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The nights are beginning to turn colder and deciduous plants are turning orange slowly, as the days begin to grow shorter. Some late evenings there are minor violent storms as the climate begins to shift, bringing heavy rain in a quick downpour. Days will become more cloudy and temperatures are dropping at nights, but most days are a comfortable 68ºF/20ºC to 77ºF/25ºC degrees, while in the desert its still pushing well above 86ºF/30ºC, but the mountains are getting cold, only hitting a max of 64ºF/18ºC on a good day. As autumn draws on, the plants that are seasonal will withers, nights will become longer, and there will even be increased snowfall in the Highlands. Mornings will be mist heavy and thick in some parts of the world, while they are crisp and cool in the desert. Autumn is well and truly here!
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    Nothing Personal About It
    A captivating thread where the bold and youthful Charekai goes to Silver Pines to challenged the stoic and fearless Leonidas! This thread is full of drama, action, and character development. Charekai starts out with a laissez faire attitude but it quickly transfers into something serious as his past come flooding back. Leonidas, who had lost all hope for himself finds his spirit and determination and fights back with unrelenting force. Wounded, bloodied, and exhausted the two end their fight, leaving Leonidas victorious!
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OPEN Sharad Herd Meeting II |mandatory|
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(Emperor of Sharad) played by perm_identity Carhartt, posted on schedule 08-01-2017, 12:08 PM. link #1

It had been quiet some time since they had their last herd meeting and Leonidas felt it was time to do so. It was time to introduce the ranks, plan for the Autumn festival and answer any questions they may have. Leonidas was ready to fortify Sharad and make their empire the strongest of them all. Yes they had allies but deep down Leonidas knew not to rely on anyone but themselves. With a look of satisfaction, standing before the shrine he closed his vibrant sapphire orbs and allowed his sorcery to consume his entire body. There he connected with the spirit world. Asking them to send a message to his people to come to the shrine for the herd meeting. The sorcery connected with caring spirits who agreed pleasantly. Before he knew it the spirits in the shape of various forest life danced to the equines of Sharad.

Leonidas thoroughly enjoyed introducing everyone he had recruited and their jobs. He wanted Sharad to feel like a family and understand that they all came first. With Harena at his side he feared nothing. There was so much going for Sharad it was time to make plans and come together. With pride flowing through his veins, he held his dished dial high. His impressive crown of ivory antler gleamed in all of its beauty and power. There was something in the air today. Nares flared with a heavy snort as he sucked it in. That smell was victory. Victory in being a successful emperor for Sharad for more than a year now. There was so much more that he wanted to accomplish and his time was short… So it was time to start implementing the plans now… Before it was too late. There his deep and rugged tones boomed from deep in his chest. “Fellow Sharads, come forth to our shrine and offer your loyalty to our great Deity Sharad. It is time we come together and commemorate our great knowledge.” There he stood in all of his stoic glory, awaiting his brethren with open arms.

Leonidas walks.
Leonidas thinks.
"Leonidas talks."

T A G » @Suledin @Bozyr @Hesperides @Rhett @Vivian @Amrod @Iscariot @Lucerna @Grimoire @Lazarus @Narcissa @Apollyon @Eshedira @Raekor @Vega @Magdalena @Hitomi @Cainnech @Ezio @Husani @Jack Jayhawk @Roskva @Rumpelstiltskin @Dulcina @Nikkayla @Milo @Naveen @Jazreel @Sabine @Oddette @Roxana @Harena And whom ever interested!
M U S E » 10/10
V O C A L S » Jensen Ackles
W O R D S » 321
S T A T U S » finished
O O C » Second Herd Meeting. It is very important to come to this because big things will be planned. Those who show will get carats per response :D Please respond to sign up! I'll give a few days before Leo responds next. No post order.
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(The Hell Hound) played by perm_identity Kiwi, posted on schedule 08-01-2017, 12:23 PM. link #2

Raekor was generally never far off where Leonidas was concerned. She kept a close eye on the emperor making sure there were no assassins, armed thugs, or even just a stray log he may trip over. Last thing she needed was him falling in a hole or something like that. There were, of course, times that she stayed far enough away to give the stallion the illusion of privacy. There were some things that should not be shared between a leader and their subordinate. Despite Raekor's rather muscular frame she had become rather adept at keeping herself hidden within the trees, luckily her dusty brown pelt helped for something. The bear was slightly harder to hide.

Since coming to Caeleste, Raekor had never thought to set her gaze upon one of the grizzlies she had sparred with as both a young woman and a queen. And somehow, he'd returned to her. Looking just as intimidating and angry as she had last seen him. There had been an awkward few minutes where the two had merely stared at one another before Raekor had shapeshifted, much to the bear's surprise. A tussle later and the real bear had been pinned, Raekor victorious as it had always been. Since then he'd taken to following her about. Sometimes, Raekor could have sworn she heard him grumbling beneath his breath but she knew this to be folly.

Leonidas had approached the shrine, summoning spirits to help bring the citizens together. Raekor, being respectful, stayed back a bit and was prepared to wait until others arrived instead of just swarming the poor emperor. The bear, well he had other ideas. He'd heeded the call immediately and trotted over, massive paws kicking up a bit of dirt and grass as he did. Raekor huffed, flattening her ears even tighter against the thick curve of her nap and followed. Apparently the dumb bear was still just as ornery and thick headed as he always had been, though Raekor supposed that was some of his charm.

"Greetings, Leonidas," her voice was blank, deep like ocean waters and lacking almost all emotion. Despite being in close proximity to Leonidas for a bit of time now they had not yet bonded. She would defend him with her life at all costs, but she felt no kinship to him as of yet. She stepped in front of the bear who let out a dejected grunt, swatting a heavy paw at her stump of a tail. Without even missing a beat, Raekor lifted a hind hoof up in the air and nailed the bear hard enough to send him into a heap on the ground but not enough to seriously injure him. He'd known her long enough that the bear no longer warranted any warnings.

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(Sharad) played by perm_identity Elidhu, posted on schedule 08-01-2017, 01:26 PM. link #3
Eshedira had felt the calling in her very core, long before she realized what it was. There was a summoning it would seem, and she began to move automatically toward the shrine. The dappled minx had missed the previous calling like this, she hadn't been even within the domain of Sharad at that time. Her white gaze noted the familiar contours, and curves of Sharad as she moved. Eshedira had been working to collect more of the elders, and thus spent a great deal of time in Hollow Point. Today was no different for the small, eerie minx. Her small legs moved swiftly, stirring her long multi-hued tresses behind her. They were wavy and appeared unkempt at a first glance. Eshedira didn't care much for her own apperance, especially considering she spent most of her time with the dead. Upon first entrance to the shrine, shrouded thickly by the trees of Sharad, she spotted Leonidas, and a mare with a large brown bear beside her. Eshedira quirked an invisible brow as she approached them with great urgency.

The dappled gray Vixen had not met either of the two quite yet, not that she could recall anyway. "Leonidas." Eshedira greeted him, thankful that the mare before her had confirmed her suspicions about the stag. It was only a matter of time before the denizens of Sharad made their appearance. She couldn't help but wonder exactly what was in store for this meeting. There was no ominous, anticipation heavy in the air. Eshedira swept her spiked face level, making eye contact with the emperor as she did so. It wouldn't be obvious to tell if she was actually looking at any one individual, her eyes were devoid of a contrasting pupil. This only added to her eerie appearance, and demeanor. A coy smile played upon her gentle, curved lips. "I am Eshedira. I am thrilled to meet you. I hope to see you sometime soon, I would like to introduce you to the elders I have met." Her chiming voice carried on the breeze. An eerie giggle followed after her words.

349 Words
SORRY this is really bad.


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(Sharad) played by perm_identity amore, posted on schedule 08-01-2017, 04:28 PM. link #4

Talks - Thinks   268 words - @Leonidas

Suledin had already been nearby when he had heard Leonidas' voice, but he did little else but frown at the stallion's words. It seemed that no matter where he travelled these days, if he joined a land for a time it always felt like others tried to force the local religion, deity, or whatever else it was, upon everyone who called the area home. However, he said nothing and simply sighed with a small, almost disappointed, shake of his head before moving off in the direction the Pine's leader's voice had come from.

He held no aleigance or even really care for Sharad - or anything that called itself a God - but he felt at home in the forest, and knew there was more benefits to belonging to a herd (even if only for a while), compared to wandering alone. As he waltzed through the trees, listening to the spirits of the forest whisper to each other quietly, he came upon those who had already arrived - he'd taken his own time in appearing, having had a mental debate with himself about weather he should go or not, purely based upon the words he'd heard spoken; but not showing up would be rude, especially since Leonidas had been kind enough to accept the fact he may not stay but give him a home here regardless.

He remained in the shadows, lingering, keeping his distance from the group already there but gave a subtle dip of his head in greeting in Leonidas' direction. If this meeting warranted his commenting, he would speak up, but until that point he would remain silent.

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(Healer of Sharad) played by perm_identity Mallory, posted on schedule 08-01-2017, 06:56 PM. link #5

The golden pegasus had spent her first weeks in Sharad in some much needed solitude, especially after the night. Roxana knew she shouldn't have given into temptation, but there was no taking it back. It had happened, regardless of how either of them had felt after the fact. Life had carried on and so had she; whether or not the antlered emperor would be affected by it was yet to be seen. Roxana immersed herself in her humble, rustic new life in the Silver Pines. The calm was so radically different from the cities she had once haunted that she was always marveling at the peace and tranquility she woke up to every morning. She got to enjoy warm cups of tea on her front porch, listening to the birds sing in the trees. She had a warm hearth and a roof over her head. What more could a girl want?

Well, there were some things...

Roxana shook her head softly as she made her way from her cabin hideaway. She had heard the Emperor's call to the shrine, beckoning his herd to give tribute to the god Sharad. This was the perfect opportunity for Roxana to meet the others - to put herself out there and meet the souls that would be her herd mates until she chose to move on...or perhaps for the rest of her life. Only a handful of others had joined the Emperor at the shrine; two mares and a stallion had arrived. She swept by Leonidas gracefully, brushing the stallion with the feathers of a golden wing. "Leonidas." Her greeting was simple, with no other words to weigh it down, though to Roxana her tone sounded perhaps a little too personal. Roxana's rich red gaze lingered on Leonidas for a moment, perhaps a moment too long, before turning to the others. The pegasus mare moved away from Leonidas, not wanting to linger next to him. Standing at his side was not her place; her place was no longer at any Emperor's side.

Leonidas had given her freedom. The least she could do was enjoy it.

tagged: @Leonidas @Raekor @Eshedira @Suledin
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(Sharad) played by perm_identity Blushie, posted on schedule 08-02-2017, 09:19 AM. link #6

| | @Leonidas @Raekor - Please Tag Vivian if you interact with her <3
She had just settled down next to a snoozing Rhett with a hot glass of tea and a good book when the Spirit came to her room. The butterfly-like creature had politely knocked at the window until Vivian got up to let it in. It communicated Leonidas’ summoning and fluttered back on its way. She’d been expecting a meeting to come again soon. So this wasn’t really a surprise. It wouldn’t take her long to be ready, but waking up Rhett had proven a little harder. He was a pretty heavy sleeper.

When the sleepy colt finally woke up (and had his tummy topped off because he always wanted to eat after sleeping), they set off into Silver Pines. Rhett did not (for once) pester her with questions about where they were going, or why they were going. It had been a long time since he had been to the Shrine (his birth had been the last) and so far Vivian could not detect any indication that he remembered the incident. To her heart’s relief.

However, he did seem to perk up as they arrived and saw all the equines gathering at the Shrine. He surged forward, Vivian letting out a sigh and following with proper “Excuse him. Excuse me. I’m so sorry.” coming out of her mouth as she worked through the group already there. She knew Leonidas. And she knew the larger mare from Dragon Isle, though she was startled by the bear that was also present. She did not know any others who had gathered.

She nodded at Leonidas in greeting as she surged after Rhett who seemed to have taken an immediate interest in the bear.

“Rhett, Rhett get back over here,” she huffed as she followed the rascal.

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(Sharad) played by perm_identity Blushie, posted on schedule 08-02-2017, 09:30 AM. link #7

Rhett had been more than a little drowsy on their way to the Shrine. He couldn’t remember his dream, but he was pretty sure he had been exploring somewhere. And that had been fun. He hadn’t really wanted to stop, but he’d heard his mother calling from far away and so he’d regretfully woken up. He’d still been yawning as they made the rather short trek from the Flagon to the Shrine.

He’d started to wake up along the route and was just getting ready to start peppering his mother with the usual questions when they arrived at the Shrine. There was already a gathering of strange equines from all over. Rhett had not met any of them and he surged ahead, powerful strides becoming faster.

He ignored his mother’s call as he pushed into the pack. He smiled up at a pretty gold pegasus and would have asked about her wings, if he hadn’t noticed Suledin, whom they had met before. He barely managed a “Hi,” before his interest was caught by a strange mare with three horns coming out of her forehead. And he moved towards her. Then he noticed the bear.

“Oh…” His blue eyes went wide with eagerness. The bear didn’t seem all that unfriendly as he had seen the big mare kick him. And he moved towards it, ignoring the others or his mother’s calls.
| | Sorry for the tagging mania, couldn't get things to work. Feel free to have Rhett interact with your characters in various, child-like ways. If you want to interact with him directly, please tag him. Otherwise, his responses will be in Vivian's posts.

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(Second in Command of Sharad) played by perm_identity Sol, posted on schedule 08-02-2017, 02:57 PM. link #8
The dark woman traveled casually through the forest, enjoying the beauty of autumn that had fallen across the Pines. Although the evergreens stood as healthy as ever, the deciduous trees were beginning to change colors. The beautiful crimson and marigold hues filtered the light into a radiant warm tones. The Pines had become a comfortable home to the azure mare, full of interesting yet wonderful equines. As she strode through the autumn foliage, a wispy, spiritual creature wafted through the trees and floated before her. A familiar voice called out to her, beckoning her towards the shrine to meet. She smiled faintly, happy to hear the voice. She followed the ghostly apparition towards the shrine.

When she arrived, she noticed that a small group had already assembled. She felt guilty for not arriving first, feeling that it was her duty to greet other members of the herd. A large mare stood close to Leonidas and a bear laid on the ground looking dejected. The scene was quite puzzling, though Harena paid it little mind. A strange mare she had never met before stood and spoke of meeting the ‘Elders’, and although her general affect was a bit creepy, Harena didn’t feel threatened or frightened of her. A stallion with a horn and spots that looked like those of a giraffe had also gathered in the group. These were all unfamiliar faces to the dark mare, though she anticipated greeting them.

She noticed a majestic femme with flowing, gold locks and feathers standing a bit to familiarly with Leonidas. She brushed a feather against him and her gaze lingered upon him for far too long. Harena felt this gnarled feeling in the pit of her stomach, and she looked to Leonidas to see his reaction to the unusual interaction. There was a familiarity between them that she didn’t like, one that was hardly appropriate in general but even less so for a herd meeting. She would remember to discuss it with the leader at a later time, but now was hardly an appropriate place to mention her instinctual feelings of dread.

She noticed Vivian and her youthful son bursting onto the scene, the youngster clearly more interested in the bear than anything else. Vivian looked exhausted as she followed behind, apologizing for his behavior. Harena smiled and chuckled tenderly as she approached Vivian and the group of equines. ”Good to see you, Vivian. You look well.” The smile remained on her features as she took her spot to the side of Leonidas, reflexively leaving space for an empress that didn’t exist anymore. She smiled to him, though there was a hint of sadness in the gesture that perhaps only he would notice. ”Leonidas.” She turned towards everyone else in the group. ”Greetings to you all.”

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(Sharad) played by perm_identity Carhartt, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 12:21 PM. link #9

Loneliness was so painful he could barely fathom it. He was always told by Sabbaoth to stay out of herd business but being alone for so long was dangerous. He needed to socialize and see others. He had herd about a possible herd meeting and figured it was time to announce himself. He had been part of Sharad for quiet sometime but he refused to come in fear that all the horrible things Sabbaoth warned him about. Tentative footsteps made towards the crowd as he kept his dial low in a submissive manner. What if everyone laughed at him…treated him horribly? It’s what Sabbaoth warned him about and he wasn’t sure he could handle it. He missed Jacqueline so much. He was so depressed he didn’t even bring his friends to life anymore.

There he took in all the equines, enamored by all their beauty and grace. The all shined vibrantly in the dark shadows of the forest. Zaerael felt out of place… As if he did not belong. Swallowing harshly he stepped forward and placed himself next to the golden femme with luxurious hair and massive wings. He smiled nervously as he looked to the leader. He was intimidating that was for sure. Nervously he looked around and smiled gently. “Hello everyone… I am Zaerael. It's such a pleasure to meet you all.” It was obvious he was nervous, worried about not fitting in. He looked to everyone one by one feeling as if he was going to melt in to a puddle of embarrassment. There he waited fearfully praying everything Sabbaoth warned him about wouldn’t happen.

Zaerael walks.
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"Zaerael talks."

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(Sharad) played by perm_identity Nikkayla, posted on schedule 08-17-2017, 07:24 AM. link #10
If it was better to be late than never, she was overdue by a lengthy time. She had been resting peacefully and so she missed the call entirely, living in a vivid dream that felt so real, and left her lingering, feeling every emotion burning on the fringes of her mind. So when she rose, she was very late but she went none the less, walking with purpose, and it was during her stretching and walk that she felt them all through the earth, a gathering of different beings, and she knew that this was something she was meant to go to.

So she walks, slow and steady, but comes upon the meeting none the less.

They were all here, and what felt strange to her now was the knowledge and realisation of how much taller she was, especially in such close quarters. Yet she looks upon them, a smile on her lips, and first bids greeting to Leonidas above all.

“Kaltxi,” she murmurs, the greeting in her own tongue, and to Harena she does the same, and others she doesn’t know – to Suledin she smiles and says, “Ole ngati kameie,” the greeting reserved for those who she was closer to. She turns her attention back to he and listens quietly, wondering to herself what this meeting was…

Beyond a simply gathering, of course...
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(Emperor of Sharad) played by perm_identity Carhartt, posted on schedule 08-18-2017, 05:34 PM. link #11

Everyone began to gather around, assembling not only before Leonidas but Sharad. Things were different now. Their deity was alive and well and it was their time of the year. Therefore it was their time to shine. Sapphire orbs looked at everyone he had grown to know and love dearly, all as family members. A few a little more romantically but that was for another time. Raekor was always close so it was no surprise she showed first. He nodded to her gently, the way he always had. He looked for Harena—particularly antsy to see her. There from the crowd there was a stranger. Audits perked forward with interest as she spoke. "I am Eshedira. I am thrilled to meet you. I hope to see you sometime soon, I would like to introduce you to the elders I have met." Lobes flickered forward as he bobbed his large antlered dial in a respectful manner. “It’s a true pleasure Eshedira. Welcome to Silver Pines, and welcome to Sharad.” His tones were inviting and kind as he looked to her with a pleased gaze despite the uncertainty of what she meant by Elders.

It was great there as someone new among them. A perspective new member to their family. There he saw Roxana and smile coyly. He felt somewhat giddy every time he saw her. There he respectfully nodded his dial to all giving his thanks and greetings as they joined. There he watched the young child come bouncing in with Vivian in tow. Leonidas chuckled but remained poised as ever. He always loved children. He nodded to Vivian with a warm smile. Finally his better half made way. He looked to her and his smile grew. “Harena… Stunning as usual.’ His tones were low, only loud enough for her and Raekor to hear. There was something so enrapturing about her. She was pretty yes, but there was some spiritual and emotional connection he had with he unlike any other. There another came forward, one face he did not know. He was a strange fellow and seemed uncertain. “Welcome Zaerael, thank you for coming.” He was amiable and warm hoping to entice the stag to relax.

There the last of them entered and he nodded his greetings and called to them one by one. Stepping forward he kept his dial high and spoke with pride, “Thank you all for coming. I look on you all and feel complete. I have faith that you all please Sharad to no end. I wanted to introduce everyone and see if there are any ranks you are interested.” He paused for only a moment and started again just as strong. “Yes, Naveen is gone. Harena is our Second in Command. She is the backbone of Sharad and has really helped me through the past few weeks. To my right is Raekor and her companion, Koth. She is the protector of Sharad and guardian of myself and Harena. And that lovely lady of gold is Roxana, our own healer who has settle in Evanorah’s Cabin. Vivian is our spiritual doctor and also the owner of the Ragged Flaggon—a place where Sharad are welcome to stay and keep safe. A lot has happened in the past year. Yes, I was challenged but I have prevailed. Sharad has blessed me and I want to make our empire strong.”

There he paused allowing his words to soak in. “But there is no strength in one stallion. It takes a family to make a village. If here are any jobs, any skills you are wanting to offer please do no hesitate. Autumn is upon us and since Sharad is released I wanted to offer a festival in his honor. I was thinking on Hallows Eve we have a night of the dead and give thanks to all those who have passed onto the afterlife. Is there any idea or thoughts on the matter?” He looked to them all gently hoping they were creative and open to suggestions. There he looked to them all gently awaiting their responses.

Leonidas walks.
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"Leonidas talks."

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(Sharad) played by perm_identity Darkrise, posted on schedule 08-23-2017, 08:24 AM. link #12

To say Grimoire disliked crowds would be an understatement. She hated them. The only time the candle adorned witch had been within a crowd was when mobs came to chase her from their midst- there were few that regarded witches a pleasant company- or when she had been among her old herd. Neither memories were pleasant and so it was with a slightly irritated look upon her otherwise pretty face that she joined the Emperor’s meeting. Perhaps she had been dragging her hooves a little too much on her way through the Sharad forest for she found herself late to the little gathering. Golden eyes darting around with trepidation and suspicion she kept to the back, her deep violet hues and flickering candles making it slightly difficult to hide.

The purple mare had arrived in time to hear talk of a celebration on the eve of Samhain, an idea that she couldn’t help but agree with in spite of herself. Normally the witch would spend Hallows eve and Hallows day alone and communing with the dead. Halloween was day to celebrate for witches but also a day of danger; with the veil between the two worlds thinnest at Harvest time those who communicated with the deceased and the spirits were far more likely to be possessed. Grimoire had seen it on many occasion and had even come close to it once in her youth. Now however she was an experienced witch and though her powers were diminished now she would not allow it to happen. Perhaps if she was lucky, her skills might be useful in this celebration, although she was not sure yet if she would want to attend- crowds and all that.

Sorry its kinda crappy, Grimoire is just gonna hang out on the outside, though feel free to engage with her!! I need to get her some friends anyway xD
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(Sharad) played by perm_identity Darkrise, posted on schedule 08-23-2017, 10:21 AM. link #13

Narcissa had been on the outskirts of Sharad when she heard the message, heading in the opposite direction. With an overstated sigh the behemoth turned her great form around and pushed herself into a canter. Beneath her, long pillars drew her muscular form forward with strength, each large dagger beating an intimidating rhythm upon the forest floor. Autumn trees go by quickly in a blur of reds, oranges and yellows as the sound of leather rubbing against fur accompanies the thump of hooves.

It is not long before Narcissa makes it to the meeting, late despite her fast canter to the shrine. The Wolf came to a swift halt near the back of the group, her height allowing her to see above the sea of heads. There was but one that raised taller than Narcissa, a slender mare wrapped in cyan satin. Like a dark shadow Narcissa stood, her blue gaze surveying the group with a naturally stern look in the icy depths. Although this was her herd it didn’t change the fact that Narcissa looked intimidating almost all the time what with the scars, the skulls and the bones and as she remained like a silent statue her face was devoid of emotion. The Wolf would let them talk, let them organise their celebration- it was not her sort of thing- if there was any danger then she would be in her element.

Another crappy post im sorry ><
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(Sharad) played by perm_identity bruiser, posted on schedule 08-25-2017, 02:37 PM. link #14
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She slunk into the meeting after many of the others, an unknown face and an unknown name except perhaps to Vivian and Rhett -- this was the alliance of her mother, but it had never quite been her own. Her place had always been in the Celestial City, in the hustle and bustle of the docks, not in this almost sacred wood with a strange silence that clung to it. She knew of Leonidas, of course, had heard the name of the tongues of travelers through the city, but she had never met him herself.

"....Leonidas," The words came low but audible as she stepped up in front of him, squaring her shoulders and letting out a small breath before she continued. "My name is Iscariot -- my mother worshipped Sharad and taught me to do so as well. I would like to offer my services to the Silver Pines, whether that might be in pursuit of trade in the city, or by becoming one of the fighters of the Silver Pines."

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(Sharad) played by perm_identity amore, posted on schedule 08-25-2017, 04:20 PM. link #15

He watched, and he listened, and within seconds of Leonidas speaking about why they had all gathered, he already felt like turning away and never returning.

I have faith that you all please Sharad to no end... -- Sharad has blessed me...

It made his skin crawl, and not in a good way. But he remained silent, holding his tongue; he had never been one to enter religious debates based purely on his own beliefs and thoughts, only ever doing so if another wished to enter a more philosophical debate. Hearing such blind devotion to a so-called God was not an unusual occurance, no matter where one found themselves... Perhaps, had he known of Leonidas' devotion, he'd have kept away and merely thanked the stallion for his offer to stay.

He sighed softly, and shifted his weight around his back feet, contemplating his own next move. At least he did say something logical after all that though, but Suledin had always felt as though he never really belonged in the worlds like that of which Leo seemed to want to create within the Silver Pines. Perhaps it was time for him to return to the lone wolf way of life he had come to live for so long.

For the moment, he remained, still and silent; he would depart after the meeting. He was not rude.

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