine, holding back the burning tears. "I am glad your son Vantrice as proven himself as emperor, but like you he failed" his swords harsh, pulling back like he had strike her. pain rising in her eyes, knowing he knew about how they both had failed their kingdom, her birth right. She then comes to realize this, all this wasn't real. it couldn't be? How could he have known for Vantrice, he had been long dead before her son had ever grown to adulthood.

"Your not him" she cries out in agony, the tears rolling down. "Ill never be him, i can't be and never will be" Lost in thoughts, she can't understand what he means. but then the scent of fire, smoke stronger and more suffocating. she turns on her heels and there he stood, the demon of her dreams. Both stallions edging toward her, a glimmer of hate in their distinct orbs. Then out from the blue, breath of scorching fire erupted through the throne room. a hole of freedom broken hope from the dragon that now was massacring the whole threshold. Without hesitation she bolted through the opening and flew out. all four wings rapidly gaining speed. Helppp Me ? the whisper was so loud in her head, looking around wildly she couldn't find who had said that. flying around the burning castle she finds metal cages and there inside one of them was a dragon. was it the same one that had just saved her?

Confused she had let time pass by and a net hit her, letting her fall from the sky. she landed harshly into the water, feeling the water suck her in. she fought hard , but she was heavy and the net was holding her. the dreaded feeling of panic sinks in, terror rising in her eyes. She kept sinking and her breath, she couldn't hold it any longer. Feeling caged and held down, she sinks further into the black abyss. choking widely on the water, she couldn't breathe! Closing her eyes, as her lunges burned and finally let the water enter. Seconds later she opens her eyes, she wasn't dying? she blinks a few times, she was still sinking in the water. almost like she was falling from the sky, but she felt so cold like she was dead. she felt nothing, only like she had slept forever and couldn't wake. just like falling into this dark abyss over and over again, with no escape. looking around before everything changed again, now she was in a cage surrounded by fire. screaming the burning pain she fought, hitting the cage as hard as she could with her hooves.

She stopped knowing it wasn't going to do anything, she felt held still. feeling the fear in her chest as her heart banged against her rib cage. fear of death, fear of lovers haunting her soul, fear of failure. but these fears she had felt wasn't hers, she knew what was her weakness. but these where not hers, fear of incagement, eternal sleep in the black abyss. everything was a blur, fire swirling and then there it was. the dragon, rich in black and fiery gold. scales shimmering and reflecting the dancing fire.

It's split pupils eyed her, and she could have sworn she felt it's heart beat. "help" it says again. "How?" she asks, Looking around while still in this cage. "help" It said again and she looked around, looking for a weak spot. when she turned around it was pulling away from her into the fire. all of a sudden the cage door opened, the creaking sound echoing eerily in the dead night. she wasn't sure if this was a trap or not, but the need to help was to strong. the fire scares her, her body shivering as the cold settles inside her. But her desire to help, to do good takes over and she jumps trough. Everything then changes, the bright warm sun heats her face again. shy eyes slowly open to squint in the bright day. what? was her first though, quickly rising to her legs trying to understand what just happened. Shaking her head, letting the soft strands of her hair cover part of her face. Ice blue eyes staring out in a distant manner, trying to collect her thoughts. Falooww comes a soft voice, so soft it was barely audible over the breeze. the breeze who turned into a gust pushing her in a direction, hair flying forward.

Still not convinced of what voodo or black magic was going on. something grew in her heart, wildly urging her forward. she needed to go, needed to just run without knowing where, but it was a strong desire she couldn't kick off. She pushes off, mounts of dirt left in her wake. her long legs swiftly move beneath her, in a rhythmic manner. she ran but felt no fatigue, she felt no other though but to fallow this feeling. She makes it across a meadow then later on at a border of trees. She smiles recognizing the tall pines, they had also been a wall and a fortress for silver lakes. the urges decreases and she slows her gate, weaving through the large trees to where the pine walls stops. Just as she passes the invisible barrier there he stood, in front of her. Her lips lift into a radiant smile, more then happy to see him again. "Leonidas? is this your home?" she questions, not truly sure of where she had run to exactly. she pulls away from the now forming line of other equines, she goes to him. her soft and warm nose pressing on his shoulder in a welcoming gesture. she pulls away to take place beside him, baffled and confused on what was going. was it him that called all of the people here? but his face seemed to be as confused as they where. "and i dont know why i am here, i felt an urge like life and death. that i needed to be here" she says with her head tilted, letting only on silver eye on his face. she could clearly understand his anger that all these people had invaded his privacy, this did look like an act of war to be. she eyes everyone but none came to mind, no names nor recognition. she stood there, waiting and uncertain of how this would go down. she event felt guilty to have simply let some magic pull her here and anger leonidas.

Hold me in your warmth,Cause I forget how cold it can be
And in your heat I feel how cold it can get, Just draw me close

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Phaedris Eöl
Such is the nature of evil
White hooves carried him into the belly Caeleste for a time, though the heat of summer had pushed him all over the place as he tried to find any kind of relief. Phaedris found himself lingering in the last place he wished to be near - the sandy shore of Caeleste where the waters were deep blue and clear. Despite the peacefulness of the shoreline, it reminded him of the very beach he had washed upon not too long ago. It was a tad masochistic of himself to make a home here, but when did he ever treat himself to a kindness?

He struggled for a time, but made the strip of shoreline his temporary home. As the rune covered stallion laid his head down to rest, he was lost in the too common nightmares of his life before Caeleste. Of the blood that stained the white marble city that had been his home, of the screams of his people, the fear in his sister's eyes...The maniacal laughter of their brother always lingered in the back of his mind, forever seared into his memory. Like always, the nightmare shifted to his voyage across the sea in a desperate bid to get to freedom. Phaedris was greeted with the same images, over and over again; the diasterous storm that tore their ship asunder, leaving the wreckage strewn in the sea. Bodies bobbed in the turbulent waters as everyone struggled to remain afloat. But something was different this time - in the flashes of lightning, it almost seemed like a dragon lingered in the clouds. It was preposterous. A dragon had not caused their wreck, yet the fire that overtook his ship 

Phaedris awoke in a cold sweat to the children's screams echoing distantly in his ears, his sides heaving as he panted. Unaware of his own movements, the grey stallion rose to his white hooves and began to move. So lost and dazed by his own nightmares, which seemed so eerily too real, Phaedris paid little attention to where he was going. It was only when his pupiless violet eyes landed on the faces of many other confused souls did he snap out of his haze.

"What in heavens is going on here?" he protested to no one in particular, shaking his head as he did so. The silver chains around his neck jingled softly with the movement. He lingered near a white mare with red locks and a boy at her side, making the stallion acutely aware of his language. The others around him were throwing words of magic and of Gods, causing the exiled prince to sneer. Gods or magic? To Phaedris, neither of those existed to him anymore. Caeleste had made sure to take both of Phaedris's Goddess and magic from him.

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"Phaedris speech!" Phaedris thoughts!

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