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13th of May 2019 | There is a Battle for the Empire of Vasanta! We are looking for 3 guest judges to help out. If you think you have what it takes sign up Here!

5th of April 2019 | Some staff changes have went into affect in the last few days - three of our lovely staffers have stepped down, but in the process we have gained two more! Join us in congratulating Splashs and Dressy!! Also, a big thank you to our tech manager Iso for redoing our Discord Server, if you haven't seen it yet, go check it out! We have two new templates - Black Hole Sun and Fallen Star, so go take a peek! Big things are in store for Caeleste as we approach our third birthday!

6th of March 2019 | Looking to spark some creativity? Check out the warrior feast event that is about to be held in Menhit Battlegrounds here. Its a celebration of the first tournament held in Menhit with a fun contest with exciting prizes! Be sure to sign up oocly in the above thread.

1st of February 2019 | It's time for the members of Caeleste to vote for the new leader of the new empire, Varsha! Check out the poll here! You have until February 6th, 2019 to enter your choice!

25th of January 2019 | We all understand everyone has busy lives, especially having such a mature member base! With that being said we have changed our archiving policy! Instead of archiving threads after 30 days of no recent post, we will be waiting till 60 days! Hope this helps and offers a little less stress on you all <3

14th of January 2019 | Varsha is holding a different type of audition for the new leader! He is also hoping to meet the new members of his empire and offer his much promises prizes and gifts! Don't forget to sing up your characters by January 18th, 2018 with an IC post in this thread!

1st of January 2019 | Happy New Years everyone! Thank you for being apart of the magic that is Caeleste. We all cherish each and everyone of our members and characters here and look forward to the new year!
Year V | Summer
Summer is finally here and its made its announcement very noticable with what feels like record high temperatures. A lot of creatures can be found basking in the sun or searching out water to cool off with. Small rivers here and there are dry due to the intense heats but most places still have their water. The days are long, basking all of Caeleste in much needed light. Some of the vegetation is drying up due to the heat but most of the plants thrive. Thunderstorms seem to be a bit more common this summer in Caeleste but the rain just doesnt seem to want to fall.
5th of June 2019 | Andromeda kept the Vasanta crown after an intense battle.

11th of May 2019 | A new challenger has approached to take the throne of the Vasanta! Check out the fierce battle between the fiery Andromeda and her challenger, Skjól right HERE! You are not going to want to miss this Battle!

10th of April 2019 | Join Oberon for the grand opening of the Swan Court here! Usher in spring with a fun picnic with friends and acquaintances, but remember to leave the swans alone!

28th of March 2019 | Varsha's first royal coronation is in full swing here!! Don't be afraid to come pop in and help the Hippocampi of Caeleste celebrate their first big shindig - though I have a feeling it's not as innocent as they would like to think. I mean, it is Varsha's chosen Empress!
18th of March 2019 | Menhit Battlegrounds has offically launched its Warrior Feast for all to join! Come hear the spine tingling tales of the greatest warriors. If that is not your cup of tea, there is probably a jokester or two lurking around telling their own hilarous tales. Take the time to learn more about what Menhit has to offer as they celebrate the finish of the first ever tournament with a feast!

11th of March 2019 | The sun is shining and most all of the snow is melting in Caeleste! That's right, with winter coming to an end, Spring is here! With the temperatures rising, and the snow melting, the vegetation is growing with vigor!

9th of March 2019 | The new Empress's of Hemanta: Desdemona and Winifred, are in the middle of their coronation! Come stop by and have some fun! You have until the 13th of March to get your replies in before the raffle closes! here and participate!

6th of March 2019 | Empress Castiella of Shishira is hosting a herd meeting in Dead Horse Ridge! Be sure to check it out here and participate!

19th of February 2019 | The Emperor of Sharad has returned from the dead! He is hosting a herd meeting with exciting new and wild changes! Don't miss out and check it out here!

1st of February 2019 | The lovely empress of Vasanta, Andromeda, is holding a herd meeting! You won't want to miss out! Be sure to check it out here and participate!

14th of January 2019 | Varsha is keeping his promises and calling any and all creatures to come to Siren's Shoal. He wants all pespective members and possible leaders to make their case and point. He also welcomed onlookers! Don't miss out on this exciting thread! Varsha promises many prizes!
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