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10th January 2018 | The poll has closed and Greeshma has a new Emperor!

7th January 2018 | Greeshma leadership voting is now open! Please go and cast your vote after your own deliberation on the applications for our leaders; thank you to everyone who entered! Go vote!

1st January 2018 | Happy New Year to all of Caeleste and all the lovely people in this community! To celebrate the new year, we are holding two contests alongside each other; a Posting Contest and an Advertising Contest and both have super prizes. It is a contest against yourself and not against other players, all in the name of earning some fantastic prizes, so we hope you'll really enjoy it! Let's have another fantastic year! And have fun posting!

31st December 2017 | We have brand new sorcery requirements added to the lists to give a bit more variety while maintaining difficulty levels for levelling up of characters and their magics! Also keep your eyes out for some special events coming up soon!

24th December 2017 | January OTM Nominations are taking place now! Place your nominations HERE!

22th December 2017 | We officially have a new automatically updating census! It works off the account switcher so a new rule is generating where all character accounts must be attached to their OOC account. Check out the new census HERE!

21th December 2017 | Thanks to the holiday season we are hosting a Chistmas Raffle! Don't miss out, the prizes are awesome! Check it out HERE!

14th December 2017 | Auditions for Greeshmas Emperor/Empress are up! Don't miss out on the chance to rule an entire empire! Check it out HERE! Auditions ends 01/03/2018.

21th November 2017 | December OTM nominations are now open! Go nominate your favorite characters and players HERE!

13th November 2017 | We have a new mini pfoile and a few new entries into profiles, if you'll go edit those to add 100 x 100 images and avatars are the size that the avatar updater asks for. If you'd like the hexagonal one, set your edit options to post classic. Enjoy it!

11th November 2017 | There is a tie breaker for COTM for November! Go vote HERE! Voting only lasts for 2 days!

3rd November 2017 | The census and users have been cleaned up, if anything isn't quite right, please contact a staff member and we'll get back to you! Also OTM voting is live, go forth and pick your October OTMS! And some seasonal fun will be coming... yes it will! And congratulations to Dawn and Eowyn for winning the personal sub board contest! Your subforum will be up as soon as possible!

22th October 2017 | The rules have been clarified and updated for proper crediting. Please be sure to check them out here! Please do not hesitate to message Carhartt with any questions.

19th October 2017 | Everyone please welcome three new moderators to our Caeleste staff; Cia, Arborath & Dawn! We are so excited to have you!

10th October 2017 | Did you know we have Carat Claims where you can get Carats for both OC and IC achievements? Be sure to check it out here!

4th October 2017 | OTMs have been put up, thank you to all who voted and took part in them this month!

29th September 2017 | The banner voting is done, new themes 'Drifting in Waves' and 'Sunrise' are now live! And the autumn has changed to winter, and the cold is now here for two months!

23rd September 2017 | We have closed the banner contest early and have put up a poll for new theme creation! Also we have opened Staff Auditions, and are looking for two new staff members, so go apply if you'd like to try out!

20th September 2017 | OTM nominations are up once again, be sure to submit suggestions for every category to recieve 500 carats! Nominations can be found here

6th Septemper 2017 | Prizes for the SWP 2 has been given out! You can claim them until the 20th of September! Don't miss out!

1st Septemper 2017 | There is a tie break poll for COTM this month, go and vote here! c:

28th August 2017 | OTM Voting is up!! Go vote here by the 31st!!

26th August 2017 | OTM nominations are extended till tomorrow (27th) since we need more nominations. You get 500 carats for filling each category! Go here!

20th August 2017 | It is that time again, August OTM nominations are up!! Be sure to post your suggestions before the 25th! Here!

16th August 2017 | The Site Wide Plot is ending! Be sure to read about the prizes and finish it up here!

7th August 2017 | The SWP is ready for round two! You have till August 8th 11:59pm to post! Check it out here!

2 August 2017 | SWP Finale has begun! Go, fight, free the deities! There is also a new theme called Reveries!

30 July 2017 | July OTM voting ends tomorrow, be sure to vote here by then!

26 July 2017 | July OTM nominations have been extended one extra day so please please don't forget to nominate your favourites for each category by the end of today!! Go here!

24 July 2017 | Please welcome our two newest members to staff, Kiwi & Sol! Also be sure to congratulate Blushie on her promition to Co-Admin and Nikkayla as Admin!

22 July 2017 | Nylah has been selected as Year 2's Character of the Year! Congratulations to Nylah and all the nominees!

22 July 2017 | July's OTM nominations are up, you get 500 carats for nominating to each category. Don't forget to do it by the 25th!

17 July 2017 | SWP Into the Unknown" has started! And we have the results from the Emperor/Empress Voting!

14 July 2017 | SWP Part III closes soon! Get in while you can! And don't forget to vote for your co-ruler for Vasanta alongside Isorath! Also, a new item has been added - sub-board deeds are now in the Misc section of the shop and are in limited supply!

7 July 2017 | The winners of our One Year Raffle has been posted! Congratulations to Zohyd, E-cho, & Townsen! Thank you to everyone for making it possible!

3 July 2017 | Character of the Year nominations are now up! Everyone who nominates someone will recieve 1,000 carats! Don't miss out!

28 June 2017 | Vasanta Leader Auditions are now up and ready for tryouts. We are allowing past tryouts to be used, and new ones are always permitted!

26 June 2017 | Voting for the June OTMs is up! Go cast your votes =)

24 June 2017 | Stage Two entry of the SWP has closed and all carats and items have been handed out! If you missed out please PM a staff member or the Plot Account. The next stage will be up soon!

21 June 2017 | Don't miss out on OTM Nominations! You will recieve 500 carats for nominating in all catagories.

20 June 2017 | Stage Two for our SWP Two, Dream Walker is ready for IC sign-ups! Go sign up, here! You won't want to miss out!

17 June 2017 | The first part of the SWP has closed and voting is open! Go read them and cast your vote here for your favorite!

10 June 2017 | Have you used a Cake of Change? Then go here and fill out the form, we're adding a lot of record keeping and this is a part of it! Thank you!

6 June 2017 | We want to hear from you! Yes, we would like to know what you think of the new layout! Go here and fill out our form! If you do, you'll recieve 500 Carats!

5 June 2017 | As our one year quickly approaches us, a lot is unfolding here at Caeleste. We have an amazing one year raffle going until July 1st 2017! With our second site wide plot on its way, we are offering our members a new layout! It has been set as the default, but our old layout is still avaiable to those who don't like change!

27 May 2017 | OTM Voting is now open here, go and vote! Go vote!

20 May 2017 | The Of the Month Nominations are up for May, you get 500 carats for nominating someone to every category! Be sure to do so before the 25th. Nominate here!

18 May 2017 | Both Greeshma and Vasanta are looking for a new Leader! Anyone and everyone is welcomed to tryout, anyone who does will automatically recieve 1,000 Carats! Check out the Greeshma tryouts here! Check out the Vasanta tryouts here!

10 May 2017 | Caeleste Bingo has concluded and prizes will be divided out soon! We have a lovely side wide plot gearing up and all is well in the world of Caeleste! Thank you to all of our wonderful members we have been active and open for 11 months!

27 April 2017 | Don't forget to submit your OTM nominations before they close tomorrow! Voting will commence straight after. Check out this thread to nominate!

26 April 2017 | Staff have gone through and removed inactive accounts. The census has also been compeltely updated and accurate! Thanks to our wonderful members we have over 100 active members and 245 characters! Caeleste has also been open for 10 months! Congrats everyone!

22 April 2017 | Caeleste has a new map! A few things have been moved for a more realistic layout but most has stayed the same! Please be sure to check it out here!

17 April 2017 | We are excited to announce we now allow single accounts for twins/close siblings/parent child/multiple headed/physically connected for our members convenience! Be sure to check out the details in our Guidebook!

12 April 2017 | Don't miss out on our two OOC Contests! Your chance to win a second sorcery is here! We have Caeleste Bingo and Caeleste's Easter Egg Contest!

1 April 2017 | Make sure to vote in April OTM's which are located here. You can also check out some new of the new things we have going on over here!

27 March 2017 | Be sure to post your OTM Nominations for April! You will receive 500 carats for filling out all categories! Find it here!

13 March 2017 | Our word minimum for IC posts is now 150! Here we believe in quality not quantity!

6 March 2017 | Exciting news, Caeleste is introducing Secondary Sorcery! Yes, the chance to wield two different sorceries! Please be sure to read about it here!

6 March 2017 | OTM Nominations are in! Be sure to nominate in all four categories to receive 250 carats!

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10 January 2018 | Congratulations to Hassan on winning the place as Emperor of Greeshma!

7th December 2017 | Christmas Raffle is happening!! Check it out and have a chance to win some really cool prizes!

7th December 2017 | There is a check going on over in the land of Shishira - Follow this link to the reading of the letter to Dead Horse Ridge residents for an activity check for who is there and who needs to be added to the roster!

10th October 2017 | Orhis is victorious in keeping Greeshma in Rex Igni's hands! It was a riveting battle and makes for a great read! Check it out here!

16th August 2017 | The Site Wide Plot has drawn to an end and prizes are being given out! Make sure to read and post your conclusion here!

7th August 2017 | The Dragon has posted in the SWP once more delivering the results of the first round of the battle! Check it out here!

1st August 2017 | Leonidas is running Sharad's second herd meeting! Don't miss out, it's going to be important! Check it out here!

29th July 2017 | Rex Igni has challenged for Greeshma and won the title of Emperor!

17 July 2017 | Congratulations to Milly Mae on winning the place as Empress of Vasanta!

10 July 2017 | SWP Stage 3 Sign Ups are up and ready for everyon to sig their characters up in character! It's the third and FINAL stage of our site wide plot. Don't miss out!

26 June 2017 | SWP Stage 2 has been posted and it's time to find the items Sharad has so desperately requested!

20 June 2017 | You have just two more days to sign up for the SWP Stage 2! You won't want to miss out!

12 June 2017 | Caeleste's second side wide plot has began! Be sure to check it out and be apart of the fun! The winner of the first stage will recieve a Second Sorcery! |SWP| Beyond the Veil! You have till June 16th to respond!

7 June 2017 | The voting has ended and Caeleste has two new leaders! Zaraei is the new Empress of Greeshma and Isorath is the new Emperor of Vasanta!

6 June 2017 |The Bazaar has two new items! They pretty exciting! We have the Mushroom of Maturity and Celestial Citizenship! Be sure to check them up and stock up!

5 June 2017 |Don't forget to vote for the new leaders of Vasanta and Greeshma! Just one day left to do so!

1 June 2017 |Leonidas is victorious in battle! Looks like he's a force to be reckoned with! See how the battle went here!

15 May 2017 | Cæruleus is victorious in battle! Looks like he's a force to be reckoned with! See how the battle went here!

26 April 2017 | Another battle has broken out, this time its for the title: Emperor of Sharad! Will Leonidas hold his reign or will Cheraki take over? Read it here!

20 April 2017 | Cæruleus has come to Dead Horse Ridge challenged Romero for his freedom! Its an exciting battle everyone is excited to watch unfold! Check it out here!

12 April 2017 | The Empress of Sharad is missing! It looks like our dynamic duo or no longer. Hopefully no one decides to kick the Sharad Emperor while he's down.

13 March 2017 | Our word minimum for IC posts is now 150! Here we believe in quality not quantity!

6 March 2017 | The drama in character is beginning to slow down and Caeleste is on Year Two! Summer is here and things are finally getting back to normal!

7 February 2017 | Congratulations Romero, on becoming the new Shishira Emperor! There are five new sorcery types for all the equines! Go check it out here!

1 February 2017 | Sharad has two new sub-boards and there are three more random sub-boards throughout Caeleste! Navigate around and find the special new places!

16 January 2017 | Vantrice has become the new Emperor of Greeshma, winning by a minor margin! Congratulations and good luck with the summer kingdom!

30 December 2016 | The Plot Account is visiting the SWP Threads! Don't miss out on the fun! Lot's of speciality items are going to be given out!

16 December 2016 | The Site Wide Plot is ready for its next phase! Hurry up and check it out here!

9 December 2016 | Nylah has chosen to leave Vasanta and protect Hemanta with Willow by his side as Empress! Check it out here!

5 December 2016 | Cæruleus is the new partnering Emperor of Vasanta for Cerridwen has crumbled under the pressure and forfeited the fight!

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    I Came to Get Hurt
    Filled with the shadier parts of life, this thread has it all. Thyterios, the master of manipulation, coerces his servant, Anzhelo, into consummating their relationship. It’s a wild thread that will leave you on the edge of your seat and make you squirm.
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    Leonidas & Harena
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| SWP | Fire and Blood! FINALE.
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(Guest) played by perm_identity , posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 08:29 AM. link #51
lets get ready to rumble
{she thought she was curing him, but she was falling in love}

It appeared to be a full fledge war. Equines of different sizes and shapes pulled together to defeat the amethyst, overgrown lizard. The different sorceries might have been impressive had she chosen to pay much attention to them. Her mind was too focused on her own sorcery, and making sure the brute next to her stayed safe. At the end of the day she only cared about herself and him. If they survived this he would need a healer, he would need medical attention that she was not capable of giving him- she also couldn’t think of a healer off the top of her head that could help. She could ask around and threaten her way to an answer, but that might backfire. This was not the time or place to worry about that.

Her electricity had been a hit, despite the small collection of spears that penetrated the dragon. They didn’t seem to do much damage- but her electricity had clearly stunned the dragon. Xamuel was hurt, she was shocked he was fighting at all honestly. How much strength did he physically have left? Would he exert himself too far? The few spears that did hit the dragon clearly pissed her off. Watch out! It was Xamuel’s voice that rung through the air. Over all the noise and happenings, she heard it so clear. In her mind it was merely the two of them on this battlefield fighting the dragon. Fuck everyone else. Before Rousselet could react a metal wall shot through the Earth to protect the duo from the flames expelled by the lizard. Just like that the wall disappeared and changed form. Snaking across the ground as Xamuel attempted to chain the beast down. He had saved them from injury. He has saved her from injury. He didn’t have to. In reality she would have been pissed had any other tried to save her. She didn’t need their fucking help. But the feeling was anything but anger. As if she couldn’t have any more attraction and admiration towards the handsome brute.
It was her turn to strike another attack. One that she knew could be deadly if she was able to land it. One that would take much of her strength and would need a few days to recuperate. Mind focused as she felt the charges within her twenty hand bodice grow. Pushing each level to the extreme as she merged all the energy together. Before her a glowing ball appears, small lighting cracks around the circumference. Feminine dial is drawn in tight, her maw almost touching her chest before she flings her head forward. The large ball of deadly lighting barreling towards the dragon. If it collapses successfully, the bomb will release electricity and kinetic energy. It should fry the dragon enough stop her heart- or do serious harm. Only it could possibly harm others that chose to fight the dragon up close. It was a bomb of electricity after all.


words- 0495
thoughts: Rousselet attempts to throw a bomb of electricity. If the bomb explodes successfully, it releases electricity and kinetic energy that should fry the dragon. It could also harm those that are close to the dragon.
age4 year old
height16.1 hh
breedTB x Andalusian
carats 17,149€ Carats
(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Kiwi, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 09:11 AM. link #52
Eloise had aimed her attack with every bit of strength she could muster. Her muscles ached, skin stretched and inflamed where the dragon had scorched her tender flesh prior. And as she came down she could feel what she was doing this for. She was throwing caution to the wind, ready to give her own to save the lives of others. Her legs moved in slow motion, the thundering in her chest growing louder the closer and closer she got. But to no avail. The massive scaled tail pulled away at the last second, striking through the air.

Glacier blue eyes went wide as it struck her, the force forming it around her gentle curves. The power of the strike pushed her through the air and she landed in a heap. She landed with a thud, a cloud of dust forming around her. Though she didn't stop there. Her body slid across the dry cracked ground, her soft flesh catching on the friction as it was eaten away. When she finally came to a stop she laid there for a moment, in shock. Her barrel heaved with each labored breath, nostrils flaring. Blood seeped from her mouth and nose, no doubt shattered ribs and internal bleeding.

She moves her head, finding another victim of the dragon's ire in her gaze. A brilliant purple stallion that shimmered like the galaxies themselves was lying in a heap no more than three yards away. She could see bone and she knew he too was in bad shape. With an anguished and strangled cry, Eloise managed to pull herself up as far as she could on bent knees. She pulled herself along, dragging herself most of the way to Thyterios' side. As she approached him she began to gently nudge him with her nose, hoping not to bleed on him too much. He was out light a light, but at least he was breathing. Eloise shook the circle of flowers off her head, admiring the petals and pearls that were left. She picked it up and gently placed it upon Thy's head. "I'll protect you," her voice was barely a whisper as she pulls herself to her feet on shaking limbs. Eloise steps in front of the broken stallion and flattens her ears, baring her teeth. No one would touch him.

  @The Dragon  
  @Plot Account  

(Eloise has suffered a huge abrasion to her right side from where she slid across the ground, broken ribs, and internal bleeding. She is bleeding heavily from her wounds, nose, and mouth. She is standing in front of Thy to protect him.)  
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age15 year old
height15.3 hh
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(The Hell Hound of Sharad) played by perm_identity Kiwi, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 09:26 AM. link #53

Raekor missed. She cursed herself under her breath, narrowly avoiding the dragon's retaliation in the form of sharp claws. She leaped away, still in the form of a bear, landing on massive paws. She shook herself in an attempt to steel her mind, thick fur rippling like waves of grass. She turns her single good eye on the group of fighting horses, falling upon Leonidas beneath the beast. A roar erupted from her throat, and she headed for him. By the time she reached her emperor, a bison had helped free him. She nudged Leonidas with her nose, grunting as she did hoping he'd be able to tell it was her. She moved to stand beside the bison, ready to protect him.

"Sharad, guide me." Raekor stepped forward, slightly ahead of the bison. Her rounded ears slammed back against her, hiding amidst the thick brown hair. She pressed her paws into the ground, claws scraping into the earth. "Bring it on, bitch." She would use every bit of her strength, her honor, to defend not only her emperor but the rest of the horses. Whether they were Sharad, Shishira, Greeshma-- it didn't matter. They all had one common enemy right at that very moment. Once she was dealt with they could go back to bickering and fighting one another. But for now, they stood as one.

  @Plot Account  
  @The Dragon  
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age7 year old
height16.1 hh
breedShire x Arab
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“two heads is not always better than one”
(Greeshma) played by perm_identity Kiwi, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 09:44 AM. link #54
Both pairs of teeth snapped down over nothing but air, clanging together with a very audible click. Rex turned his head sharply, staring with an intense gaze at his brother. Igni seemed just as surprised that they had missed. She'd been right there. Though there was not much time for the two to have a moment to themselves. Just as Igni turned his own head, white rimmed eyes falling on his more confident brother, the dragon slashed at them with long hazard claws. They raked across Rex's face, flesh tearing open as bright red blood rolled down the curves of his face and dripped onto the ground. She nicked his neck too, blood intermingling with sweat as it rolled down him. Igni doesn't get the claws, instead he takes the brunt of the dragon's hand. The force of it to his skull causes everything to go dark.


Rex cries out as Igni's head and neck go limp. Rex nudges him futilely in an attempt to rouse him, but Igni was out like a light. Despite everything going on, Rex was still able to hear shallow breathing and for now he had to be content that Igni was alive. Rex slowly turns his gaze back to the dragon, eyes narrowed to slits with ears pinned. "How dare you lay a hand on a prince of Avissan." His voice is bone chilling, every muscle (other than Igni's) was tight and ready. He reared up, a guttural sound of anger escaping from his vibrating throat, striking back at the dragon's leg with his fore legs.

  @Plot Account  
  @The Dragon  

(Rex Igni was clawed, with Rex taking the claws on his head and neck. Igni took the actual "hand" of the dragon and was promptly knocked out. Using his adrenaline to go on, Rex strikes at the dragon with his front legs.)

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age11 year old
height20.1 hh
breedFriesian X Mustang
sorcerySnow Control
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(Hemanta) played by perm_identity caely, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 02:07 PM. link #55

By now, the cluster of equines had turned into a mob. All, no matter the deity they followed, were standing together to fight the dragon and bring it down. Legion’s eyes wandered around every few moments, catching glimpses of other equines rushing around, some not even fighting, and then others standing with all their might against the beast. He, too, was giving it his all. Unfortunately, it seemed them all Legion would do and had done, was weak and insignificant. His normally devastating, piercing icicles that jutted up through the ground were melted away it what seemed like an instant. He watched as Nylah’s water reached the dragon but some of it turned to steam. Others seemed to be laying waste to the terrible serpent, while he could do nothing. Blue eyes watched as claws and hands swept forward, lashing out at those on the front lines. Legion, however, was not close to the front. He was taking on more of a ranged attack, however, he was not saved from the fiery breathe of the tyrannical lizard. As the fire bellowed from the mouth of the beast, Legion formed a frozen armor of sorts, and when the fire moved over him, he felt nothing but the coolness from his glass like armor. He raised his head, and the armor melted away. He had to do something. Something more. He focused his energies and from the air around the dragon, it began to snow. The temperature around the beast would begin to plummet as the air began to grow even icier. Legion hoped this would slow the dragon down. Of course, she could always blast the air around her, but the snow and the air would still be cold and grow colder and colder. Around the body of the charming black stallion, formed another set of frozen armor. This time it was not crude, but well crafted to be worn into battle. Icicles jutted from the skull and sides and continued to grow as Legion lurched forward and began to canter then gallop towards the beast. Its body becoming a speeding trajectory, and a spiked wall of ice formed before him. As he neared it grew around him like a massive shield, complete with spark icicle spikes. He ran in close and aimed for the dragons side and chest.

@Plot Account
@The dragon

OOC| Legion changes the weather around the dragon and makes the temperature plummet in hopes of freezing the reptile and slowing it down. Then forms a frozen set of armor and an armored sheild/wall complete with icicle spikes to stab into the dragons side.
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age23 year old
height24.3 hh
breedIrish Draught Horse X Trakehner
carats 8,403€ Carats
(Shishira) played by perm_identity caely, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 02:28 PM. link #56

The monster was statuesque among the fray. It stood, eerily still as bodies both rushes and fell around it. The smell of blood, death, and sweat filled its black nostrils as it breathed in slow, rhythmic breaths. The eyes on its wings wept as they continued to stay rolled back in their sockets. Hot, salty tears stained its plush feathers on its wings, but it was of no hindrance to the beast. It stood mighty and foreboding as bodies fell around it. The world seemed like a blur to it as the eyes on its head, despite their building and raining tears, they could see. The world seemed slow and even the screams and sounds of war were muffled. All that could be heard were the terrible, banshee like screams from one could only assume to be the great beyond.

It seemed like forever, and like it’s efforts were doing little. Until the power began to fill the creatures empty reserves and empower it. Their had been wounds inflicted on the dragon which allowed Osiris’ magic to seep into its husk and steal away its life force… bit by bit. It was a different kind of soul that Osiris had never fed upon before. It was ancient and full of a spinning dark power that Osiris had bet on being Shishira, however there was more. It’s fearsome age had made its life force divine and almost god-like in strength. Osiris continued to feed, even passed what it could physically retain. It would take and store this great power for something else… something along the lines later. It was turn to come in handy. However, for now, it inhaled and began to suck even harder. It’s ethereal lines that leaked from its mouth to the beast began to grow erratic and swarm around one another until they formed a spiritual chain that broke into smaller chains that entered the dragons wounds. Swirling magic traveled back to Osiris as it’s jaws opened wider and wider and seemed to unhinge like a snake as it opened its jaws wide. Sparkling white teeth glittered in the light as saliva dripped from them and it’s fleshy tongue remained still in its lower mandible. Osiris breathed in and spiritually began to tug on the weakening dragon’s soul. It had already latched on before, but now… now it would try to pull the very soul from the creature. If not the whole thing, a piece, as it would be very powerful and could feed Osiris for months to come. It took a sudden step back as it yanked and pulled on the soul of the dragon.

@Plot account
@The dragon

OOC| Osiris feeds on more of the dragons life force before putting a spiritual chain on the dragons soul and attempting to drag its soul from its body. If not the whole soul, then just a part of it to save for later.
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age3 year old
height13.1 hh
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(Vasanta) played by perm_identity Darkrise, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 03:47 PM. link #57

This is fine. This is fine. Crescendo’s panicked mind attempts to reason as she drops rocks around the dragon’s head. From her position in the sky she feels reasonably safe. However it seemed her distraction worked all too well for as the small rocks landed with thumps upon the grassy earth the dragon’s head rose with a roar, its maw parted in a terrible snarl. Even with her heightened speed and small form her terrified glance at the razor sharp teeth cost her. Flapping her wings helplessly there was little she could do as the dragon’s mouth neared her, for once the overly-large appendages were a weakness. She let out a scream as the jaws closed over her wing, flinging her to the left and ripping out a few of the longest feathers. Panicked, her brain shut down as she was sent tumbling through the air, wings fluttering at odd angles unable to keep her in the air. With a crash she landed heavily on the ground, all the breath rushing out of her with an oomf leaving her breathless and speechless. Pain ricocheted up her neck from her shoulder and down her back, her head spinning and lights flashing in her vision. With a whimper she drags herself away from the fray, curling her injured wing awkwardly around her and watching from the safety of some bushes, deciding to act only when her help was necessary. Crescendo was no warrior and no more than dead weight for the other fighters.

@Plot Account
@The Dragon

Crescendo's left wing is injured, the shoulder joint wrenched and several of the largest feathers missing from the tip of her wing where the Dragon gripped her. Her left side is also hurt from falling from the air and she is now curled up watching the fight from a nearby bush, possibly ready to do something should she be needed.
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age5 year old
height15.3 hh
breedArabain x Iberian
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“Without the Night there would be no stars”
(Hemanta) played by perm_identity Darkrise, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 04:05 PM. link #58

A grim smile spread across Nyx’s feline face as she felt scales and tendon give away beneath her needle sharp teeth, black blood trickling down her chest and into her mouth. Her sense of accomplishment was short lived as the black blood that began to soak into her black fur and trickle down her throat burned in an odd way. With a pained snarl with jumped away from the slight flow of blood, still remaining on the dragon’s large back, spitting up black blood as well as her own whilst her throat began to heal. Phasing just her claws, Nyx remained in feline form but dagger sharp bear claws erupted from her padded paws (which were also burning) and she turned to the next wing. Nyx could feel her power and energy ebbing away but she pushed on, navigating a way across the dragon’s shoulders glad of her feline balance. This time she uses her claws to tear at the scaled wing on the other side, hoping to do as much damage to this one if not more. She ignores the ache on her chest and pads from where the black-furred skin coldly burnt. She had lost sight of Thanantos now and though she focuses on injuring this wing she can’t help but worry for him.

@Plot Account
@The Dragon

Than is never far from Nyx's thoughts lmao
Her lower chest, pads and also the inside of her mouth and throat got burned by the blood. She heals the inside of her throat (after coughing up blood) but not her pads or chest. She shifts her claws into bear claws but remains as a black panther. Travels across the dragons back to the other wing and begins tearing at it with her claws, again hoping to cause damage before the dragon can reach her.
Goddess of the Night
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“there's a wild wild whisper rolling in the wind”
(Exorcist of Sharad) played by perm_identity Blushie, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 04:38 PM. link #59
there's a wild wild whisper blowing in the wind
She missed. The wing had moved just as Vivian’s kick launched. Vivian felt the air whoosh past her hooves. She regathered herself though and pushed off of the ground, away from the retaliation attack that was sure to follow. She quickly turned to take in the pure chaos. Ice and fire and claws were going everywhere. Equines moved. Water struck out. But she had little chance to take in who did what even those she could recognize. Her eyes looked for Rhett, but he seemed to have remained hidden. She took a breath, her sore back still causing some trouble.

She steeled herself again and lowered her head. The beast was being effected as they landed damages. She took another breath. The dragon’s wing, she could see two equines make contact with it. Nyx and another she didn’t recognize. She took another breath. The dragon was grounded.

She was not cut out for this. She wanted to run, bolt, and find security, drag her child out of this. But they would be spotted and attacked most likely. He couldn’t move fast and far at this point. She didn’t even know where they were. She glanced over, equines were already falling along the outskirts. She couldn’t fight a dragon, but she could help the injured.

She quickly moved to a purple stallion who seemed to have been knocked out and a mare laying over him. She could see another white mare against a tree. She also couldn’t seem to move. Vivian looked over at the two in front of her.

“Let me get a look at you,” She said to the mare who was conscious. She could already see this was bad. She snorted. She didn’t have her usual tools but she knew of herbs and she could see those locally. She spotted a winged mare in a bush. “Ok, what doesn’t hurt? And how long has he been out? Can I get a look at him?” She’d move across the outskirts of the battle to gather a few herbs to help stop bleeding and lower the pain. It was the best she could do and hope the others would keep the dragon off them.
coding | image | @Plot Account @The Dragon @Eloise @Thyterios | Vivian realizes that she isn't cut out for fighting so instead she heads towards the edges of the fight to try and look after the wounded and aid them in simple ways by gathering local plant life and praying they can get out of this.

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“but will you let it shine from within and cast all of your fears aside”
(Regent of Hementa) played by perm_identity Blushie, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 04:54 PM. link #60
Her meager attack seemed to have an effect as the pelting on the wings caused the dragon to be unsteady. It also seemed to have brought her back into the clear target range of the beast. But Winchester knew this thing was going to lose. How? There was a fire in her chest, a rage that matched the dragon fire with one of her own. Vasanta’s energy seemed to surge into her, she could feel every hair on her body, every piece rock pressed against her skin, every beat of her heart, every pump of blood into her abdomen, every painful breath that pushed a little more air into her chest cavity.

Was this the energy of those who were at death’s door? Perhaps, but Winchester didn’t have time to worry. The dragon’s fire came at her and she wasn’t able to move. Remington wrapped his frail body around her face, covering her eyes and nose as best he could. She felt the heat wash over her. It was intense, it was invigorating.

She was alive!

She shook her head, dislodging her dragon. Where he had covered her, there was no scorch marks, but her mane, tail, and much of her body had distinct patches missing where the hot fire had burned away all the hair. Several of her wounds, the punctures from the dragon claws, the horrible scrape from her fight on the beach, all of those were singed as well, blistering and red as blood slowed it’s flow over them. It hurt like hell. But Winchester just laughed.

“Is that the best you have left?!” She screamed at the beast above her. She watched it go down, pinned. She reached out with magic, gathering more rocks. They were shaky, and she wasn’t sure she could hold out much longer. “I’m still here! And I’m not afraid of you!” She screamed, launching this group at the creature’s large eyes. Let the dragon come at her, let it kill her. She wasn’t afraid of either. And her death would drag that demon she’d released back to hell. So in the end, it would all work out.
the shadows of this world
will try and steal you away
into their arms but you belong in mine

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Please note, I work long hours Mon-Fri and may not be the fastest at replying, but I will reply.
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“excuse me i'm trying to find my calling”
(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Bloodwitch, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 07:55 PM. link #61

Heulwen knew she was not strong. The odds of this attempt to pin the dragon or even distract it was slim. It was a huge risk but there was no going back. The mission was not done and the Gods were still in prison. She had to free them no matter the cost. It was the only thing she was sure of. Losing her memories was the worst and the mare didn't have anything to fight for. She accepted death, if that was what was to happen. She felt no regrets or loss. Everyone played their part and to her surprise her attack made the dragon double take. This made an opening for the others but before she could get out of the way, she was hit and her body sent away from the battle. It went flying into a tree and among some bush.

If it was not for her armor she would have been done for. Heulwen laid lifeless among the derby from her crash. Her head spinning, causing her to lose focus of what was around her. She could smell more blood. A mix her hers and the others. She couldn't focus but her body screamed to keep down. She struggled for breath and could feel the bruising on her chest and ribs. Nothing was broken but she now had a few new cuts to add to the one over her eye. This was not going to be where she die. It wasn't easy but she forced herself to stand up. Her body shaking from the pain but she would not sit out. She remembered her lighting speed and used it to snag another shard. This time aiming for an open wound made by another fighter. She didn't know how much more was in her but knew she could not take on anymore. An other attack form the beast could cause her to be down for the count. Yet, she still took the risk. It might be small but to her any little bit could help.

@Plot Account
@The Dragon

ooc- Was flung into a tree when smacked at. She is dizzy and suffers from bruising of the ribs and open wounds on her exposed skin. Her armor will need heavy repairs.

She attacks again by grabbing a new shard and aiming to stab one of the dragon's open wounds.

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All contact with Heulwen is permitted aside from anything leaving permanent injury unless agreed upon via OOC
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“ If it wasn’t for that sentimentality, life would have ended. ”
(Hemanta) played by perm_identity Nikkayla, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 08:18 PM. link #62

Ciaran Zhaoiani
daughter of nylah zhaoianas and willow
Her father shielded her when the dragon came for them. She rocked with him, feeling her own blood spill a little but she felt the red hot liquid spilling down across her from her sire, and she looked up, horror showing in her eyes. She had been clipped on the side, a minor gash, but her sire had taken a terrible strike to his body. She barely registered what he was saying, before he was pushing her and hounding her. She finally heard his words, turning away. Pain was awful in that little wound, but she went none the less. She went to where her father had directed, pushing herself down and into the place where Rhett was.

She bunkered in beside him, flashing him a mad grin, ignoring her somewhat shocking appearance, “What madness,” she says to him, and the she nudges him gently. “We’re safe here… our parents won’t let her hurt us,” she says to him, before she turns to watch again.

She sees her sire lashing out with water, and so many others, striking and trying to bring her down. It was mayhem… but it was what they had to do.

@Plot Account - @The Dragon - Bunkers in with @Rhett and hopes for the best for them all...

ciaran zhaoiani and karsi
daughter of emperor nylah and empress willow - tag in all posts
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“What I’ve got will make you feel more alive, I’ll be your favourite drug I will get you high...”
(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Nikkayla, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 08:28 PM. link #63
the once king of ilir
There was no surprise to him when his strike missed, the dragon was moving, and he knew it was impossible to hit a target who was moving like she was. Yet she had seen him calling it, and she swung her fury on to him. That massive jaw came towards him, teeth flashing bright as they sank into his hide. One went deep into the meat of his shoulder, though muscle and sinew and almost to his bone. Entia trumpeted his anger and pain, as he launched himself sideways. Other teeth had gripped him for a moment, raking his withers, his barrel, shredding the leather of his own wing in the piece she had grabbed, and it flopped to the ground. Her tooth tore out of his shoulder, ripping skin and muscle, blood pouring and pooling beneath his hoof far too quickly. Entia had no way to stem his own bleeding, but he was full of adrenaline and madness.

He too was exhausted, but he still dove forward, all the same. He almost fell on to his face form the pain in his left shoulder, but in recovery, he drew upon the electrical energy of the earth and sent it pulsating towards her, a thundering rocket of static and energy just for her. With his attack complete Entia crumpled to the earth, unable to place weight on his injured shoulder. He sank to the earth, blood still running from large wound, muscle destroyed. He lays there, eyes staring.

And unable to move.

@Plot Account
@The Dragon
- Entia is bitten and in his motion to get away from her tears open his shoulder from his elbow up to almost his wither from her bottom teeth wrenching out of his muscles. He has numerous other scraps, large wounds, but this one cripples his shoulder. In his adrenaline filled state he throws a rocket of electricity at her before collapsing to the earth before her, pain seizing him and unable to move.
entia and seze
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(Sharad) played by perm_identity Nikkayla, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 08:36 PM. link #64
She had failed but she was not deterred. Swinging about on the earth, and not feeling too worn form her ability yet, and feeling the energy of them all surging around her, the power of those who watched over them flooding her veins, she rises into the air as high as she can. She strikes out with her forelegs, pushing all her energy, all her strength into her limbs. She cares not she didn’t strike – this time, she aimed for something else.

As she flailed and fell to the earth once more, with a war cry booming from her throat, she bounds forwards and slammed her forelegs down into the earth, sending a shockwave through it and causing a minor seismic event to occur. The ground heaved where she struck as she directed the energy of the earth, opening the ground beneath the dragon. It wasn’t big, but it was enough beneath her claws and legs so that her limbs could fall into there, and there she would pin her limbs, trapping her and rendering her unable to move away. If she couldn’t use her claws or leap, they would be safer – and the others could stop her.

Fatigue washed over her like a wave. She staggered backwards upon her limbs, her weight sinking as Tai’ath managed to find herself leaning against a tree without realising how she got there, and watching through a red film of exhaustion… this was it.

All or nothing.

@Plot Account
@The Dragon
- Tai'ath attempts to open the earth, small enough, and trap the dragons limbs.
tirea of sharad - tag nikkayla in all posts
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(Sharad) played by perm_identity Lee, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 09:54 PM. link #65

When I had gotten close to the large scaled beast, she’d moved. My attack missed my large cranium raising the paddles held toward the skies while my bright steel-blue eyes rolled across the amethyst scales of the dragon. I had seen her slit eyes watch me as I approached expecting a recoil attack I readied myself for the incoming, but it never came. Instead she turned her attention toward the others who flung one attack after another. I realized this was my chance, already close I turned my cranium to her my paddles lowering the spikes aimed forward I came close and ripped my muscular neck upward ready to use these spikes to my advantage to press my weight my entire being into the dragon and penetrate the amethyst armor ripping through the soft flesh laying below.

I could hear the others my large furry ears twisting toward their voices shouting spells and trying to do as much damage as possible. I noticed the dragon could not escape too badly injured in order to flee to the skies. Wonderful, I mused to myself my momentum gaining as I aimed my spikes to her belly ready to do what needed to be done in order to protect those who I knew would be in harms way. Leonidas, Harena, and others who I’ve met on my travels through these lands. I needed to do this.

Ooc. Kenai lowered his head, his antlers aiming toward the dragons belly to try and get through her armor and rip upward through her soft flesh.

@The Dragon @Plot Account

Please tag Kenai in all replies, thank you.

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(Empress of Vasanta) played by perm_identity Lee, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 10:06 PM. link #66

I had tried my best to attack the beast that threatened the deities freedom. Though I had failed feeling my daggers striking nothing but the air in front of me, but still close enough to be in harms way but it would seem I had mostly been ignored. I looked to the others who had been behind me, many of which had received injuries all having varying depths and lengths. I turned my frame away from the dragon to find myself near them. I felt my slender pillars carry me toward the various faces one in particular was half white bound with a broken horn, his shoulder had been torn open. I could see the pain lacing his facial features. I neared him, ”Let me help you.” I spoke my tunes soft and gentle laced with concern for his well being.

I moved closer to the ebon man and pressed my velvety dark nostrils against his neck. I could feel the power surging through my veins I hummed a melody I had used to sing to small foals back from my homeland. The magic began to grow burning bright inside slowly it trickled through my frame wrapping this unknown injured man in a blanket of warmth redirecting toward his badly injured shoulder and elbow. It was only a few moments of contact, but I could already feel my strength draining with the use of the magic coursing through me.

Ooc. Milly turned from the dragon and saw Entia on the ground wounded and unable to move. Went to heal him seeing as how he couldn’t move.

@The Dragon @Plot Account @Entia
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(Wanderer) played by perm_identity Lee, posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 10:21 PM. link #67

Daggers penetrated the flesh where others have already hit breaking through and making the scaled beast feel his anger. Though within a moment Ceallach felt his frame lift from the ground flailing his hooves not realizing what was happening in that moment. Shoved backwards the deep indigo of his back scraped against the ground, the brighter artic blues now gushing a deep crimson. A gouge from the dragon running from his shoulder down to the beginning of his brighter underbelly. The normal blue hued stallion was now splattered by the red from the wounds he’d received. Stretching out against the gravel the scrapes and tears through his darker indigo shell ready to stand once more. Wavering on his muscular limbs he could feel the warm red running down his limbs dripping against the ground. Dark tipped lobe flickered listening to the drip, everything moving in slow motion before him while he gained his balance and reorganized his thoughts.

Clenching his jaw tight feeling the pearly whites grinding against one another Ceallach readied himself before he ran in again. His daggers gouging the earth ignoring the pain brimming from his left side. He wasn’t going to let this beast win, there was no way. She would not wreak havoc on the island Churrit, Grim, and Ming lived in. Once more he ran straight for her belly head on conflict as he gained ground his frame gaining speed lifting his front legs from the ground once more flailing his daggers toward the open wounds using his pearly whites to bite at the vivid red flesh that now remained behind.

Ooc. Ceallch wounded on the left side of his body a gouge stretching from mid shoulder rounding down to the beginning of his underbelly ran forward using his momentum to slash at the dragons open wounds with hooves and teeth.

@The Dragon @Plot Account
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(Guest) played by perm_identity , posted on schedule 08-08-2017, 10:58 PM. link #68

I could feel the air below my hooves, but no contact had been made. Instead the giant scaled beast had turned last minute toward others who were attacking as well. I could feel my two front daggers hit the ground, but it was just for a moment. Suddenly a sharp pain appeared from my right hip slowly I turned my cranium to see a claw sinking down scraping against the surface of my hide ripping the skin away from the flesh that lay below. Blood trickled from the spot while I felt my legs buckle under me rolling away from the rest of the claw that had been coming down. I turned my bright teal eyes upward toward the dragon and heard the others voices who had screamed in pain or buckled under their own weight the shifting of the ground from a blue woman who attempted to shake the earth.

I turned my attention from the woman back to the scaled beast. I swung my back end around my dark chestnut hide seeping the red from an open wound and used the back hooves attached to my muscular pillars in order to strike out against the scaled creature that lumbered above me. I aimed and shot out with my back legs my hooves aimed toward the open wounds on the dragons left side ready to strike out.

Ooc. Kendall took minimal damage from the dragon on his right hip just a semi-deep scrape, but swung his back end around to stripe out at the dragons left side.

@The Dragon @Plot Account
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(Vasanta) played by perm_identity TrinitySilph, posted on schedule 08-09-2017, 01:00 AM. link #69
In the instant between her epiphany of stupidity and the moment the dragon's blood began to stream, time stood still. The purple mare knew she had acted poorly and for just a second she had all of eternity to think it over. She just bit a creature that could swallow her whole in a single gulp. A thing that, with a twitch, could send her flying or break every bone in her body. This was a god's pet beast – a hellish thing of legend that, once upon a time, she would not have allowed the bravest knight to face alone. The thought flickered through her mind that she was a damn fool to run in like a newly sworn knight, hot-headed and rash, but where that imagery came from she could not have said.
She didn't have time to think about it, though.

The blood poured over her neck and Elhyani screamed as it immediately dried her skin to ruin and opened horrible, bloody cracks. The torrent coated her front and back like a foul blanket, bitter alkaline and corrosive. Nearly blind with pain and shock, she bolted away from the dragon's side and cowered alone, barely out of harm's way when she started to roll.
The cold of the earth was soothing, but the rough terrain was no balm to her cracked skin.
It hurt. Oh, it hurt, and it didn't stop. Her neck and back were burned, and so were her shoulders and parts of her chest, too, where the blood had run and splattered. Her skin was red and raw under her coat... where it hadn't cracked first.

When the horrible, corrosive blood was mostly scrubbed away, the miserable little mare slowly began to nurse her injuries. She couldn't do much, of course, and to heal herself was incredibly taxing for her in her exhausted state, but she could clean up some of the cracks and burns and that was a start.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, a horrible sight – Thyterios. He was thrown aside by the dragon's tail and crashed into the ground, to lay unmoving in a horrible heap. The violet mare screamed again and bolted to his side.
“Thyterios!” With every scrap of strength left to her, she dropped her muzzle to the gore that was his wing and began forcing her magic into it.
Weak... weak... it was too weak!
But it was all she had, and she had to save him.



Tagged: @Plot Account  @Thyterios  
Elhyani takes extensive but non-life-threatening injuries from the dragon's blood.  While attempting to heal some of it, she finally notices that she's not imagining Thyterios and rushes to his side to attempt to heal his wing with her teeny baby magics.
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“At night when the lights are all off, the color you see when your eyes are open is Eigengrau. ”
(Inactive) played by perm_identity TrinitySilph, posted on schedule 08-09-2017, 01:01 AM. link #70
His attack failed. The beast's motion was too much, and Eigengrau was forced to back off momentarily, out of the reach of swiping tail and claws, away from angrily-beating wings.
He snarled with frustration and watched it writhe for a while, just safe outside its range of motion. The fool thing was going to die and leave him without his blood.
That just wouldn't do.

Eigengrau circled the melee for a moment, looking for another entrance. The beast wasn't smart enough to take flight and circle them where they couldn't fight back – that was good. It could easily fly rings around them and use its breath to destroy every last one of them without a fight, but it stayed on the ground, taking more and more damage.
Pity, really... ah, well – your blood will be put to good use.

But then one of the mares from Eigengrau's own search party screamed, and he saw how the blood burned her. He saw how it burned a mare who had become a fearsome panther.
Mmh... interesting...
The blood was a weapon, then. Acidic... or alkaline. One or the other. Either way, excellent to study, but he could not attempt to take it himself.
He would have to wait.
Luckily for the charcoal stallion, he was very good at waiting.



Tagged: @Plot Account  

Eigengrau circles the dragon and waits.
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(The Plot Bringer) played by perm_identity ---, posted on schedule 08-11-2017, 10:49 AM. link #71

|SWP| Fire and Blood!

SWP Posting Closed

The second stage of our three part sitewide plot is now closed and the conclusion post is coming soon! Hold tight because it's going to be amazing!
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(Deity) played by perm_identity Caeleste Staff, posted on schedule 08-11-2017, 08:24 PM. link #72
(Note; all strikes with claws/talons/teeth are less powerful than before! Breath is unchanged and so is blood.)
The air was heavy. Everything was difficult, moving was hard but that voice in her head, the one who made her move, forced her into action. She countered the feathered boy’s water by lifting her head up and breathing ice over the water, freezing it, as she opened her jaw and shattered it with ease. She turned her attention away as the eagle came in at her again. Her head still up, she turned and opened her jaws wide and snapped down as hard as she could at him, enclosing him in her mouth she hoped – and at the same time she moved a limb, swiping sideways as she balanced and hit the koi mare as she fled.

The one of the water was moving around behind her, and this time his projectiles struck her. One eye takes a full strike, the white permeating some of the energy but she flung her head backwards, hissing in pain as she recoiled from the hit. She wasn’t blinded, but her sight was damaged, and she was unable to see clearly. In her recoiling the little sparrows annoyed her and she snapped her jaw at them, not seeing the one who dove down and hit her back, between her wings. She was protected by spines and thick hide here, in her state it made her sink to the ground and the strike hurt, and she knew it’d now make her wings and arms harder to use.

With several down, she was too busy dealing with others, and her tail lashed sideways and straight to the path of the black and white stallion. Pain suddenly raced along her body, all from her tail. She felt him biting and her head snapped around, jaws opening as she thundered a warning at him as she wrenched her tail, scales flying, her tail swiping at the fallen stag, as she pulled the finned length away, whipping over the fallen purple stallion.

It was in this movement she was lucky to avoid the chains one was sneaking to her from the earth wrapping about her upper body, but they shackled around her hind and held fast, locking her into position. She roared, struggling but finding she was unable to move. They held tight, squeezing, scales popping off her as she fought, to no avail. Stuck in one place, unable to open her wings one way and her tail locked into position, she swung her head around and opened her jaw wide, reaching out with her neck and head to bite the one who had chained her to the earth. She snaps down as hard as she can, hoping to grab and rip his flesh in return for his success, not leaving him unscathed!

Her rage left her blind to the dark shape moving down on her, and it was too late to avoid it. She swung her head around, feeling it explode across her and run through the chains, further enhancing the sensation that ran through her. Her cry was one of pain and agony, her white eyes seem to clear for a heartbeat before the white shines stronger more, bright and terrible, forcing her to move despite the pain. Her scales shedding, the wounds across her ripped open further as she pushes through the energy explosion, the chains tearing her hide open at last. She cannot move far but the monster controlling her in turn slashes at the one who created the energy blast – even though, it is half-hearted, only to play.

Her tail had rolled out of the path of the one who went to help the black and white, but then came an explosion of electricity. Again, it echoed through the chains of metal, causing her to loose control over herself for a moment. She sagged to the earth, limbs lifeless and weak as the electricity settled. She breathed in deep but short breaths, and even for a moment again her eyes are clear, purple and staring, looking lost and confused. The white takes hold, and she manages to lift her head in time to turn. The two headed one came and struck her again, across her eye that was already damaged. Now blinded in that eye she swings her head, pushing him hard with her head, trying to gather her wits.

They were failing, and so was she. Her muscles no longer cooperated, her heart was hammering erratically in her chest. The cold was drawing in around her now, and icicles smashed into her side, piercing in now her hide was weakened by the dark energy and the electricity of the prior attacks. Blood pooled from the holes formed by the shards of ice that melted as she pierced her. They destroyed her muscles, and her left side became almost unusable.

She could feel a pulling in her chest cavity, knowing it was there, and she swiped out with her right wing, claws out, clipping an injured Pegasus and slashing at the one she knew was doing it, the one who looked ever bizarre, but she couldn’t stay focused on him. She was exhausted, she was broken, and it wouldn’t be long… she was fighting him now with her mind, the monster stopping everything. She could feel the panther still on her back, and the dragon, pinned by chain and electrical impulses now failing, felt her membranes shredding. She opened her mouth and gave an almighty roar, flinging herself backwards as hard as she could, just to send the panther flying from her back. Her wings moved a little under this, swiping at those who remained on the sides and watching, hitting them lightly – and the little grey mare who was defiant struck at her rocks in her face. She hit her eyes, this time her other. Blinded in one, blurred in the other, she could no longer fixate upon individuals and the pulling sensation in her chest drew stronger.

She felt a ripping pain, not having seen the armored one striking at her, and felt her hide tear open all the more. She screeches in a terrible voice, lashing out with a wing hard as she can, trying to hit who its, as blood poured out of the gaping wound that she had made all the worse for her. She felt another bolt of electricity hit her, formed by the one who collapsed to the earth before her, and the dragon felt herself fall to the earth, muscles twitching. The chains slackened as she stopped fighting.

She felt more goring of her side and she retaliated, if halfheartedly, striking at the one who had hit her. However, her blood spilled out and all over him, and she knew he’d be feeling that. She shifted, feeling more strikes from two others. Their hits caused pain but she was beyond pain now. The pulling sensation inside her chest grew. Her eyes closed. Blood poured out over them the last one, she could feel her life going.

As the world seemed to crack, the light of the orbs four of them held were bright to her eyes. She closed them again, but then she was wrenched from the ground. Her entire body rose, snapping the chains as she reared back high into the air. Her tattered wings opened, and her jaw opened wide as something spilled, oily and black and terrible, out into the air. The piece that had been controlling her was torn out of her by the one with too many eyes, and the dragon, freed from the monster controlling her, tried to flee.

She rose into the air for a moment, wings pummeling, her skin flaking off and revealing the vibrant, bright violet beneath the white of her eyes clearing, as she shadows cleared from her. Her wounds grew worse in the wake of her skin and scales, blood spilling to the earth around them. In that same moment she fell backwards from the sky, her eyes clear and bright for the first time in what felt like an eternity. Wings collapsed, she fell into the lake that was not far from them – with an almighty boom of water, she sank into the depths.

With her fall and the magic if Shishira released, the Isle changed. The fog fell away, the magic lifting. He ground cleared, and the life restored to them. It was bright, colourful and it would be vibrant again. A land bridge was forming from the edge of the mainland, a long path that would lead others here but was so long… and something was happening. The prisons were glowing bright in the colour of the jewels, as those very same orbs flew across the earth to the prisons. They sank into the marks left for them… and in a flash of light, the prisons were released, and in a bright flash of orange and green…

Sharad was there.

(note; Dragon is not dead but they all will think she is... but she is freed from Shishira.)
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(The Plot Bringer) played by perm_identity ---, posted on schedule 08-11-2017, 08:28 PM. link #73

|SWP| Fire and Blood!

Fight the Dragon!

A dice was rolled twice (once for those who did not attack). See here for proof of attack hits and injuries to character proof. Each post, in order of posting, has received a number - which corresponds to the position for the dice roll as above.

Landing on a 2, 4, 6 yields a successful attack. Landing a 1, 3, 5 means the attack missed. For injuries, 2, 4, 6 means that character is injured. 1, 3, 5 means injury was avoided.

Final round is over - dragon is defeated. You will be greeted by a Deity and you will have one last chance to reply to take your rewards and post your final injuries, but you must wait for the Deity first. THERE IS NO POST ORDER STILL! But wait! <3

Wait for a deity!

1 @Nylah
5 - Unsuccessful attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

2 @Rhett 5
No attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

3 @Lyra  
No attack.
2 - Swiped lightly as she escapes.

4 @Suledin  
1 - Unsuccessful attack.
2 - Mouth closes down over body of the eagle.

5 @Auriel  
No attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

6 @Volaris  
4 - Projectiles knock scales and strike one of her eyes, not blinding her but diminishing her vision.
3 - Avoids injury.

7 @Elysian  
6 - The strike leaves her pushed down, no injury to her back (she has spines/thick hide) beyond a little bruising, but has pushed her into a vulnerable position - further impedes her wings.
5 - Avoids injury.

8 @Leonidas
No attack.
6 - Is brushed by the tail as she swings it away from Thanantos.

9 @Thanantos
6 - Succeeds in removing many scales, and breaking one vertebrae making her tail somewhat useless as a whip (broke in the middle, more towards the end.)
3 - Avoids injury.

10 @Thyterios  
No attack.
6 - The fallen Thyterios also gets a mild smack with the tail.

11 @Harena  
No attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

12 @Xamuel
6 - His chains seize her hind legs as she is moving about and around her back, shredding part of the membrane, and immobolise her into one place.
2 - She bites at him, still able to just reach him.

13 @Romero  
2 - His blast cripples her, leaving her scales weakened, and causes the chains around her to break her skin. She can no longer move easily.
2 - She swiped at him, lazily (Shishira did not allow her to injure him as she had others...)

14 @Astoria  
5 - Unsuccessful attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

15 @Rousselet  
2 - Her electricity causes the chains to tighten more due to their nature with electricity, causes all her electrical impulses to go haywire, and the dragon is no longer able to strike out as easily.
1 - Avoids injury.

16 @Eloise  
No attack.
6 - Swiped by her tail earlier when protecting Thyterios.

17 @Raekor  
No attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

18 @Rex Igni  
2 - Succeeds in blinding her in one eye.
4 - Is pushed away violently by her head.

19 @Legion
4 - His ice cools her which actually helps her feel better but his icicles break her side and cause her to loose control over her left side.
3 - Avoids injury.

20 @Osiris  
6 - His attack is working, and at the end, his pulling rips Shishira out of her at the end (as her soul is crushed and locked away by Shishira!)
6 - She slashes at him with her still working right claws of her winged arm.

21 @Crescendo  
No attack.
4 - Swiped by her right wing.

22 @Nyx  
3 - Unsuccessful attack.
6 - Flings the panther off her back.

23 @Vivian
No attack.
2 - Swiped by claws/wing, lightly.

24 @Winchester  
4 - Causes blurring in her other eye, dragon's vision is now impeded.
3 - Avoids injury.

25 @Heulwen  
2 - Opens several wounds on her side more, causing her to be in worse pain and unable to focus anymore.
2 -  Is hit by the claws of her wing.

26 @Ciaran  
No attack.
1 - Avoids injury.

27 @Entia  
4  - Successful, causes her to stop fighting.
3 - Avoids injury.

28 Tai'ath ( @Nikkayla )  
3 - Unsuccessful attack.
5 - Avoids injury.

29 @Kenai  
4  - Succeeds in ripping her open.
6 - Is covered in her blood, which causes extreme drying out of the skin, cracking and blackening.

30 @Milly Mae
No attack.
6 -  Swiped by claws/wing, lightly.

31 @Ceallach  
4 - Makes her wounds worse, but she is defeated.
3 - Avoids injury.

32 @Kendall  
1 - Unsuccessful attack.
6 -

33 @Elhyani  
No attack.
6 -  Swiped by claws/wing, lightly.

34 @Eigengrau
No attack.
2 -  Swiped by claws/wing, lightly.


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(Deity) played by perm_identity Caeleste Staff, posted on schedule 08-16-2017, 08:42 AM. link #74
The prison broke open, and they were revealed to the same plane of existence as their beloved Caeleste once more. Flashes of red, blue and green shot from their prisons. So fast if you blinked you would miss it. The only one remained was Sharad.. He rattled as he walked, his orb shining a bright orange, secure upon the end of the staff that he had slung at his side, brighter than ever before. Upon his back his hide of fur was, and a green emerald shone at the heart of the gold nestled about his neck. He stood, tall and true, the Deity of the Silver Pines unleashed. And he smiled.

“How well you have all done. You have conquered the grip our brother had on us and the Dragon of the Isle. You have restored our freedom. My fellow siblings are gone home to where they have not been for many a year, and you will find them there. But please give them time. We have all been locked away for a very long time. We have many things to attend to. Soon we will be visiting our shrines and speaking with our loyal followers.  I come to bid you well done. You have fought well and bled, and I leave you loot…” he spoke in a gentle but strong voice, soft as the autumn’s gentle breeze.

His magic danced around him, drawing to him scale, blood and hide of the dragon as he created. And before him, they would rest. “Take what you will, and to you will come riches…”

With that, the Deity bowed his head. “Come forth, take what you have reaped… and return to whence you came…” he says, and the deity remains, a lingering shadow – translucent, slowly fading from sight.

@Nylah @Rhett @Lyra @Suledin @Auriel @Volaris @Elysian @Leonidas @Thanantos @Thyterios @Harena @Xamuel @Romero @Astoria @Rousselet @Eloise @Raekor @Rex Igni @Legion @Osiris @Crescendo @Nyx @Vivian @Winchester @Heulwen @Ciaran @Entia @Nikkayla @Kenai @Milly Mae @Ceallach @Kendall @Elhyani @Eigengrau
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carats 9,577,200,102€ Carats
(The Plot Bringer) played by perm_identity ---, posted on schedule 08-16-2017, 08:56 AM. link #75

|SWP| Fire and Blood!

The Dragon has been Defeated!

Congratulations, together you have defeated the dragon! Suddenly from the prisons a streak of different hues explode and disappear, and there Sharad approached you all. He has many gifts for those who have participated in the Site Wide Plot! There are three different prizes, for each stage! For every stage you participated in, you will receive a gift. [Example: If you were in two (2) stages, then you get to pick two (2) items of your choice!]

What you have to do to claim your prize is post IC (in character) and fill out the form below. Make sure to include the defeat of the dragon and listening to Sharad. This is the opportune time to see your love ones and the damage done. We are sure there is going to be a long healing process for many, if not most. Those who made it through unscathed should consider themselves lucky!

On a personal note: Everyone did such a wonderful job! The participation was out of this world and we couldn't be more proud of the Caeleste Family! The creativity and action in everyone's post is truly amazing! You all should be proud! Thank you to everyone for making this possible and this so incredibly fun! Great job guys!

Prize Items

[Image: Potion.png] Dragon Blood
"A small vile of blood that can cure any sickness, ailment, injury, etc. It has a one time use so be sure to use it wisely. This can bring anyone back from life threatening circumstances and can cure any ailment no matter how serious it is. This is extremely valuable and highly sought after."

[Image: Armor%20Full%20Metal.png] Dragon Armor
"This hand crafted armor is stronger than all other armor. It can be worn throughout Caeleste offer protection from any magic. It can also be used in battle, however use it wisely because it can only be used once. In battle it will deflect two (2) attacks, no harm left to the character. Once used in battle it dissipates into thin air..."

[Image: Claws.png] Dragon's Claw
"A universal sorcery that gives you the ability to cut through any tough material like rock or metal. Yes, it can be used in and out of battle however the sorcery does not have unlimited power. If used it will need to be charged which can take several days. Use this wisely!"

Prize Breakdown

Took part in all Three Stages
- All three Dragon objects
- 15,000 carats

Took part in Two Stages
- Two of the Dragon objects
- 10,000 carats

Took part in One Stages
- One of the Dragon objects
- 5,000 carats


Be sure to fill out form and post at the bottom of your IC Post!

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Number of Stages Participated In:[/b]
[b]Desired Dragon Item(s):[/b]
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