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14th of January 2021 | Auditions for Varsha are now open for all who want to apply! Get your application filled out and posted by 1/28 if you are interested! Find the threadHERE.

24th of November 2020 | A huge thank you from staff to the community of Caeleste! For all who participated in the Halloween Mini Site Wide Plot, please check the threads your characters participated in to see what the gods have seen fit to give their subjects! For those who weren't able to participate this time around, don't fret! You'll get another chance soon enough...

17th of November 2020 | Something has happened! The gods have returned to Caeleste! However...they bring with them the portents of an ominous evil approaching.

28th of October 2020 | Something wicked stirs within Caeleste, waking six dreadful creatures. Those who dare face them, seek them HERE. Will the equine of Caeleste have what it takes to bring them down?

19th of September 2020 | It's time to vote for the new leader of Vasanta! Please check out the tryouts HERE and the voting thread HERE! Voting closes in only a few days, so please sign into your OOC account and vote for your favorite choice!

16th of August 2020 | It's time to vote for the new leader of Sharad! Please check out the tryouts HERE and the voting thread HERE! Voting closes in only a few days, so please sign into your OOC account and vote for your favorite choice!

31st of July 2020 | It's Caeleste's 4th Birthday! I couldn't be more humbled and thankful for everyone whose made this possible! As a gift to our memers we have updated our battle system with an epic and competely new stats system. It took many wonderful minds, custom computer programming and very dedicated work to get where we are! Be sure to check out the new rules HERE for more details! Lot's of exciting details to come!

14th of May 2020 | It's time to judge! We're in search of 3 unbiased guest judges willing to donate their time and expertise to help us settle the battle between Sviiaga and Gotham City! You'll be rewarded for your efforts, so if this sounds like something you're interested in, please head HERE for more details!

14th of March 2020 | So many tides are turning in Caeleste. Drama between characters is starting to stir and with the threat of the raven's words, it seems our newest SWP will march on with tension in the air. Hang on to your seats tightly everyone! Things are changing and fun is coming!!

8th of January 2020 | Happy New Year everyone!! There is a lot going on within Caeleste. Hemanta and Sharad have new leaders! The links to their first meetings can be found under IC news. The Posting Contest has been extended, and that means you have more time to get more posts done. You will have until February 1st to get as many entry tickets as possible! There are some fun and exciting things in the works for 2020. We hope you are ready!

10th of December 2019 | Varsha now has a new leader! Thank you to all who participated and voted. We wish our newest leader, Varuna, good luck in her new adventures with Varsha.

11th of November 2019 | Varsha Leader Auditions are underway! If you're interested in trying out for the position make sure you read the rules here before trying out! We are eager to see who may be the next leader of Varsha and what they will bring to the table.

28th of October 2019 | Vasanta and Hemanta now have new leaders! Thank you to all whom voted and wish our two newest leaders good luck in their new adventures.

4th of October 2019 | Vasanta Leader Auditions are underway! Are you interested in trying out for the position? Make sure to read the rules here before trying out! Give it your all and most importantly, have fun!

2nd of October 2019 | Hemanta Leader Auditions are underway! Are you interested in trying out for the position? Make sure to read the rules here before trying out! We'd love to see everyone's tryouts!

31st of August 2019 | All rewards for our birthday bash are being handed out! If you participated, make sure you keep a close eye on the recent threads to find out what kind of goody's you got out of it!

2nd of August 2019 | As of August 1st, Caeleste is officially 3 years old! Staff has decided to thank every one of their members in a fun and creative way! Check out the details here!

21st of July 2019 | There have been some staff changes that went into affect in the last few days. One of our lovely staffers have stepped down, and we have gained one new staff member. Join us in congratulating Andy!! A lot of fun things are in store for Caeleste as we come up on the sites birthday! Keep your eyes out, and stay tuned for the celebration <3

21st of June 2019 | Congratulations to Splash's and the Empress of Vasanta: Andromeda! She managed to defend her thrown against the giant Skjol! It was quite an impressive battle and can be seen Here! Thank you to our amazing guest judges that helped us pick our winner! If you didn't pick your rewards or get your carats, please poke a staff member! Also, getting very close to our 3rd birthday! Keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of excitement and festivities heading your way!

13th of May 2019 | There is a Battle for the Empire of Vasanta! We are looking for 3 guest judges to help out. If you think you have what it takes sign up Here!

5th of April 2019 | Some staff changes have went into affect in the last few days - three of our lovely staffers have stepped down, but in the process we have gained two more! Join us in congratulating Splashs and Dressy!! Also, a big thank you to our tech manager Iso for redoing our Discord Server, if you haven't seen it yet, go check it out! We have two new templates - Black Hole Sun and Fallen Star, so go take a peek! Big things are in store for Caeleste as we approach our third birthday!

6th of March 2019 | Looking to spark some creativity? Check out the warrior feast event that is about to be held in Menhit Battlegrounds here. Its a celebration of the first tournament held in Menhit with a fun contest with exciting prizes! Be sure to sign up oocly in the above thread.

1st of February 2019 | It's time for the members of Caeleste to vote for the new leader of the new empire, Varsha! Check out the poll here! You have until February 6th, 2019 to enter your choice!

25th of January 2019 | We all understand everyone has busy lives, especially having such a mature member base! With that being said we have changed our archiving policy! Instead of archiving threads after 30 days of no recent post, we will be waiting till 60 days! Hope this helps and offers a little less stress on you all <3
Year VI | Winter
The whole of Caeleste has fallen into the frigid clutches of winter. A thick blanket of snow covers the higher elevations, extending even into the lower and usually warmer areas. Many claim that it is much colder than usual and that may be true considering that there is snow even in the desert. It is best not to be caught outside at night without shelter as the temperatures plummet to fatal levels. Northern territories are accosted by blinding blizzards that seem to keep a majority of the inhabitants landlocked and hunkered down indoors. Food has become more scarce and predators are out in abundance looking to keep their own bellies full -- tread with caution and keep a wary eye open.
14th of January 2021 | The season has changed to winter now! Bring on the snow and the predators! >:)

24th of November 2020 | Appeased by the show of loyalty, Greeshma has given rewards to those present! Go HERE to claim your rewards~

24th of November 2020 | Proud of the efforts of those who participated, Hemanta offers a reward for those present! Go HERE to claim your rewards~

24th of November 2020 | Sharad is proud of those who participated and has offered gifts to those present! Go HERE to claim your rewards~

24th of November 2020 | Though Shishira was angered by the show of insubordination and lack of appreciation, he has seen fit to gift those who participated! Go HERE to claim your rewards~

23rd of November 2020 | Vasanta's love for her subjects knows few bounds! She greatly appreciates everyone's efforts and has something to give in return for those who participated! Go HERE to claim your rewards~

23rd of November 2020 | Though angered by the lack of appreciation from his subjects, Varsha has seen fit to gift all who participated! Go HERE to claim your rewards~

17th of November 2020 | Something has happened! The gods have heard our pleas and have vanquished the six terrible creatures that had attacked the herds!

28th of October 2020 | It wants your soul, it wants your heart HERE...a shambling horror is afoot in Greeshma's domain! Is anyone brave enough to face down the mummy?

28th of October 2020 | There's no escape for you old danger has awoken to the call of its master. The Ice Wraith will stop at nothing, tearing through the Hemanta herd to reach them.

28th of October 2020 | It's teeth are razor sharp HERE...Sharad's citizens are under threat by the mysterious, terrifying Wendigo!

28th of October 2020 | It's hiding in the dark HERE...Vasanta's domain is under attack by a vicious werewolf!

28th of October 2020 | It's scratching on the walls it Christmas in October? No. There's no mistaking the wicked Krampus for Kris Kringle as he tears through Shishira's domain.

28th of October 2020 | The nightmare's just begun HERE...a monstrous kraken has awoken and now terrorizes the citizens of Varsha's domain! Will you brave your fears and fight back?

27th of October 2020 | There is something spooky in the air and everyone can feel it...find out more HERE, if you dare...

2nd of September 2020 | The leadership of Vasanta has become available once more! If you or your character are interested in possibly becoming the next Emperor or Empress try out for the spot! Please check HERE for more details. We look forward to reading everyone's audition posts!

28th of August 2020 | Join us in congratulating the new leader of Sharad! Keep an eye out for the herd meeting that will be taking place soon. For now let us welcome Sveija to the throne!! Forever may she reign.

31st of July 2020 | It's said with a heavy heart that Actaeon is stepping down as the leader of Sharad. However it may be disheartening its a chance for someone to start something new and exciting! Don't miss out and try out for auditions! Come one, come all, and take on fall! Auditions here!

27th of July 2020 | Something is stirring admist Caeleste! Amongst the constant rain of this monsoon season, there are random items being found throughout Caeleste. No one is sure where they are coming from or why they are appearing but be sure to stay vigilant! Most of the items are extremely rare and of great value!

21st of July 2020 | After accepting the throne following inactivity, Rowan has been elevated from regent and is now the new leader of the Vasanta herd! We can't wait to see what she brings to her leadership!

26th of May 2020 | The battle for Varsha has come to an end! Gotham City and Sviiaga clashed for control of Varsha and Sviiaga has emerged victorious! With the conclusion of the battle, Sviiaga has called for those who call the area home to announce her ascension to power and Varuna's death. Click here to read!

24th of April 2020 | The cry of war rings in the air once again! Will the Empress of Varsha step up to the challenge, or will we have a new Emperor on the throne? Find out HERE!

20th of April 2020 | New changes are on the rise! With Severa failing to respond to Zhavvorsi's challenge, a new empresss has taken the throne! What will this new development bring to the great land of Caeleste?

14th of March 2020 | It has been quiet since the unsettling message from the raven. Whatever is coming, is coming slowly and creeping up before striking us all! Herds are finding themselves under new rulers, rulers that seem to have strife between them, we hope this does not bring more chaos but it surely will. Spring has risen and with it is a promise of a new year but how will this year fare the Caelestians?

15th of January 2020 | What's this? There seems to be a raven with a message for all of Caeleste located in the Emerald Paradise. Hurry and listen to what he has to say. Try to decipher his message; is it nonsense or an omen? It is rumored that he may leave behind a gift for all who attend the event. Find the thread HERE! The thread will close on February 1st, so be sure to get your characters in before then!

8th of January 2020 | Winter winds swirl with change throughout the land of Caeleste. There is a mandatory herd meeting for all members of Sharad. Emperor Leonidas has some important news to share, and everyone is invited to attend this meeting. After five prosperous and successful years ruling The Silver Pines; the well loved and respected leader of Sharad, announced his formal retirement. What does this mean for Sharad? A successor has been named, and we would like to congratulate Actaeon. The young stag has big shoes to fill, but he is ready for the responsibilities of Emperor. We shed happy tears on this day for a legacy has retired. Thank you for all you have done Leonidas, and enjoy your retirement. We look forward to seeing what Actaeon does with the Silver Pines. May he have a long and prosperous rule! The meeting can be found here.

7th of January 2020 | As winter reigns across all of Caeleste, a change of hands happens in the mountains. The torch gets passed from Ciaran, the daughter of Nylah, to Severa. This brings forth a new beginning to Hemanta. All herd members can meet their new empress here.

26th of November 2019 | Pre-winter has now arrived in the lands of Caeleste. As the snow comes, the throne of Varsha is abandoned. It awaits a new empire/empress. New-comers are flooding the passage with relationships to the tyrant king, Skjól, while black smoke bellows from the peaceful lands of Blue Sage Meadows.

28th of October 2019 | Hemanta is now under Ciaran's rule, standing in place a while after her parents she reigns proudly with heritage. Vasanta however seems to have been claimed by the tyrant Skjól, what on the dieties good green earth will he do to the once happy land?

4 October 2019 | Join Wellington and others for the grand opening of Marlowe Caverns, a new winery in Caeleste! Join in for games, food, prizes and, of course, wine! Join in the fun here!

21st of September 2019 | The temperature is starting to fall announcing the closing of the first monsoon season. Leaves are beginning to turn beautiful hues of oranges and yellows. The ground begins to firm up, getting relief from the sudden downpours. As the cold nights hit fast, the whispers of winter seem to be trickling in even though fall has just begun.

23rd of August 2019 | A strange box has appeared in Tinctures and Tonics covered in leaves and twigs. Something about it compels you forward. Check it out here!

5th of August 2019 | Something strange is happening in Blue Sage Meadows! Be the first to check it out here!

5th of June 2019 | Andromeda kept the Vasanta crown after an intense battle.

11th of May 2019 | A new challenger has approached to take the throne of the Vasanta! Check out the fierce battle between the fiery Andromeda and her challenger, Skjól right HERE! You are not going to want to miss this Battle!

10th of April 2019 | Join Oberon for the grand opening of the Swan Court here! Usher in spring with a fun picnic with friends and acquaintances, but remember to leave the swans alone!

28th of March 2019 | Varsha's first royal coronation is in full swing here!! Don't be afraid to come pop in and help the Hippocampi of Caeleste celebrate their first big shindig - though I have a feeling it's not as innocent as they would like to think. I mean, it is Varsha's chosen Empress!
18th of March 2019 | Menhit Battlegrounds has offically launched its Warrior Feast for all to join! Come hear the spine tingling tales of the greatest warriors. If that is not your cup of tea, there is probably a jokester or two lurking around telling their own hilarous tales. Take the time to learn more about what Menhit has to offer as they celebrate the finish of the first ever tournament with a feast!

11th of March 2019 | The sun is shining and most all of the snow is melting in Caeleste! That's right, with winter coming to an end, Spring is here! With the temperatures rising, and the snow melting, the vegetation is growing with vigor!

9th of March 2019 | The new Empress's of Hemanta: Desdemona and Winifred, are in the middle of their coronation! Come stop by and have some fun! You have until the 13th of March to get your replies in before the raffle closes! here and participate!

6th of March 2019 | Empress Castiella of Shishira is hosting a herd meeting in Dead Horse Ridge! Be sure to check it out here and participate!

19th of February 2019 | The Emperor of Sharad has returned from the dead! He is hosting a herd meeting with exciting new and wild changes! Don't miss out and check it out here!

1st of February 2019 | The lovely empress of Vasanta, Andromeda, is holding a herd meeting! You won't want to miss out! Be sure to check it out here and participate!

14th of January 2019 | Varsha is keeping his promises and calling any and all creatures to come to Siren's Shoal. He wants all pespective members and possible leaders to make their case and point. He also welcomed onlookers! Don't miss out on this exciting thread! Varsha promises many prizes!
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