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23nd January 2018 | Of the month nominations for February are taking place, be sure to nominate your favourites here!

22nd January 2018 | Thanks to the wonderful isoldehn, we have new rosters for each individual herd! They can be found in the navigation menu as a drop down under "Census". The Census & Player DB as well as all rosters now update automatically! We also just updated (moved accounts inactive) and deleted accounts (that were inactive for three months or more). This is a reminder to login every thirty days to keep accounts active and every ninety days to keep accounts from being deleted!

10th January 2018 | The poll has closed and Greeshma has a new Emperor!

7th January 2018 | Greeshma leadership voting is now open! Please go and cast your vote after your own deliberation on the applications for our leaders; thank you to everyone who entered! Go vote!

1st January 2018 | Happy New Year to all of Caeleste and all the lovely people in this community! To celebrate the new year, we are holding two contests alongside each other; a Posting Contest and an Advertising Contest and both have super prizes. It is a contest against yourself and not against other players, all in the name of earning some fantastic prizes, so we hope you'll really enjoy it! Let's have another fantastic year! And have fun posting!

31st December 2017 | We have brand new sorcery requirements added to the lists to give a bit more variety while maintaining difficulty levels for levelling up of characters and their magics! Also keep your eyes out for some special events coming up soon!

24th December 2017 | January OTM Nominations are taking place now! Place your nominations HERE!

22th December 2017 | We officially have a new automatically updating census! It works off the account switcher so a new rule is generating where all character accounts must be attached to their OOC account. Check out the new census HERE!

21th December 2017 | Thanks to the holiday season we are hosting a Chistmas Raffle! Don't miss out, the prizes are awesome! Check it out HERE!

14th December 2017 | Auditions for Greeshmas Emperor/Empress are up! Don't miss out on the chance to rule an entire empire! Check it out HERE! Auditions ends 01/03/2018.

21th November 2017 | December OTM nominations are now open! Go nominate your favorite characters and players HERE!

13th November 2017 | We have a new mini pfoile and a few new entries into profiles, if you'll go edit those to add 100 x 100 images and avatars are the size that the avatar updater asks for. If you'd like the hexagonal one, set your edit options to post classic. Enjoy it!

11th November 2017 | There is a tie breaker for COTM for November! Go vote HERE! Voting only lasts for 2 days!

3rd November 2017 | The census and users have been cleaned up, if anything isn't quite right, please contact a staff member and we'll get back to you! Also OTM voting is live, go forth and pick your October OTMS! And some seasonal fun will be coming... yes it will! And congratulations to Dawn and Eowyn for winning the personal sub board contest! Your subforum will be up as soon as possible!

22th October 2017 | The rules have been clarified and updated for proper crediting. Please be sure to check them out here! Please do not hesitate to message Carhartt with any questions.

19th October 2017 | Everyone please welcome three new moderators to our Caeleste staff; Cia, Arborath & Dawn! We are so excited to have you!

10th October 2017 | Did you know we have Carat Claims where you can get Carats for both OC and IC achievements? Be sure to check it out here!

4th October 2017 | OTMs have been put up, thank you to all who voted and took part in them this month!

29th September 2017 | The banner voting is done, new themes 'Drifting in Waves' and 'Sunrise' are now live! And the autumn has changed to winter, and the cold is now here for two months!

23rd September 2017 | We have closed the banner contest early and have put up a poll for new theme creation! Also we have opened Staff Auditions, and are looking for two new staff members, so go apply if you'd like to try out!

20th September 2017 | OTM nominations are up once again, be sure to submit suggestions for every category to recieve 500 carats! Nominations can be found here

6th Septemper 2017 | Prizes for the SWP 2 has been given out! You can claim them until the 20th of September! Don't miss out!

1st Septemper 2017 | There is a tie break poll for COTM this month, go and vote here! c:

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10 January 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan on winning the place as Emperor of Greeshma!

7th December 2017 | Christmas Raffle is happening!! Check it out and have a chance to win some really cool prizes!

7th December 2017 | There is a check going on over in the land of Shishira - Follow this link to the reading of the letter to Dead Horse Ridge residents for an activity check for who is there and who needs to be added to the roster!

10th October 2017 | Orhis is victorious in keeping Greeshma in Rex Igni's hands! It was a riveting battle and makes for a great read! Check it out here!

16th August 2017 | The Site Wide Plot has drawn to an end and prizes are being given out! Make sure to read and post your conclusion here!

7th August 2017 | The Dragon has posted in the SWP once more delivering the results of the first round of the battle! Check it out here!

1st August 2017 | Leonidas is running Sharad's second herd meeting! Don't miss out, it's going to be important! Check it out here!

29th July 2017 | Rex Igni has challenged for Greeshma and won the title of Emperor!

17 July 2017 | Congratulations to Milly Mae on winning the place as Empress of Vasanta!

10 July 2017 | SWP Stage 3 Sign Ups are up and ready for everyon to sig their characters up in character! It's the third and FINAL stage of our site wide plot. Don't miss out!

26 June 2017 | SWP Stage 2 has been posted and it's time to find the items Sharad has so desperately requested!

20 June 2017 | You have just two more days to sign up for the SWP Stage 2! You won't want to miss out!

12 June 2017 | Caeleste's second side wide plot has began! Be sure to check it out and be apart of the fun! The winner of the first stage will recieve a Second Sorcery! |SWP| Beyond the Veil! You have till June 16th to respond!

7 June 2017 | The voting has ended and Caeleste has two new leaders! Zaraei is the new Empress of Greeshma and Isorath is the new Emperor of Vasanta!

6 June 2017 |The Bazaar has two new items! They pretty exciting! We have the Mushroom of Maturity and Celestial Citizenship! Be sure to check them up and stock up!

5 June 2017 |Don't forget to vote for the new leaders of Vasanta and Greeshma! Just one day left to do so!

1 June 2017 |Leonidas is victorious in battle! Looks like he's a force to be reckoned with! See how the battle went here!

15 May 2017 | Cæruleus is victorious in battle! Looks like he's a force to be reckoned with! See how the battle went here!

26 April 2017 | Another battle has broken out, this time its for the title: Emperor of Sharad! Will Leonidas hold his reign or will Cheraki take over? Read it here!

20 April 2017 | Cæruleus has come to Dead Horse Ridge challenged Romero for his freedom! Its an exciting battle everyone is excited to watch unfold! Check it out here!

12 April 2017 | The Empress of Sharad is missing! It looks like our dynamic duo or no longer. Hopefully no one decides to kick the Sharad Emperor while he's down.

13 March 2017 | Our word minimum for IC posts is now 150! Here we believe in quality not quantity!

6 March 2017 | The drama in character is beginning to slow down and Caeleste is on Year Two! Summer is here and things are finally getting back to normal!

7 February 2017 | Congratulations Romero, on becoming the new Shishira Emperor! There are five new sorcery types for all the equines! Go check it out here!

1 February 2017 | Sharad has two new sub-boards and there are three more random sub-boards throughout Caeleste! Navigate around and find the special new places!

16 January 2017 | Vantrice has become the new Emperor of Greeshma, winning by a minor margin! Congratulations and good luck with the summer kingdom!

30 December 2016 | The Plot Account is visiting the SWP Threads! Don't miss out on the fun! Lot's of speciality items are going to be given out!

16 December 2016 | The Site Wide Plot is ready for its next phase! Hurry up and check it out here!

9 December 2016 | Nylah has chosen to leave Vasanta and protect Hemanta with Willow by his side as Empress! Check it out here!

5 December 2016 | Cæruleus is the new partnering Emperor of Vasanta for Cerridwen has crumbled under the pressure and forfeited the fight!

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  • Member of the Month
    Polo has been an amazing member from the day she signed up. Active around the site and in the cbox, Polo is friendly and easy to talk to. With her fantastic characters and willingness to plot with anyone, she’s an irreplaceable asset to Caeleste. Congratulations, Polo!
  • Thread of the Month
    I Came to Get Hurt
    Filled with the shadier parts of life, this thread has it all. Thyterios, the master of manipulation, coerces his servant, Anzhelo, into consummating their relationship. It’s a wild thread that will leave you on the edge of your seat and make you squirm.
  • Couple of the Month
    Leonidas & Harena
    Despite their ups and downs, it seems that this couple is here to stay. After a fight and some heart break, they have decided to rekindle their romance. With the death of Leonidas’s daughter, who knows what will happen next to this happy pair?
  • Character of the Month
    Io Kairavi
    Io has been everywhere this month, and we can’t get enough of it. Despite her generally sweet demeanor, she has a little spunk that is so refreshing. We can’t wait to see what else she brings to Celeste in the future!
  • Quote of the Month
    “Even though you may have power over the rest of the maidens here you still fuck him to have a home. You are still a whore.”
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| SWP | Fire and Blood! FINALE.
age5 year old
height16.0 hh
sorceryMind control
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plotterGondor Calls for Aide!
trackerMoments of Genius
“there's a line where the sky meets the sea”
(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Blushie, posted on schedule 08-04-2017, 10:12 PM. link #26
I've been staring at the edge of the water
She was beginning to feel dehydrated. She needed water, but she couldn’t get at it. There was no escape from this island and there was no escape from what was coming next. She heard the dragon before she saw it. Her heart beat faster. Her legs ached. Her back ached from standing so long. Even her neck was aching. She was no fighter.

The many-eyed male moved from their group towards the fight already taking place as they approached. She had nothing to offer this fight. She looked to the other mares, Elhyani and Crescendo. What could any of them do? But what choice did they have? She winced as she took a wrong step.

But still, she moved towards the fight. Deliberately, watching for an opportunity to do, well, something. Anything. Her gait was no run. No charge. But as she entered into the chaos around the dragon, perhaps that was what was needed. She was able to keep her footing.

She couldn’t hope to kick through the dragon’s hide. She could however, join the assault of others upon the dragon’s membrane wings. She reared up to strike at the taunt wing, hoping that her weight would help her maybe damage the skin there. It was pathetic, as others threw rocks, charged with horns or teeth, her little effort meant nothing. But it was all she could do and she hoped it was enough.

Please tag in all posts!
Use of force and magic in small, non-threatening amounts is allowed. If you want to plot, PM me or Discord me.

Please note, I work long hours Mon-Fri and may not be the fastest at replying, but I will reply.
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age3 year old
height15.2 hh
breedQuarter Horse
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“excuse me i'm trying to find my calling”
(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Bloodwitch, posted on schedule 08-05-2017, 08:24 AM. link #27

They had succeed in their task. It was not easy and Heulwen could feel the side of her face throbbing. She didn't have time to take care of her wound and she still could not open her right eye. The mare feared losing her sight but she still had one good eye. The blood dried now, she would need a good bath and healing after this was over. Even if there was no telling what was going to happen next and if she have more than one wound to tend too. As they returned to the first place they met, she could see the others returning and hope each group was successful in their task. Each group was a key to freeing the deities and getting out of here. It was not easy getting the orb and she could sense that this was not over with. So when the earth started to shake and the dragon took shape, she ready herself and nickered out in anger.

The roar of the dragon was loud and clear. She could see the fire and that the creature was blocking their way. This needed to end and despite losing some of her sight, she was going to fight. Others used their magic but she had no use for hers here. It was going to be her wits. Glancing around, she noted shards of the tree had fallen nearby and Heulwen picked the largest piece she could in her mouth and bolted to the beats tail. There was an other there but she ignored them. Rearing as high as she could and slamming the sharp end of the shard at the tail. If she could pin it down, than the tail could do no harm and the beat would be stuck. If not, it would do for a good distraction. It was shame things would come to this. The beast was a magnificent creature, if it was not trying to kill them.

@Plot Account
@The Dragon

ooc- she picked up a shard from the tree and tried to slam it into the dragons tail to either pin it or distract it.

Please tag in all posts.
All contact with Heulwen is permitted aside from anything leaving permanent injury unless agreed upon via OOC
If you have any cool plots or ideas please contact via Discord! 
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age3 year old
height13.1 hh
breedArabian x Connemara
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(Citizen) played by perm_identity Darkrise, posted on schedule 08-05-2017, 10:34 AM. link #28

Realising that everyone in the group was leaving Crescendo followed slowly, casting one last glance at Vasanta’s prison before trotting to catch up with Lyra and Elhyani.

The sounds of battle announced the goings on before Crescendo laid emerald eyes upon the fray. Oculars wide with fear she stood there dumbfounded and rooted to the spot by the scene. Horses swarmed around the gigantic reptile, all but a few aiming attacks at the dragon. The winged femme felt useless but watching Lyra and other horses jump into the fight spurred her on. Her gaze darted around swiftly, settling on some large stones that she could fit in her mouth. Leaping forward she dodged the swipe of the dragon’s spiny tail and scooped up a few of the rocks. Taking to the air quickly and silently she used her extra dexterity, speed and large wings to propel her above the dragon’s head before it could see her. Without hesitating she drops the stones on its head and darts down for another, hoping this will cause it pain or distract it enough to hardier equines to defeat it.

@Plot Account
@The Dragon

She uses her ring of dexterity, super speed and her own wings to fly above the dragon and drop stones on its head hoping to cause it a headache and distract it.
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age5 year old
height15.3 hh
breedArabain x Iberian
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“Without the Night there would be no stars”
(Citizen) played by perm_identity Darkrise, posted on schedule 08-05-2017, 10:40 AM. link #29
Without the Night there would be no  s t a r s
Tired, distracted and in pain, Nyx began to think gladly of her bed back in the cottage she shared with Thanantos. All she wanted to do right now was curl up against him and sleep, forget her miserable dream and recuperate her strength. Alas the sounds of battle told her it would be a while before she could finally sleep.

Sighing deeply she centred herself, feeling her low energy reserves after healing the injured mare Winchester just over a day before as well as shifting form earlier and healing Vivian as best she could. Focused and calm she launched herself into battle along with everyone else changing her form mid air as she leapt towards the dragon. Where there was previously a cerulean mare was instead a giant black panther, a caterwaul leaving its toothy mouth as it moved. It was only the blue eyes that spoke of who was inside for the panther was ferocious in a way equine-Nyx never was.

Her sapphire gaze found Thanantos and a flush of pride washed over her as she saw him fight, going for the dragon’s jugular. She also noted with surprise and worry the grey mare Winchester was present. But there was little Nyx could do right now; her healing ability would be far more useful later, if she had any of her energy left. Focusing on the large purple dragon Nyx found herself wishing once again that she had all her powers back and could change into a dragon herself. But this panther form would have to do. With the dangerous elegance and dexterity of a feline she climbed onto the dragon’s back, leaping from its curved hind legs as it was distracted. The hide was too thick for her feline claws to penetrate so she relied on her balance to get her to the shoulder joint where the wings joined. With all her remaining strength she clamped her jaws around the wing, attempting to damage the humerus and basal phalanx and ground the beast. Again and again she tore at the scaled skin, ignoring the white hot pain in her neck as the muscles rippled.

@Plot Account
@The Dragon
Mentions Than and Winchester

She is still injured from the small group thread with a large bite wound in the back of her neck. She is also weakened from using her magic a lot in the past two days so it is highly likely she will be stuck in the form of a black panther following the battle.

She changes into a black panther, climbs onto the dragons back and attacks its wings where the wings join the shoulder in the hope of grounding it and thus stopping it from getting away.
Goddess of the Night
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age4 year old
height16.0 hh
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(Inactive) played by perm_identity TrinitySilph, posted on schedule 08-05-2017, 11:58 PM. link #30
The gods' chosen had rallied into an army, and a purple mare had been swept up into their midst. Elhyani had no chance against a massive, fire-breathing dragon – she knew it like she knew her blood was red. Like she knew the dragon would spill her red blood all across this forsaken island.
Like she knew she would never see her Thyterios again.


This beast. If it was not stopped, it would hold her goddess in its clutches forever. Vasanta would lay idle in a glowing tree in a field of decay forever and ever until time itself came to an end.
The thought filled the violet mare with rage.
It burned in her like dragonfire, all-consuming.
She thought she saw Thyterios again. That was impossible – She would have seen him leave the mountains, they would have followed the same path. Still, the thought bolstered her courage.
He would never let me be hurt.

She bolted towards the dragon, forgetting for a moment that this could be her last action on earth, and reared high to sink her teeth into the delicate membrane of its wing. Blood flooded her mouth. She gagged and pulled away.
Realization of the sheer scale of the thing came crashing down on her.
Breath caught in her throat.
Damnit...” she whispered.



Tagged: @The Dragon   @Plot Account
OOC: Elhyani attempts to take a chunk out of the dragon's wing with her teeth.
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age5 year old
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breedHolsteiner x Fresian
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“At night when the lights are all off, the color you see when your eyes are open is Eigengrau. ”
(Inactive) played by perm_identity TrinitySilph, posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 12:10 AM. link #31
There was little any of them could do, of course. Eigengrau watched as countless fools threw themselves at the dragon and put themselves directly in harm's way. The charcoal stallion stood away from the attack and his confusion grew and grew. What did these creatures have to gain from this? Even the horned stallion from Eigengrau's own quest was involved, though he had seemed far more level-headed than the others the abomination had met in his travels. It made no sense... none of it made any sense.
Why should they throw their lives away for nothing? What is to be gained?

And then... a thought. Dragon's blood... what were its properties? What could be done with it? Ancient legend spoke of the wonders of healing and black magic alike that could be gained with even the smallest amount... And here was a dragon.
And here was a stallion with four very sharp horns.

Eigengrau was unlikely to do any real damage in a fight like this, seeing as how he had no magic to speak of, but he could do a little good for himself.
He trotted lightly around the outside of the writhing mass of fighting beasts and found an open spot at the dragon's side, where it wasn't paying attention – why should it, when there were so many little distractions elsewhere. At the base of its wing, near the joint, there was a small scrap of scale-less flesh. He chose this spot to gouge in his longest horn. Blood splattered his face and he didn't care. It covered his horns and he quirked the smallest hint of a smile. There it was: his sample. Dragon's blood to inspect in the lab later.

Not that he had his lab yet, mind, but after this he was very much ready to find one.
Oh, the wonders to be discovered!
He could barely contain his glee.



Tagged: @The Dragon @Plot Account
OOC: Eigengrau gets under the dragon's wing and gores her in a soft spot.
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age6 year old
height15.2 hh
breedHalflinger x Swedish Warmblood
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(Empress) played by perm_identity Lee, posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 04:39 AM. link #32

I knew our small group was no longer alone, in fact there were many. Gathered together ready to strike out against anything that may come and stand in the way. Chestnut lobes flickered listening to the voices surrounding me, a roar filled the air as the scaled beast once again returned. Her last stand, our last stand. I watched as she crawled across the ground the giant claws ripping up the ground and her sharpened teeth snapping whenever she felt she was close. A wild beast unfathomable strength behind those scales. The wound laid against my hide from those claws returned to my mind. The pain still lingered, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been thanks to the magic coursing through my veins. I turned my cranium toward the cluster of equines each one striking out with hooves, teeth, horns, and magic. I did not have any magic that could have done damage, but I did have the power to heal those who had been wounded both before and after this stand.

I found myself overlooking the dragon that now fought off the pending attacks. I found my spot, to her right side left mostly defenseless unless she saw me from the corner of her eye and used her wings to rip me away. I did not care though. As I slowly moved toward this side I touched any and all equines standing in my path the hot magic bubbling through my veins I placed into them to heal them from their wounds. Though as I gave an equine my magic to heal them my strength would slowly deplete until I was exhausted, this was something I could not afford, but I also wouldn’t let this dragon stand in the way of freeing my deity. I lowered my slender cranium my small antlers thrown forward the cloven daggers gouged at the earth as I launched myself forward ready to attack with both the antlers atop my cranium and the cloven hooves if I needed.

ooc. using her magic of healing she touched equines in her wake ready to heal them if needed, up to the players to use this or not. Getting ready to attack the dragons right side with her antlers and/or cloven hooves.

@The Dragon @Plot Account
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age6 year old
height16.0 hh
breedPaso Fino
carats 334€ Carats
(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Lee, posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 04:53 AM. link #33

One by one each equine went forward to face the titanic beast bound in amethyst scales. The beast lurched forward mouth wide with razor sharp teeth snapping at whomever went close, her claws gouging the earth below her weight creating scars as she moved fighting to fend off the equines. Ceallach had never cared much for others on the outside standing as the cool and callous equine he was portrayed as. Though he was not quite as what he had looked like, instead his anger boiled somewhere in his veins lighting the fire under his rear to get him to move out of the way circling like a wolf ready to make his strike against the beast.

Ceallach was not doing this for himself, or any that stood here today. No. Instead he was doing it for his sister, Chirrut. His newly found friends Grim and Ming. The three of them were the only things he had in this life. The cerulean hued brute moved forward finding his area on the left side of the dragon. He did not posses the magic that others had been using, instead he had his strength inherited from his father. Using the momentum of his stride his stocky-barque frame launched forward hooves and teeth ready to strike the scaled beast that threatened his world.

Ooc. Ceallach is aiming for the left side of the dragon striking with hooves and teeth.

@The Dragon @Plot Account
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(Guest) played by perm_identity , posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 05:02 AM. link #34

Bright teal eyes looked around at the many faces that now stood to free the deities. Whether they believed in the deities or just because they felt like they had nothing else to do. I was among them, half believing half because I had no where else to be. I watched as many began to lash out using what magic they had obtained and using what strength they had been given. Others, like myself, having no magical abilities but relying on what they had been given in the beginning. I moved circling watching and waiting a moment to strike. To avoid the teeth and claws of the unsightly beast and to get under the giant scales.

I moved forward finding my position a head on attack whether i would get damage taken, I didn’t care. It was going to be the least I could do to help the deities trapped just beyond where we all were. I could feel my muscles tighten my daggers sinking into the earth. Launching from my position I ran forward my darkened lips peeled back to show the pearly whites. As I approached I would sink my teeth into a scale and rear, using my momentum and try to rip the scale from her flesh while using my hooves and attack the flesh lying below.

Ooc. Kendall attempts to attack head on grabbing a scale to rip it from her flesh and stab his daggers into the soft flesh below.

@The Dragon @Plot Account
carats 1,236€ Carats
(Deity) played by perm_identity Caeleste Staff, posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 07:13 AM. link #35
They all came at her like a swarm. They were pests, they were little insects and the monster that sat in her head, spinning the web of lies and tangling her further, forcing every little inch of her to hate every little one of them. Her scales were iron, her claws steel and her wings gave birth to cyclone winds, and her breath a furnace of hell, she was more than a match for all of them – but they were enhanced, and she could feel it inside her mind.

The moment they started, she fought. The first who comes too close and attacks fails to touch her but she too fails to land a blow upon the woman, but the feathered beast lands a strike that rips her open, if only just. Her scales were tough, too tough to penetrate with ease even with the magic they wielded, but all the same… black blood crept from beneath her layers of protection, oily and putrid, not her own – and it was highly alkaline. She gave an awful sound and struck at him but in one movement, she raked claws over him and the little filly who helped, making it all the worse.

At the time she was defending, the tail of the dragon was out of range of the mare but it whips around, striking at her and the purple beast who had refused to fight, backing away. As she turns one misses her, if only just, but she cannot spin in time to reach him either. As she is spinning she feels a shock of pain in a hind leg and a slight puncture – blood seeps, but misses touching him. So she pushed sideways with her back end, slamming her hip into him and pushing him down hard, the weight of another attack forcing her down.

She counters the magic, turning her eyes to the attacker, but as metal spears flew over her, raking her scales and her wounds from the feathered one, sending scales flying. She bellows at them as she had turned to attack those who had sent this at her. Supporting herself on one winged limb the other was lashing out, but projectiles tore through her membranes very suddenly, and she turned her head further and spilled fire out over where that had come from.

The heat causes the growing ice below her to melt, as she rounds upon others coming at her. She feels something odd happening to her, her life draining, but Shishira forces her, tells her, wills her to carry on. With this in her heart and mind, she shakes her head, and is left reeling when the electricity strikes her wounds upon her neck - and she gives a terrible shriek of pain, the electricity stunning her - but luckily, out of the path of the lightning. She stretches out her head and snaps her mighty jaws at the broken horned one, seeking to sink her teeth into him and others – and while she misses others, she feels one – him.

Her jaw parting suddenly as she backs away from the illusions of the blue mare, but she saw the projectiles coming in beyond them and she sank to the ground, as they went over her and into a nearby large tree, ripping bark and sending it crashing to the ground. In turn she slashes through the air at the blue mare, ripping at her hide with a terrible strike.

She was so engrossed she missed the attack of two others, but in her rising motion, her wings opening, she saw the eagle in the air – and she beat her wings once, sending the little feathered one tumbling to the earth. The same wind would knock the blue mare with the long mouth down, the wind from her wings terrible. As she went to do it again, sweep them from her Isle with a powerful gust, more projectiles punctured them. Staggering to keep in the air she fails, forced to land, but in her landing the two-headed one misses her, but she slashes at him with claws.

She spins, avoiding the little mother, but was focused on the koi mare as she keeps her wings tucked to her sides as tight as possible, protecting them from further damage, and she strikes at the mare with the back of one of the clawed lengths before tucking the membrances up tight again. She is low slung and still turning on the spot, the grounding churning beneath her, a mess of dirt and water. As she turns there is a strange feeling behind her and she looks around, to see a segment of a tree laying upon her tail. As she looks around she swiped sideways at the one who had put it there, roaring her dislike as she shook her tail and flung the tree away.

In her movement, she sees the stones fall to the earth, and she looks up to see the mare over her. Her sky, in her sky! The dragon rumbles and stretches upwards, exposing her throat and belly as she reaches up to snap at the wings or body, grabbing at whatever she could.

In this motion she missed the panther leaping and landing upon her, and feels teeth sink into the joint of one of her wings. She gives an awful roar, turning her head and snapping her jaw but missing, too unable to get her. The blood will burn the biter though, but she also spins quickly to send the creature spilling from her side and she attempts to slam a clawed foot into her as well.

During this, she feels a bite just below this other, beneath the slashes that had been given to her. Pain raced along her nerves, but it was only enough to make her more angry. In her spinning, blood leaks out from the wounds on her neck, her wing joint, and spills down the side of the mare’s neck, and will sear it.

In this movement and motion, the attack from the other had been avoided as well as from the doe-like woman, but both were out of her range to strike. So she turned, feeling fatigue creeping into her mind now, blurring her vision for a moment. Long enough for one to strike at her neck, hitting where she had already been hurt, and she roared, flinging out a wing and throwing him away from her side. Her claws rake at the last one who had come forth.

Weakened, unable to take to the sky, and sinking low to the earth, the dragon growls. She feels Shishira there, whispering to her… but she knows, this was it. She would give her all… she had to do as she was told… as she thundered at them, the sound echoing around the isle.

SUMMARY COMING SOON with details of attacks, injuries and the rolls that were given to do so...
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(The Plot Bringer) played by perm_identity ---, posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 07:49 AM. link #36

|SWP| Fire and Blood!

Fight the Dragon!

A dice was rolled twice (once for those who did not attack). See here for proof of attack hits and injuries to character proof (the following are Lee’s rolls only as she was just after the rolls collected - Attacks and injuries). Each post, in order of posting, has received a number - which corresponds to the position for the dice roll as above.

Landing on a 2, 4, 6 yields a successful attack. Landing a 1, 3, 5 means the attack missed. For injuries, 2, 4, 6 means that character is injured. 1, 3, 5 means injury was avoided.

There will be one more round of attacks – if you decide your character’s injury is too bad you can still sit it out. Or you may also help heal others, protect others, etc. THERE IS NO POST ORDER STILL! <3

You have till August 8th 11:59pm to post in the second round.

1 @Raekor
- 3 - Unsuccessful attack.
- 3 - Raekor escapes injury.

2 @Nylah
2 - Rips open the dragon and causes slight bleeding.
2 - Slashed with claws in retaliation.

3 @Eloise
1 - Unsuccessful attack.
6 - She is whipped by the tail.

4 @Leonidas
4 - Leo gouges a small bleeding injury causing terrible pain, and he avoids her blood.
4 - She slams into him and tries to push him to the ground.

5 @Thanantos
3 - Unsuccessful attack.
3 - Avoided injury due to momentum.

6 @Thyterios
No attack.
6 - When Eloise is whipped, Thyterios is also strike by her tail, as hard as she.

7 @Romero
3 - Unsuccessful attack (she is weighed down briefly).
5 - Avoided injury, due to her backing away.

8 @Xamuel
1 - While mostly unsuccessful, she was grazed by them and reminded to be more vigilant.
3 - Avoided injury.

9 @Winchester
4 - Her attack causes her wings to be unsteady and her to be unbalanced in flight.
2 - She breathes fire out over her, Winchester being out of range of slashing.

10 @Legion
3 - Unsuccessful attacks (heat of fire melted ice).
1 - He is not burned, avoids injury.

11 @Osiris
4 - Due to her blood flowing from large wounds and minor grazes, she is susceptible and some of her life drains from her.
3 - He avoids harm.

12 @Rousselet
4 - The electricity shocks her and weakens her further.
5 - Stunned the dragon, and avoids injury.

13 @Ciaran
2 - Her attacks help break the scales.
2 - She is slashed by claws.

14 @Entia
5 - Unsuccessful attack.
4 - She bites at him, however she can.

15 @Tai’ath
1 - Unsuccessful attack.
3 - Avoids injury.

16 @Kenai
3 -  Unsuccessful attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

17 @Harena
3 -  Unsuccessful attack (but illusions confuse the dragon)
2 - Uses her cold breath to ice her claws and flash at Harena.

18 @Zaraei
1 -  Unsuccessful attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

19 @Suledin
3 -  Unsuccessful attack.
4 - The dragon has leapt into the air trying to drive them away and causes the attacking eagle to be flung downwards, to the ground, with wind.

20 @Auriel
No attack.
2 - Is knocked by the wind from the dragon's wings.
No attack, but is blasted by wind.

21 @Volaris
4 - His projectiles make her wing membranes worse, and cause her to be grounded but protect her wings.
5 - Avoids injury.

22 @Rex Igni
5 -  Unsuccessful attack.
2 - Is slashed at with claws.

23 @Rhett
No attack.
1 - Avoids injury.

24 @Vivian
1 -  Unsuccessful attack.
3 - Avoids injury.

25 @Lyra
3 -  Unsuccessful attack.
4 - Side-swipes with a winged limb at Lyra to fling her away.

26 @Heulwen
6 - The tree shard doesn't pin but does distract her, allowing for a moment for others to move about.
4 - She also swipes at Heulwen as she does Lyra.

27 @Crescendo
1 -  Unsuccessful attack.
4 - In her moving about with the tree shard on her tail, she has looked up. She reaches up and snaps her jaws at Crescendo, aiming for her wings.

28 @Nyx
4 - As a panther Nyx breaks into the joint, bringing blood to the surface and making that wing harder to use.
6 - The alkaline blood will cause severe drying and potential burning of the pads and lower limbs, as well as her mouth if she isn't careful.

29 @Elhyani
4 - Her bite lands, nearby where Nyx bit her. It causes the injury to open more.
2 - The blood that pours out is highly alkaline and drips down Elhyani's neck, causing severe drying and cracking of skin.

30 @Eigengrau
5 - Unsuccessful attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

31 @Milly Mae
1 - Unsuccessful attack.
1 - Avoids injury.

32 @Ceallach
4 - He hits her slashs down her neck from Nylah, where Xamuel's spears grazed, and hurts her.
6 - She lashes out with a wing and claws to shove him away.

33 @Kendall
5 -  Unsuccessful attack.
4 - Slashes at with claws.

The Dragon is now grounded, bleeding and weakened. One more round, and she will be more open to severe damage. THERE IS NO POST ORDER STILL! <3
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plotterThe Clan
“Are we not wise enough to give all we are?”
(Emperor) played by perm_identity Nikkayla, posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 08:11 AM. link #37

Nylah Zhaoianas
the emperor of hemanta
His water, accompanied by his daughter’s magic, broke through the thick hide of the dragon. He saw black blood spill, slow and oily, looking terrible as it should. He was ready to recoil, but the claws that came after him were also directed to his daughter. With a yell caught in his throat, the emperor flung himself towards her, pressing her beneath him as the claws slashed down, across his neck, his head and shoulder. It missed his other injury, but it left new ones in it’s wake. Down across his right down, lines of red went, blood beginning to drip out of them. All he wanted was to protect Ciaran, and he knew he’d taken the heavy part of the strike.

Staggering, pain white-hot and terrible, he feels the flesh around his right eye beginning to swell already, and Nylah moves backwards, looking to Ciaran and he turns her to face Rhett, the other foal here - “Go to him, keep him safe, and please… please, daughter of mine, stay safe,” he commands to her, not a question, not a request – an order.

His attention shifts back to the dragon just as quickly. She is weakened, he can see it in the way she slinks low to the ground, tucking her membranes in and keeping her core protected. Nylah feels a terrible fury towards her, towards she who had struck at any of them – but most of all, his daughter! He stumbles forwards, his right foreleg lamed by the slash ending just at the meaty part of his shoulder, but he pulls once more.

He pulls the water around the dragon, and this time, Nylah he sends it surging to her head. He slams the water into her head, trying to knock her asunder but also, wrapping the water around her mouth to hold her jaw shut, to flood her nostrils and clamp down on her breathing… to render her unconscious, and top her from using her jaw again and stop her from being able to focus as easily – not on any one of them.

They would beat her!

@Plot Account & @The Dragon
- Nylah takes a severe wound, ripping open his neck, lower right shoulder and his head across his right eye, potentially blinding him (to be decided) but ultimately he will not be able to fight much longer. To protect them and his daughter, he attacks - this time, wrapping water around the dragon's muzzle and face after slamming it into her jaw, and trying to muzzle her mouth, and momentarily drown her to knock her out.

nylah zhaoianas and kalina
emperor of hemanta and mated to willow - tag in all posts
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“here's a riddle for you, find the answer, there's a reason for the world: You and I”
(Citizen) played by perm_identity Blushie, posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 08:55 AM. link #38

He could hear noises all around him. He dared not open his eyes though. His heart beat was frantic. Every grunt, every crash, every grunt, every scream drove into him. He shook, a foot kicking through the bark of the downed tree and leaving a large hole into the main part of trunk. But he didn’t notice that. His ears were folded against his head.

More screams, some angry, some pained. It all seemed to pass around him as he kept himself in is little ball. He couldn’t move. He wouldn’t move. Not until things had quieted. Not until someone came to get him. Only then would he be able to be coaxed out of his shell. But there seemed to be a peace around him as he had been completely missed by the dragon.

Perhaps it was because with his back the only part exposed of his frame, he was hard to see. And perhaps it was because he did nothing to attack it’s gaze. He felt a small bit of heat from a blast of fire, but nothing actually connected with the innocent colt. This might have been a blessing, it might have been unintentional protection of the group. But Rhett was too young to know, too scared to care.

Please tag in all posts!
Use of force and magic in small, non-threatening amounts is allowed. If you want to plot, PM me or Discord me.

Please note, I work long hours Mon-Fri and may not be the fastest at replying, but I will reply.
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(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Blushie, posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 09:32 AM. link #39
I've been staring at the edge of the water
She was in too vulnerable a position. She had no experience fighting in general, but especially on land. As she reared up to attempt to come back down on the wing, the dragon swiped at her. The dragon’s talons found her soft belly and Lyra felt the cut as it impacted her. It made a neat cut down the left side of her belly and across into the under side of her already weak back leg. She let out a horrified scream as she lost balance.

She began to fall sideways as she tumbled. If she was lucky, the dragon’s wing would still be there as she fell. Perhaps the dragon’s wing would either slow her fall or even become pinned under the mare’s weight. However, there no fight left in Lyra as the blood pours down her.

It is a deep wound, but no tendons are cut. As horrible as it looks, as bad as it feels, it will certainly heal. She will likely bare the scar for the rest of her life and across both her forms. Yet the pain is unlike anything Lyra has felt before. She doesn’t have long to think about it as she hits the ground and for a moment is stunned with the wind knocked out of her. A thought occurs to her: She must get up! She mustn’t be trampled! She was at more risk on the ground than she was under the dragon claws.

She struggles, trying to find her legs. She manages to avoid hooves as she struggles, finally deciding to just pull herself forward and out of the fray. Her wound makes dragging her bulk uncomfortable but her experience with a useless back end makes it manageable. She finally escapes immediate battle grounds and lays there waiting for whatever happens next.

Please tag in all posts!
Use of force and magic in small, non-threatening amounts is allowed. If you want to plot, PM me or Discord me.

Please note, I work long hours Mon-Fri and may not be the fastest at replying, but I will reply.
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(Citizen) played by perm_identity amore, posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 06:24 PM. link #40

It was chaos down below. From his birds' eye view, Suledin watched the large group of mismatched equines all have their go at the dragon, an onslaught of various magical and physical attacks, injuries doing little more that stoking the fire of her rage as she lashed out at them all; some more specifically than others, depending upon who seemed to injure her.

Every so often whilst she was distracted by someone else, he would swoop down and scratch around the top of her head with outstretched claws, but nothing ever came of it. It was too difficult to pinpoint the perfect moment to strike at her eyes when she was barely staying still, too distracted by attacking those on the ground. And then she had had enough and rose up to flap her giant wings - albeit for not as long as he'd expected - but the gust of wind was ridiculously strong. For as long as he could he tried to fight it, the danger of being flung out of the air at this height could easily mean his death.

Suledin spiralled through the air, out of control it seemed, plummeting towards the earth, but the gentle calming whispers of spirits reached his ears soon enough for him to catch himself and land without crashing. He stood here, still in eagle form, for a few moments as he panted to catch his breath from the shock before he took to the skies again. Avoiding the flames the beast bellowed out once again, although the smell of slightly singed feather did catch his senses, the bird flew higher this time.

He hovered at a height that would have been just about that of the dragon herself above her, and this time waited for no opening, and simply dove down at her; this was, after all, his last chance. He would not be able to hold this form for too much longer with the injury to his leg from her earlier becoming agitated from too much movement and daring to break his concentration.

Claws extended, he aimed for her eyes once again.

lath sulevin lath araval ena
image ♥

@Plot Account @The Dragon || Gets knocked back by the wind, catches himself before the ground and lands normally, takes off again with the flames just singing the ends of his tail feathers, and then dive bombs to attack the dragon's eyes again.
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(Guest) played by perm_identity , posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 08:22 PM. link #41
And the worms crawl in and the worms crawl out, in your stomach and out your snout...
They were such amusing little creatures, so willing to charge off into death's embrace. It was a shame that the Dragon did not really appear capable of focusing on any one particular body long enough to actually kill them, though. The phantom mare simply sighed in disappointment as she watched the chaos, merely waiting for the end of the fight to see if there'd be anything of interest; bones to pick clean, for example.

She watched the beast rise up, and knew what was coming the moment those giant wings opened. She braced herself, not stupid enough to think that just because she wasn't fighting she couldn't get caught up in an attack and prepared for the gale force winds that were about to terrorise the area. There were ocean cliffs in the lands she came from that were frequently assulted by intense winds; so strong that it could easily knock back the unprepared into a tumbling mess for miles, and even birds were scarcely game to risk their lives in such places.

As a foal, Auriel had loved it. Take away the having to work as a group, and go on a hunt for something stupid, this island just kept reminding her of home, even to the point she could taste something foul on her tongue, that was something mixed between nostalgia and homesickness. She had no time to shake the terrible taste as the huge gusts of winds from the Dragon's wings shook the trees, and it wouldn't have surprised her if a few had been uprooted in the process. She stood firm, feet slightly buried into the earth to help ground her, and her head dropped down low; all around she could feel little bits of nature whipping past, scratching at her skin, and the flames of her mane and tail danced wildly around her.

When the wind finally died down, Auriel shook herself out and inspected a shard of wood that had embedded itself in her hide, and a various assortment of surface scratches here and there from other things. With a nonchalant shrug, she turned back to face the fight, although still did not join in the fray. She would tend to the shard of wood later.

And your eyes fall out and your teeth decay - and that is the end of a perfect day.

@Plot Account @The Dragon || Braces herself for the wind, manages to keep standing but obtaines surface scratches and a large splinter of wood in her hide. #shestilldoesn'tcare XD
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(Guest) played by perm_identity , posted on schedule 08-06-2017, 08:43 PM. link #42
He had noticed Rhett, the little foal that had been in his group, dashing across the field in what he could only presume was an attempt to escape the chaos of the battle, and it didn't escape his attention that a very distressed looking mare also watching him appeared to be his mother.

He was no shield, no soldier on land, and even though he felt like chasing after the little one to ensure he remained safe, it made more sense to leave him be; the less attention drawn to him by more bodies surrounding him, the better off he'd be. His attention returned back to the Dragon.

It seemed that, as weak as his little attempts at shooting sharp rocks at her were, mixed in with the onlsaught of everyone else's attacks, she was finally taking sufficient damage to be grounded. He darted around the group, off to the beast's side and out of the way of the huge gust of wind she sent foward with the giant wings, after which she pinned to her side to protect from further damage.

Time to turn Sharad's gift to her head. It was still not much, but shards of earth bolted through the air towards the Dragon's face; if they did any damage, great, if not, at least it'd be bloody annoying!
Swooping is bad...
Speaks | Thinks | Sounds Like |  315 Words | @Plot Account @The Dragon
x o x

 || Dodges the blast of wind and goes more around her hindquater area, but still out of immediate reach; throws more of Sharad's earth projectile magic towards her head.
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(Citizen) played by perm_identity Delirium, posted on schedule 08-07-2017, 07:20 AM. link #43

Though he was late to the fight, Elysian would still give his all in the battle to free the deities. The screams of the dragon and the stench of sweat from all those that were fighting filled his elongated flutes and nares. With a short shake of his skull, he sent his blackened threads flying around him and clearing his mind of all thoughts except those of the dragon. She was battered and bruised and stuck to the earth due to the injury to her wings. Sympathy sparked in his chest as he watched, for no daughter or son of the sky should never be able to fly on the wind again - yet Elysian had to remember that she was in the way of them being able to free the Gods. Molten gold eyes spotted a few of his group in the midst of the scrapping, but before he had a chance to call out a greeting, he ducked quickly - the tail of the purple winged beast flying over his head. With a grimace of his features, he spread his wings and allowed himself to be at the mercy of the wind. Within a few strokes of his wings he was higher than the dragon, balancing above her he concentrated on the small birds that were staying well clear of the battle.

Though as he stroked their consciousness' and filled their small minds with images of hope and glory and the feeling of desperation and pride he coaxed them closer and closer. He hated the loss of life that may occur from their sacrifice, yet it had to be better than one of his own losing their lives - especially the young ones that had been caught up in the battle. At his will the little group of sparrows flung themselves towards the dragons head, hoping to distract her enough for his own attack to hit. With determination colouring his porcelain features, he dived downwards, putting all of his weight into his forelegs, Elysian attempted to hit the dragon in the square of her back. Though it would not break her spine if it rang true, it could at least bruise her and make her less willing to swivel and dance around. Without looking back to see if his hooves had hit flesh or earth, he flapped his wings and carried himself towards the crystal clad stallion he knew to be Volaris. With an empty grin in his direction, he stopped to catch his breath and see what else was going to happen.

ooc:  Attempted to bruise/break the skin over the middle of the dragons back while the sparrows dove at her eyes and attempted to maim/distract the dragon. 

 @plot account @the dragon
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(Emperor) played by perm_identity Carhartt, posted on schedule 08-07-2017, 09:13 AM. link #44

Determination surged through his veins as he charged the massive beast. He knew it was dangerous but the leader of Sharad had to show he was fearless. With his dial tucked close to his broad chest he attempted to stab the beast in the leg. With his sorcery behind it gave him enough strength to break through the beast’s thick and scaly skin. The creature screamed in agony but before could take off in safety the son of a bitch laid on him, slammed him to the ground. He felt her massive weight consume him, pushing against his bones. He could feel them want to bend and snap to the pressure but he refused to allow this be his demise. He would not allow his life end being squished but a fucking dragon. He was small yes, but his might was far more than most! He was not going to allow this be the end of everything he worked for.

Just as he began to feel his lung collapse he closed his sapphire orbs and prayed to Sharad and for any last shred of sorcery he had left. Somehow he had just enough to connect with the Spirit world. There a large bison in the vibrant shade of yellow flickered into view. There it used its strength to help Leonidas out from under the massive beast. With his entire body feeling like jell-o the Bison drug him out and away from the dragon. Heaving for air, Leonidas felt his entire body begging for reprieve. Multiple rips had crushed beneath the weight but it seemed nothing else too damaged. One rip pressed against his lungs making it hard to breath as the excruciating pain exploded throughout his frame. There he lied upon the ground gasping for air as the massive bison stood in front of Leonidas, protecting him from whatever might be thrown his way.

Leonidas walks.
Leonidas thinks.
"Leonidas talks."

T A G » @The Dragon @Plot Account
M U S E » 10/10
V O C A L S » Jensen Ackles
W O R D S » 314
S T A T U S » finished
O O C » Once he stabs the dragon she crushed him with her weight. Just as he feels all the air from his lungs he uses the last bit of his energy for his sorcery. A large bison helps him out and drags him away and stands in front to protect him. He has broken ribs and cannot move.

Please tag Leonidas in all replies!
Magic & Force are permitted, within reason.
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(Second in Command) played by perm_identity Carhartt, posted on schedule 08-07-2017, 09:28 AM. link #45

As he leapt through the air he targeted the beast but as to no shock it darted and moved with momentum and speed. With that being said—he missed his target. Soaring through the air, he just barely missed, his daggers slamming into the hardened rock where it cracked and gave beneath him—like a meteor colliding into the realm. The entire ground shook as he gathered his bearings. He watched all the others attacking. Some successful while others were not. The massive beast swung its body, her head and tail, along with dangerous claws making contact with most. Anger seethed through him as this emerald orbs refused to flicker bac to their normal hue. The sorcery was strong. There he lurched forward with all his might searching for her weakest point.

There he saw her tail and nodded with affirmation. There he rushed forward, darting to and fro trying to make it hard to track him as his super speed surged him forward like a ebony and ivory streak. There he attempted to snake out and allow his enamels to collapse around the back end of her tail. Far enough down so he could collapse all the way around it. He wanted to break the small vertebrae but was also hoping to take her focus off the others so they could attack. Being a diversion was one of the best things he could do with his sorcery. Sacrificing himself wasn’t something that scared him. If he was successful he would stay his ground and wait for her to attack him as need be. Then the others could go after her and take advantage of her being focused on Thanantos and whatever he was doing.

Thanantos walks.
Thanantos thinks.
"Thanantos talks."

T A G » @The Dragon @Plot Account
M U S E » 10/10
V O C A L S » Chase Crawford
W O R D S » 285
S T A T U S » finished
O O C C H A T » He lands, smashing a large crater in the ground sending the terrain shaking. He turns and charges hoping to bite with his super strength around her tail and create another distractions while keeping her stationary and maybe breaking a few vertebrae.

Please tag Thanantos in all replies!
Magic & Force are permitted, within reason.

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(Citizen) played by perm_identity Carhartt, posted on schedule 08-07-2017, 05:14 PM. link #46

First he heard the small rocks hitting the rocky floor but then he felt a few pelt his large wing. Quickly he jerked his dial in the direction and saw the wench responsible for such foolery. Anger seethed through him as he attempted to stand, his wings being the only thing able to hold him up as he tucked his left leg close to his body as if it was broken. “What the fuck are you doing?! Stupid bitch don’t make me go over there and throw you to the beast!” All it was words, everyone knew he wouldn’t go through with it. He was far to pained to even fathom moving closer to her. Instead he looked at her with a blood thirsty gaze mumbling more explicits under his breath.

Suddenly before he knew it the beast’s tail came blasting towards him. Before he could even attempt to get away it struck his gorgeous body and sent him flying. With all the wind knocked from his lungs he was unable to scream nor cry out in pain. Being sent through the air he was pushed at least ten feet up. He came crashing down with a heavy thud and crack! His left wing largest bone snapped in half and there poking through the plum plumage was the bone. Blood seeped out from the exposed bone as he was instantly knocked out from the pain… Now that small cut on his shoulder was nothing… Anyone who saw the carnage would have cringed. Nothing worse than exposed bone… There he laid there, looking lifeless…

Thyterios walks.
Thyterios thinks.
"Thyterios talks."

T A G » @Winchester @Eloise @The Dragon @Plot Account
M U S E » 10/10
V O C A L S » Aaron Eckhart
W O R D S » 289
S T A T U S » finished
O O C C H A T » Too busy cussing at Winchester he doesn't have enough time to get out of the way. The dragon's tail slaps him and sends him flying. Landing on his wing, the bone breaks and is exposed through the skin. He is instantly knocked out, bleeding out.

Please tag Thyterios in all replies!
Magic & Force are permitted, within reason.
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(Second in Command) played by perm_identity Sol, posted on schedule 08-07-2017, 07:37 PM. link #47
Despite having such an enormous target to hit before her, her magic sailed over the top of the beast and landed against a nearby tree. She cursed herself for missing so many times, but it seemed that her doubles had managed to confuse the great beast. She watched as others were able to make their attacks land successfully, which made her feel better about her inability to aim. Even if she wasn’t able to land an attack, at least she could help further the cause somehow. She wanted this battle to be over swiftly so they could all go home.  

Her success took her eyes from what was happening, and before she knew it, sharp, icy daggers were sent towards her pelt. They ripped her hide, slashing through her skin of her shoulder and exposing the sinew beneath. She gasped, wide-eyed at the attack, and fell to the earth. Small ice crystals lined her pelt where the freezing claws had slashed. Blood soaked the ground, and the air expired from her lungs as she tried to catch her breath. She gritted her teeth in anguish, the pain searing through her. She knew she couldn’t stay lying down, and she quickly stood up, the pain shooting through her shoulder. As she rose from the earth, her vision blurred as the shock set in, but a swift kick of adrenaline allowed her to scurry away from the dragon. Once she was a decent distance away, she shifted her weight entirely to her other hooves, avoiding her bum leg for the time being. She was physically exhausted from running away from the attack, and her magic and further depleted her energy. She was at her limits, and she cursed herself for being so weak.


The dragon slashes her shoulder with icy claws. It cuts fairly deeply into her shoulder and freezes the outside of her skin. She collapses for a moment and bleeds on the ground, but she manages to get up and run away.
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§  X A M U E L §

A bedlam of fury and magic ensues. The realm is engulfed in utter chaos. Xamuel is planted amidst the many. All of their wills and minds strengthened with their resolve to free their deities and subdue the lizard beast. Irritation courses through his veins and penetrates his mind. The ache of his wounds weep into his thoughts and attempt to distract him, but it could not. He must foresee the end of this. The gentle and wordless brush of a familiar pelt caused a ripple from his fank, along his crest and into his thoughts; dissolving the heed of his wounds. Rousselet. Massive dial did not turn to look upon her, he knew all too well the heat and fury radiating off her obsidian hide bespeckled in beauty and laced in grandeur. A grin twitches on the verge of dawning. The loud crack of electricity whirred at his side and snapped at the ground. Wild, unruly tendrils of lacerating energy sparked and jaggedly outreached to his metal spears. A ripple of surprise disturbed his mind. Electricity? This was his first time bearing witness to the warrior maiden's powers and he felt a powerful thud in his bosom at the thought that their energies could not be more perfectly aligned for destruction. A smirk finally cracked along his maw, yet he said nothing. Xamuel watched the others unleash their unholy intentions upon the majestic beast and scowled as his own attempts failed in helping. The pulsating strength beneath his skin urged him to keep trying despite the disheartening results. "Watch out!" His bellow resonated as his amber eyes locked upon the infuriated heathen, swinging agape her jowels and loosing infernal ribbons of fresh flame toward them. Xamuel leaned toward Rousselet and a formidable wall of metal shot from the earth. The fire collided with the ferrous structure and curled unto itself in an unsuccessful endeavor. As quickly as the wall erected it dissipated and scattered across the ground; morsels slithering like metallic snakes. Xamuel snarled.

The purple dragon sunk low to the earth, weak and succumbing to their combined efforts. The determination was still heavily scribed across her scaley visage; however, it intimidated none. The thunder of her ire echoed into the nightly skies and seemed to shake the very ground beneath them. Xamuel did not shudder nor break his focus upon the beast. His fangs glittered in the light of her fire and he roared a vehemence back. The metal vines began to morph in their advance upon the Wyvern. Their moldless bodies solidified into chain links and they shot toward her neck, legs, and tail in an attempt to ensnare and entrap her. If successful, he would attempt to hold her down and further her vulnerability to attacks.

-- Xamuel erects a short lived wall of defense for him and Rousselet, evading damage. The wall quickly breaks apart into several long and snake-like bodies of metal which form into chains and lunge at the dragon, attempt to shackle and trap her to the ground.

"Thoughts/Someone else speaks"
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“Dance with the devil in the pouring rain
Sharks in the water, but it's all the same.”
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He was... unsuccessful?
Red blinded his vision as rage boiled forth. How was he unsuccessful? How was he incapable of landing an attack? Was he not enough? No... he was. He had to be. He would be!

The sensation of the familiar woman coming near ignited the raging inferno that burned within Romero, dangerous degrees of heat licking away at his soul. It was as if hell itself had finally come to the devil, reuniting with him and burning away all else and leaving nothing save for that luciferic perfection of beauty and terrifying power.

How dare this overgrown lizard defy him! Not again, he would not be so careless again. Invigorated by his own determination and hatred of failure, alongside a strange... boost of sorts that he attributed to Shishira, Romero called upon that dark matter control. He felt pins prickling at his skin as matter that made up this world come towards him and begin to form a brilliant light of purple, a response of the focused friction of his conjuration.

The creation he envisioned was that of a dragon as well and as such the brilliant array of dark purple hues ignited into a see-through beast that raged with all the fury of every damned soul. It reared back, wings beating against the ground, as it roared to strange life. Romero launched the formulated blast towards the female dragon with surprising force. Upon impact, Romero's dragon would release the energy it harbored within those webbed veins of cosmic energy with the entirety of the focus bearing down on the bitch.

He didn't care what state it left him in... Romero was determined to end her.

OoC: Rome has used the increase of power to use a formulated blast in the shape of an imposing dragon - the intent is to slam the created dragon into her and allow the dark matter to, essentially, explode with a massive force of focused energy.

The exertion is likely to leave Romero lethargic at minimal, thus slowing potential response times or otherwise. In order to create the beast and execute the attack would require impressive amounts of energy and could only be managed by the aid of the universal boost everyone has at this point.

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she's fire and ice, you'll fear the cold and crave the burn

Though she wasn't full of magic or the honed skill of a warrior, Astoria could still hold her own in a battle. But against a dragon? That was another story. The pearlescent mare edged around the outskirts of the battleground, dancing past pools of blood with precise movements. With a snort, she flicked her milky eyes to the purple hued dragon in the middle of the clearing, her tongue was lolling from her maw, showing that she was growing ever so more tired. She must be strong to be able to take as many hits as she had, perhaps Shishira's will flowed through her. Though Shishira was her God she had pledged herself to this cause and she would follow it through. Astoria was slight in build, built more for speed rather than pure strength, so she watched as the others attacked, waiting for her moment to charge forward. It was the attack of a black and cream stallion that caught her attention, as he attempted to hold down the tail of the dragon. That was where she would aim. With a few swift movements, she was thundering towards the dragons tail, rearing when she was next to the stallion. If she could just throw her body weight behind the attack, perhaps her hooves would slice through the skin and hit bone. 

ooc: attempted to slice through the tail of the dragon, through the flesh and to the bone just above where Thanatos was attempting to hold the tail down. 


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